2003-10-05-Discussion of Isaac's Departure

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Topic: Discussion of Isaac's Departure

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Minearsia, Aaron, Daniel

TR: PamElla, Bob S.



Prayer by Virginia: Father we thank you that you are our guide through the unknown. You are our guide through the today’s and tomorrows. And we thank you for the guidance of the past that has led us to this point. We would ask that we might be opened to be inspired once more to enter the winning circles of service for each one of us. Whether it’s a comment of love, an encouragement, whatever you would have us do, may we be open to you guiding our path. Amen.


Minearisa (PamElla): Greetings my friends, this is Minearisa, instructor in residence for this Southeast Idaho group. I am taking this opportunity to open this special meeting, welcoming back into the fold of love, Virginia/Letah, PamElla, Bob, and yes, little Abby/Ariella as the satellite member. I wish to express the love and support of the entire teaching staff, from Machiventa through the many teachers, many of whom remain unnamed for you and yet who know you well.

Times like these on a planet like this bring forward a myriad of feelings that compete for primacy. Those of you here tonight are fully familiar with knowledge of what occurs on the advanced planets of light and life, as mortals make the progression, transition, to the next place. And while there is loss for those remaining, the loss does not have the dagger in the heart quality or the pain that can occur on planets such as this where death interrupts the full mortal progression, where knowledge of God is through personal experience and faith, where onslaughts to humanity continue to occur daily, where the working of the Divine hand is much less clear.

Here, when lives are interrupted, the intellectual understanding of graduation is not enough to carry and sustain one. It is at these times that the love and support of extended family, in the larger sense of the word family, is critical, is necessary. The cycle of giving and receiving becomes all the more important. And so tonight I wish to briefly discuss once again, this wheel, this circle.

All of you here desire to be of service and you seek ways to give to others and to serve our Father. I wish to remind you all that for a gift to truly be given, there must be a recipient and that being a recipient of love, well wishes, of good intentions, completes the cycle and is being of service. Receiving is being of service.

This is different from the attitude of taking. Receiving is of the spirit. It completes the cycle of generosity, whereas taking is of the ego, it comes from a sense of “not enough” and many people and many of you are concerned to not be takers. This is admirable and important, but in your zest to not take, be aware of the distinction.

Well, it has been my pleasure to make this brief address and there are, indeed, several other participants in tonight’s discussion. I will turn over the microphone.

Aaron (Simeon): Greetings to you; I am Aaron. My friends, this evening we have the opportunity to share with one another. I would personally like to spend a few minutes with you. LaReen, how are you doing, my friend?

LaReen: Very well Aaron. Thank you for inquiring. (Chuckles)

Aaron: I have been on vacation, so to speak, visiting afar, and I have had the opportunity to meet with Isaac. Rest assured, as he is becoming calmer each day in the knowledge of your welfare, that he also is proceeding well.

I would be glad to interact with you this evening, and the question I have for LaReen does apply to each of you, for I truly am wondering how you are and how you've been. Bob, my friend, how are you?

Bob S: Not good. I'm still angry.

Aaron: Regarding Isaac’s departure?

Bob S: Yes.

Aaron: Do you feel like talking about it this evening, or do you recognize the issue over which you have the anger?

Bob S: No, I don't think I'm ready to talk about it.

Aaron: Yes, and don't feel pressured by me. (Laughter as Bob says, “Right,” followed by more laughter). For I am merely checking in and am open to conversation, but all in your time.

Bob: Thank you.

Aaron: Carol, how are you doing?

Carol: I guess I'm not really sure.

Aaron: I would make a statement here that I am not only talking about the issue of Isaac and his passing, but also generally how you each are doing in life.

Carol: Otherwise fine, thank you.

Aaron: Does anyone else feel like sharing this evening?

