2003-09-28-Set Father at the Head of the Table

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Topic: Set Father at the Head of the Table

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. As I view your discussion I am becoming with more understanding on the Morontial Brotherhood. Father's Kingdom is vast, is ever growing, ever evolving and we as individuals are instrumental in making that happen.


Within each family there are conflicts, there are disagreements, there many times is misunderstanding. Those families that set Father, our First Source and Center, as their sovereign seem to experience less turmoil and enjoy more harmony. First and foremost, children, pull out that chair that is placed at the head of your family table and invite Father to sit with you. He is why we are here. He is our goal. He is our desire. He is why we continue to strive. Our Paradise Father is the Father of all, our One God, our First Source and Center, our reason to love and serve. Without Him what do we have?

It is the desire of all peoples to be loved and accepted. Michael strives during this Correcting Time to assure each and every individual that they are loved because they are. Each individual has been given gifts and has set before them plan and purpose. We all will travel different paths and there is no doubt that we will need to deal with one another. This is part of spiritual advancement. Some can be book smart; some can have a well of information within, and yet until you can put into practice what you know to be right--much is wasted.

You are citizens in a vast Kingdom of believers and your lesson at this time is concerning the Morontial Brotherhood on earth. We are to learn those lessons that will prepare us for the tremendous task of meeting, knowing and understanding many universe citizens. I am here because you want me here. I am honored to serve you children that I have come to know and love with deep and abiding affection. I am also honored and touched that Michael would set me in a place where I am made to learn so much. Each day I am becoming more, becoming better for what Father teaches me. You participants of Michael's cause, Urantian Correcting Time and Teaching Mission, have been given a gift or as the Master had stated in the parable-a talent. Those that have committed to making more of their talent shall be given more. Do you see what you do with what Father gives you is key. Michael has entrusted us with a wonderful task, something that is be enlightening and joyful, not a burden, not a boost for self, but a tool to use in the upliftment of mankind on earth. Those that invest their talent for the sake of self-aggrandizement shall be given no more. Those that invest for the benefit of the whole shall continue to carry on.

Lessons regarding the ego will always be apparent and many times causing humor. Father knows this. He condemns you not. He only asks that you keep an open mind and allow for His guidance. Whether you chose to follow that guidance is strictly up to you. I can say with experienced surety that those who set Father as their sovereign will be more balanced, more apt to receiving His aid. Bury not your talent in the desires of ego. There is no reward there; there is no meanings, no growth. Know that this Correcting Time event goes far beyond your personal lives.

Per the instructions of our Master, our Brother/Father/Creator, we are to move mountains, we are to invest our talent and we are to give what we have been taught. It is very simple. It is not to cause angst or to inconvenience you. It is to bring enlightenment, harmony, balance and joy to Urantia's inhabitants. Should you chose not to participate--this is completely acceptable. But as for me, my fellow teachers and those mortals willing, we have set Father at the head of our table and it is our supreme privilege to serve Him.


This week I ask you each to take time to think about what you really want. What do you want as far as your spiritual path goes? What do you want from living a mortal life? What do you want as far as your relationships go? Let us refocus our direction with the question: What do you want? Know children that I want for your happiness, your fulfillment, your spiritual, mental, physical comfort.

Have not worry. Know that the drama of today is the lesson for tomorrow. No questions. Know that I am here and regard you as my own. Until next time, shalom.