2003-09-14-Laws of the Morontial Brotherhood

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Topic: Laws of the Morontial Brotherhood

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. There is a bit of angst in the air this evening. The present occurrences have been a bit unsettling for you I know. Have not worry children. Turn inward, take the hand of your Father, feel His warmth, allow yourself His embrace. Feel that peace that can only come from Him, your First Source and Center. Relax and know that all is carefully looked after. That’s better. With each week we meet I grow more fond of you. I am made more by our friendship association. Your welcoming attitudes make me long for you when we are not together. My heart is linked with yours and for that I am forever grateful.

The Morontial Brotherhood is a living organism, it is an energy reality, it is a tangible force, it is something you can see and feel, which to mortal life is a comfort in and of itself. With the circuits in operation mortals are receiving a great deal of information--if they can be less imprisoned by the ego and more bound to the Spirit. The Correcting Time is righting a great deal of fundamental wrongs of the history of religion. Divine information that would appear to go to only those seemingly chosen by God is now available to all. The Correcting Time is turning individuals inward to find the God within or the best within themselves. The Correcting Time is about moving beyond the animal mind, the basic needs of the ego, the need to be adored, toward a new and enlightened way.

With personal correction the basic divinely led mortal is able to receive from the spiritual circuits. With each level of correction a mortal reaches there is offered a new level of information. So you see that each person who is willing to make correction and be guided by the divine will does have understanding of the path they are to follow, therefore making each individuals path different and personalized. Those who have experience of the earlier days upon the mortal path are able to help those who are experiencing it for the first time. Should those who have experience volunteer information for ego upliftment will however find disappointment. Each mortal must remember ‘you know what you know,’ because somebody went before you. Blessed is that man or woman who delights in helping another overcome mortal stumbling blocks. Your knowledge is best put to use when you honestly, without ego gratification, share it.

Do you see the inner workings of the Morontial Brotherhood make all men and women equal. You can never put one of your own upon a pedestal as if they are somehow more righteous or advanced. It is unfair to you that work so diligently to move forward in spiritual understanding and also unfair to one you may idolize, for anyone can fall from that pedestal at anytime. These are the laws of the Morontial Brotherhood. Each of you are in a state of becoming. Your levels of fulfillment and joy are an indication of balance. Your greatest lessons will indeed be with one another. Know that another’s personal spiritual path or level of knowledge is completely between them and Father. Help when you can, certainly, but keep focus upon your own path. Know that somewhere in time all paths are intermingled and knowledge is a gift to everyone.

This week I would ask that we focus upon honesty with one another. Many fear to be honest, for the repercussions of personal truth can be harsh. In this budding Morontial Brotherhood we must be prepared to use honesty to the best of our ability and face whatever repercussions come our way. Without personal honesty how can you truly be yourself? How can you know who you really are if you hide behind somebody you are not? Can you believe at this point in time, in your spiritual progression, that even if your fellows find you not a lovable creature that your Father looks upon you with an all encompassing Fatherly love? Many believe they have not value have a difficult time finding anything in life of value. Know that you belong to a family who holds you dear and there is nothing you can do to change that.


That is all for this evenings lesson. I would however make a few comments concerning your departed brother Isaac. Have not worry children, for your brother is well. While this was a surprise to all, even him, Father will bring forth the ultimate good. He is well taken care of. He asks that you carry on with this most wonderful and important work, be kind to one another, look after one another. He will be assisting us in due time. Carry on. My love goes with you each. Until next time, shalom.