Nancy: I'll volunteer. (Laughter) Most of the time, I think I'm doing fine. In fact, most of the time I think I'm doing too well. But I do seem to be displacing a lot of emotion into other avenues, like not wanting to go to work at all, just reviling work, and I love work usually. I'm very concerned about my mother, but then I'll think I'm doing fine. Bob and I went out last night to a play, but before that at dinner some people there expressed concern, and I suddenly became aware of things and suddenly found myself crying at the dinner table. An hour before that I would have sworn I was doing too good. And so I think in a lot of ways I'm where Carol is.

I was excited about the service (Isaac’s) and everybody’s reaction to it, and so it’s like I'm sort of focusing on all the good things and I'm enjoying my spiritual conversations with people and I'm looking for the rightness in timing, but I'm furious right now with the chemical industry, medical industry, and the AMA, so I have to watch it now because I have this new crusade, having had my awareness re-raised right before Dad died. To read stuff, see Dad’s symptoms and read phrases like it being next to malpractice not to prescribe Lipoic acid for diabetics and this and that. I'm incensed because on a different planet where greed wasn't running things people would have the knowledge to be healthy and it infuriates me that the knowledge is out there, but it’s very hard to get because of these powerful lobbies. So that’s how I am. I'm furious with these institutions, I'm please about the service, I understand that Dad’s death was the culmination of a number of personal decisions that took place in an information vacuum, and I'm sad my daughter isn't going to have a granddad, and I miss my daddy.

Aaron: Thank you for being able to work your way to the source, the grief that you feel, and the loss. Your recognition of the health of your father’s spirit does give hope, but yet there are still the practical realities of this planet and its inadequacies. I would say that we, too, were completely surprised. Although we recognize, at times, various things about your health, this was not something we, as teachers, were prepared for either. So we can place ourselves in the same position you are, to some extent.

Our goal now, as it seems it is for you, too, my friend, is to look at the health here and now, as you do, with your world. As you look at the various issues and have some anger and resentment when you recognize the faultiness of the system, we look to the group we are assigned to and seek to help you in gaining a sense of health about your relationship to God, to each other, and for the continued work we have to seek enlightenment and find light and life.

Virginia: Aaron, I would comment on a couple of things. Number one, I don't know if I can be angry about this. I believe Bill has been saved from the suffering of a long debilitating illness. Even though it was an extreme shock, I am very grateful that he’s where he is. I know I can't say that for me.

Picking up on what Minearsia said about receiving, I think that’s going to be my lesson. I have always been able to be the giver and be terribly independent. The bracelet I'm wearing tonight, when I put it on, I said to myself, “Well Bill, you thought I was independent. Now I really have to be independent, because I bought this bracelet without asking him forty years ago. But then on the receiving end of it, I was out taking advantage of the last of the wonderful weather we're having, doing everything around the house, and as I picked up a dead mouse out of the garage, I thought, “This is really too far for Ken to come up and help me.” (Laughter)

Ken: I would have been there.

Virginia: It’s just the little things like this I haven't had to deal with. There was a two foot long cobweb hanging from the deck and in the past I would have said, “Bill, get the vacuum cleaner.” So I'm doing what I can, but I also know it’s my year for receiving. So I just have to go from there. Again, I am very grateful and know where Bill is and that we all have the same destiny and every path leads to where he is. As we agreed on the service, our prayer was that it would be a message of hope, challenge, to learn something new, and a new relationship for people to find in their path to God. That’s still our p! rayer. And right now I'm terribly composed, but I'm not always that way. I'm in and out.

Aaron: I know this, and yet you speak beautifully about the ideal perspective to have and you strive to be that ideal. Let yourself feel what you feel without guilt and know that as the days go on you will be in and out again, but I am fairly certain that your ideal perspective will be held in your consciousness more often than not. Recognize in your journey to understand independence that there are many you can depend on as you know already. Feel free to call on us anytime, for we are but a vocalization away, although we may not be able to pick up the dead mouse. (Laughter)

LaReen: Did you say this was Ham or Aaron? (more laughs)

Aaron: Kenneth, how are you doing this evening?

Ken: I'm very fine, thank you. My physical body is improving, and I believe my mental attitude is improving, and I know my spiritual attitude is improving. Thank you for asking.

