2003-09-29-Disruptions May Be All About You

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Topic: Disruptions May Be All About You

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Mother Spirit

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Opening Prayer: Dear Heavenly Parents, we ask you to prepare our minds and to come into our being. Make room in us for you, for your breath of life, and for your illuminating truth-light to shine on all of our shadows freeing us from fear and want. You are our salvation and we come to you in faith as your children, seeking your comfort and guidance and love. Prepare us to receive you as we accept in humility and faith your gracious goodness. Amen.


Michael: Good evening, my beloved children. This is Michael, your Creator-Father. In my life as Jesus, I walked alone many times without the comfort and consolation of any human comrades. This, in my human experience, was a time of loneliness in my human emotions. While at times I did experience pangs of sorrow at not having close associates to whom I could confide, I was mightily comforted in the experience of great father closeness with my divine Creator-Father, whose presence in me soothed my human emotions and gave me the courage and strength to forbear in this very rugged human experience.

All of you are being tested in your faith. All of you are coming into a deeper relationship with the greater presence of the love and peace our Father has for you. You are all coming deeper intimate spiritual communion. As we have prepared you over these last several weeks to be more stable anchors in the midst of disruption, I ask you now to consider more fully this quality of divine communion with your indwelling Spirit of the Father in Paradise that will yield you that unbroken line of communication to listen and guide you during these times of disruption, to the end that your signal within is never disrupted no matter how challenging or difficult the circumstances may be in the external forces around you.

PAN Are you all now ready to go into that deeper level of communion? (Students assent)

I acknowledge your desires, and I ask you to be patient with yourselves as you grow more stabilized in being able to discern the inner voice. Even though those times of the signal within may be somewhat unclear or unsteady, know that your patience will yield you a greater capacity to slow yourself down in mind and body to receive the inner leadings. You may call on me to fill you with my Spirit of Truth to hold you steady in my peace to firm your resolve with my patience so that this disruption within you can quiet and soften and yield to the inner voice.

I ask your Mother now to join us and to open your minds with her Holy Spirit to bring you a greater range in your mind to discern the voice of your Father. Relax and receive Her ministry within you now. (Pause)

Breathe in Her essence, my children. Let your heavenly Mother weave my peace and my mind through yours. Open yourselves to my truth-light; let it bathe over you washing away all of the error and distortions within your being. (Pause)

As we have said to you many times, it is imperative that you, our children, be healed so that you are able to take our love out into the world to share with your brothers and sisters, to offer this sweet love to them as their salvation. So let Her presence go deep, deep within you, creating new pathways of truth and light in your mind and body for our Father’s love to penetrate. Receive the ministrations of your Mother and relax into my peace. (Pause)

Find your desire for the action of your Mother as this spirit of holiness descends upon you to go deep into those secret places of your being where you have hidden away all of the deepest hurts and fears that are known to you. As you allow her in, ask that this quality of holiness descend even deeper into those unknown places within you of fear and shadow, coming into a more open and more purified environment with which to experience life anew in spirit. (Pause)

As you become more purified and whole there will naturally spring forth new ideas in your mind about creative spiritual living. No more will you have those familiar lures of fear tugging within, for you will have risen beyond them and be willing to go into greater faith challenges with greater courage and conviction. And in order to achieve this you are given these opportunities to allow your Mother and me to go deep within your minds to free you. (Pause)

Purification of your life vehicles is of utmost importance to us, children. I honor that which you have chosen to achieve in your life. Let this time you spend with us tonight be a time when your hearts grow more trusting in our love for you. I well remember the days on this world when I walked as you are now when I sought this deep communion and treasured my time in the quiet, communing with my Father. And that we open your minds to a greater range of Father-consciousness is for you to enjoy this deeper level of communion and communication. And so you will, for what we are creating in you will bring forth new levels of th! e essence of Spirit of the godliness that yours to embody.

Disruptions may be all about you as you view your world, but internally as this presence grows within you, you can never be disrupted in spirit in God-awareness in our presence as your parents—loving you, guiding you, leading you into greater journeys of faith and service. (Pause) My peace is upon you. I am Michael. Good evening. (Pause)

Good evening, my children. This is your Mother, Nebadonia, who greets you now. I wish to acknowledge our newcomer this evening. J, you are most welcoming in joining this group, and I offer you this invitation to come into a deeper experience to know and to discern a higher level of God-awareness within you.

For you are all our children and each of you is so uniquely precious and cherished. We want to show you how are you a part of us—those qualities you have that come from us as your divine source and center. I wish this evening to give you a greater imprinting of our divine qualities upon your mind, so that your essential nature is more magnetized in those characteristics and qualities of the personality of the First Source and Center. Is this something that you all would wish to receive this evening? (Student assent)

There is a reverberation of an energy fluctuation as we impart ourselves in you. We have prepared you now to receive this. So it is now our delight to impart this to you. Receive this now, my little ones. (Pause)

The impartation of the spiritual substance of the divine source is your birthright, and you only have to ask for it, my dear ones, and it will be given to you. Become comfortable in receiving this, become habitual in asking for this. It is always forevermore available to you. It is only a thought away. (Pause)

As we discussed last week this quality of spirit matter, when it comes into your being, has the intentional capacity to disrupt all that is distorted within you. As we conveyed to you last week, do you want this disruption of error within your bodies now? That you have invited us in will create this echo reaction of shadow dispersing and evaporating out of your being. As you invite more of our presence within you, know that you are letting go of the old as the new gains greater room in your being. (Pause)

Call on the peace of Michael which is embodied in the Spirit of Truth to fill your being with wholeness and fullness, and I will weave that into you now. Relax and rest in His renewing essence. (Pause)


My children, my little ones, we love you so dearly. One day your hearts will know the fullness of our love for you. Allow your hearts to be healed and in time the full blossoming of your heart opening to receive our love and to express your love for us will gain you a new level of soulful satisfaction and assurance, and your faith will be mightily strengthened. In time this evening’s healing experience will gain greater strength within you. I wish to allow you the necessary time of germination for what we have planted within you to seed deeply in the soil of your mind—to sit, to soften, to yield new fruits of love, compassion, and understanding. Tonight is an evening of experience. We will allow you time for discussion amongst yourselves and we will address you again in our next meeting. Soak in us, sleep in us tonight as we continue to minister within you. Good evening, my beloved children.