I am not angry with Bill’s passing. I, like everyone else, am saddened by the loss of a very fine friend. But I'm happy for Bill. I know where he’s at, and I'm glad he did not have pain. I think he went with a smile on his face knowing where he was going. Thank you for asking Aaron.

Aaron: Thank you for sharing your perspective, my friend. I enjoy witnessing your conviction and your capability to transcend the human feelings to the spiritual perspective. Would anyone else like to share this evening? (pause)

Ken: Question, you said you recently communicated with Bill. It has been some time since he has been there and gotten adjusted to his senses and met those who were there to receive him. Can you tell me his first assignment, where he’s at? What topic he has chosen first to pursue. What job?

Aaron: I cannot divulge the particulars of his morontia choices and decisions, but I can say that the first period of time was, and to some extent is still, being utilized to meet with old friends, to orient himself with his surroundings, and to delve into the new friends that he has assisting him in his new journey. Certainly there will be choices that he makes as far as his growth level, but he is still in the orientation phase at this time.

LaReen: I have a curiosity question. Has he met Beethoven yet?

Virginia: Or Mozart.

Aaron: I cannot answer that.

Ken: Well thank you for attempting, or wanting to. You just can't answer that, I take it?

Aaron: Yes… We do have another speaker this evening, and so I would end my time communicating with you and thank you for your willingness to share and recognizing where you don't yet feel comfortable expressing your feelings. And do not feel you need to do this in a public way, for this is just an opportunity for a family to share their feelings with one another about what you're going through and if there is any hesitancy regarding what you've shared being shared with a wider audience, feel free to edit as needed. At this time I will step back, and I bid you a good evening.

Group: Good evening, Aaron.

Daniel (Bob S): I am Daniel. Good evening my friends, my students, my colleagues on this adventure. I share your difficult moments, for it has been a shock to me, as well as to many of my colleagues, when our beloved Bill/Isaac graduated. We, the teaching corps staff, have put together lessons which we believe will be helpful in your grieving. We trust our efforts will be and have been helpful. We encourage individuals to use their individual resources at this point to continue the work they feel needs to be done to deal with their personal situations! . We know all of you know tomorrow will be better, for the sun will rise and you will have another day to deal with your life as you see fit.

I want you to know, as an ascendant being like yourself, even though much advanced compared to you, I, too, have had some difficulties with this loss. Even though, from my perspective, having lived many many years more than you, it still causes some difficulty for those of us who have developed such close personal attachments with individual mortals when we see them passing to the next level. We, too, miss their companionship and the give and take which we have readily available. As you have heard, we have many more resources available to assist us, but I hope these words of mine will find a spot in each of you who are dealing with this loss from your lives and I trust they will assist you as we all seek to grow to be that person God created us t! o become. That concludes the words I have for you this evening. Are there any final questions or comments for any of us who spoke or others who are present that might help you to deal with this?

Nancy: Yes, and I don't know who it’s to. I'm surprised that the teaching corps is surprised. It seems to me that you would be aware of my Dad’s health and when I look in retrospect with this additional information, it seems that there were deficient signs. I noticed this summer that he looked grayish, and he had numbness and tingling, which he attributed to diabetes, and memory loss, and other symptoms that seemed to put together a package that he wasn't in the health we all took him to be in when we interacted with him. So I'm surprised that you wouldn't have known more. If you could address that it would be helpful.

Daniel: This is Daniel. You raise an interesting question, my dear. There are several points I wish to make. As you have been told before, we, although much older than you, do not have the power of clairvoyance, nor do we read minds. Our experience has given us some ability to predict the future better than you, but not much in the overall scheme of things. As you know, only the Father knows for sure. Those of us below His status have lesser degrees of insight, and while we were somewhat aware of his health situation it would be erroneous for me to say we had a handle on the situation. Finally let me say that we now have the beauty of what you call 20/20 hindsight and can all see things now that make clearer sense to us today, which didn't make any sense prior to Bill’s departure. While I must choose my words carefully I trust I have not stepped on anyone’s toes, as you would say, by pointing out this last fact. In many ways your teachers are not that much further ahead of you. There are beings in our mission who probably did have a clearer picture of Bill’s health status. But what could they have done, without coming in opposition to his free will? My experience is they do what they are allowed to do and accept life as it comes. Nancy, my friend, does this help?

Nancy: Only partially, to be honest. I guess I would have thought the life carriers would have the information and there would be more of a flow of information. It’s not that I expect anyone to have done anything about it. I have a peace with the way it happened. I believe he was spared human suffering and misery. But I'm surprised that it wasn't foreseen because there have been other times we have been told that with different information and the better science that things are clear to others that aren't clear to us. So that’s why I express surprise at the teaching corps surprise. So I'm only partially satisfied.

Aaron: This is Aaron. I would add to Daniel’s perspective here by simply saying that we may have been able to know more about Isaac’s health, but our surprise, as yours, is the suddenness of the departure, for we did not expect, and were not informed, that this would happen. There are, as Daniel alluded to, beings who may have been able to know more about Isaac’s health, but we do not continuously analyze each mortal for the current status and therefore comes the surprise with the suddenness of this event.

Nancy: So I have a further question. Did the heart attack surprise you or just the massiveness of the heart attack and the departure.

Aaron: The fact for me, personally, was that I did not have the information to see this coming directly in an impending manner. To have communications with Isaac and to, along with other teachers, be working with him, and then suddenly have him leave his current state was the surprise for us, for the most part… him being gone, for although we can still visit him, as I mentioned, obviously he is in a different place and his role with us here suddenly ended. Does this add clarification for you, my friend?

Nancy: Yes. Thank you. So now, you guys are punting at your end with what to do with this mission base.

Aaron: No, my friend, we know where this mission base is going, at least with some perspective and some certainty, for we know that you are all committed to ascending and toward becoming more and more perfected and therefore the simple question is merely how it will happen and who will step up to serve. We are open to all of you, one of you, or any of you speaking up and sharing our words with each other, for that is what the Teaching Mission is about. It is the process of growth and people serving each other and learning from one another. So we do not have too much uncertainty about this teaching base. Merely the uncertainty is how you will proceed.

Nancy: That was a beautiful answer to my statement. I guess I saw in your surprise that there was also an opportunity for growth, but I didn't characterize it that way at all and so I guess it shows that I have some twinges of anger here that are misplaced, that do pop up.

Ken: Two things Aaron. I'm glad to know that I'm committed, or that I should be committed. (Laughs) …a little humor here. The other question or statement that I would like to throw back to you, is how do you feel Aaron?

Aaron: I have inserted myself into Daniel’s conversation this evening and so I will briefly speak to your question, my friend, that I feel joyful, for I see the hope and the desire in all of you. I have met with Isaac, talked with him, and seen his enthusiasm for his journey and so I have every reason to feel that our mission here is successful and am excited about how you will each step up to the plate, so to speak, and participate as this Teaching Mission unfolds further here, for you and for us.

Ken: Thank you Aaron, and thank you Daniel, for the insertion.


Daniel: This is Daniel. Are there any other questions or comments before we close tonight’s session? Very well, shall we stand and hold hands in your usual closing format? (Group stands) Minearisa wishes to close our time together in prayer.

Minearisa: Creator Father, Brother Michael, you who hold our hands even as these, our students, stand hand in hand, be with these, our beloved pupils as they address the gaps in their lives that have been opened by the departure of your precious son Isaac. Help them to stand firmly on the foundations they have built over the years. Help them to turn their willing and listening ear to you as you whisper encouragement and direct their blossoming. May each of these blessed students give themselves permission to reach beyond their current grasp in developing and becoming all that you would have them be. May Isaac’s departure be the catalyst for ongoing, renewed, and increased growth for all. We sing your blessings. We stand in awe. We thank you for the opportunity you have given us to live, to grow, to become. Hallowed be your name. Amen.