2003-10-12-My Unseen Friends

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Topic: My Unseen Friends

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, Merium, 0802-AB-Jack

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



MUSIC: Elena on Piano: "Our Precious Jesus"

PRAYER:Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, we ask for your presence with us today as we gather together with fewer of us but nonetheless a dedicated core wherever we may gather. Where two or more are gathered, you said you would be with us, so we trust that. We also trust that everything that you have told us will come to fruition and that one day light and life will visit upon this planet to bring it into the brilliance that it was always intended to be. We recommit ourselves to that purpose knowing that it may well not be during our lifetime, but to contribute to that so that one day our home, which was and is your home, may be as has been intended 'on earth as it is in heaven'. So with that purpose and with the mission of the Teaching Mission, we recommit ourselves to the purposes for which we understand and for those that we do not, we place as faith before you. In appreciation for all of the teachers and those that are with us today, we commend ourselves to your and their service. Amen.

TOMAS: Amen and hello. This is Tomas, and the equipment is like your piano, Elena, unused and therefore squeaky. Let's 'crank it up' and work the squeak out so that we can hear undistorted beauty in the notes to follow.


Your perspective on our assemblage, Matthew, is from the human standpoint, for surely you would be astounded to see how many are here in truth. As you say, Angus, in Michael Mann's song, " 'My Unseen Friends' are everywhere!' and we have many here today to enjoy you in your gathering and as you join forces to lift up your consciousness to meet those peaks of attainment that bring you into the morontia sphere of thought and potential reality. This way of bridging the spirit and the material results in the morontial way of life that will be known to you in time as light and life. For after all, once a planet has attained light and life, its citizens are no longer required to ascend through the mansion worlds, inasmuch as they have already attained that learning in their native sphere.

And so this is one of the goals of the Teaching Mission, certainly, but we cannot grow as a planetary consciousness until such time as we have a certain grid work stretched the panoply of space, joining you with your fellow men and women the world over, to exalt the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God and let these morontial values prevail as the preferred reality to the prominent/predominant reality which is the material legacy - that material legacy which is sorely flawed. But as we are aware, this very condition is what stimulates our desire to be of service. As it is said, difficulties only stimulate the sons and daughters of the living God. Rather than lay down beside your problem, you take up your bed and walk -- even walking the second mile, in order to serve the greater reality which lures you forward.

This is obviously not an ambition who enjoy the material world or who are finding themselves content and complete and challenged appropriately within the material paradigm. Shall I say, "Matrix"? The matrix, as you see it, as it is being lived out, being prominent and predominant . .. Dominant . .. is the one that naturally compels your attention, while the invisible realm, being unseen, and your unseen friends going unnoticed, you thwart the very progress for your world that you profess to seek.

This afternoon I'm going to attempt to offer an opportunity for an old friend to come visit -- a midwayer friend of Gerdean's from decades ago - but I'll be back.

0802-AB: Good afternoon, dear friends and fellow workers in the field. This is Jack. 0802-AB Jack here.

Group: Welcome!

JACK: Well, thank you, I appreciate your hospitality. I appreciate the opportunity to have this . .. what you would almost call 'artificial format', for it provides me an opportunity to get my foot in the door of your consciousness and perhaps to fan the flames of friendship, which have often been put on hold because of the natural nature of creatures of the flesh.

Recently Gerdean asked our friend George [Barnard], who is working with the 11:11 Progress Group, as they call themselves, to introduce the United Midwayers to the consciousness of humanity. And Gerdean said, "I wonder if the midwayers get weary?" and so I would like to respond to that question. But first perhaps I ought to expound a bit on why the question would be asked in the first place.

On a bright and sunny day when all is going well, one hardly thinks about the efforts others undertake, for all is well and everyone seems joyous in the spirit and, of course, all is right with the world. There is no thought to being discouraged or worrying about what has not been done in the face of what has been done. But it was a simpatico kind of question, if you ask me, because 37,000 years is a span of time for an order of beings who had not originally been intended to have such a long tenure. Yes, Gerdean, we do grow weary. However, we have learned of late how to overcome the effects of that sort of exhaustion.

The spirit is tireless, but we are not indwelt like you are. Even so, we are motivated similarly, for we have goals and dreams and plans and they are born into us as inherently and as surely as you have dreams, ambitions and plans built into you. In many ways, you know, we are cousins and we share similar attitudes. And I am like you in that I enjoy accomplishing something, in particular, something that I have determined needs something done to or about. This is a part of the craving for perfection and the will to serve. And when it is thwarted, I naturally - like you - must "mourn" the forestalling or out-and-out ending of a reality that was beginning to shimmer with real life.

There is a very unfortunate image coming to this mind. I will try to push it aside and not broadcast it. (pause)

We take great comfort in each other, much as you do in your fledgling culture. We take great comfort in knowing there are others like us, who think as we do, who feel as we do, who have responsibilities, commitments and goals.

We midwayers, many of us, primary and secondary alike, wasted a lot of time. Wasted thousands of years, in fact, and for your information it was not entirely because we were merely Children in Need of Supervision or out-and-out Juvenile Delinquents, but because we had no adequate example to follow . .. until we saw the Master. And his humble work with his chosen apostles was enough and has been enough to commit us to make up for lost time.

Those of you who also a perception that you wasted time "looking for love in all the wrong places" or "doing the same thing expecting different results" or just being generally unaware, are sometimes compelled then to make up for lost time, and while on one hand this is good . .. for it reinforces your choices to go forward . .. it can also become an albatross around your neck that carries with it a great weight of guilt and responsibility that serves no one, least of all yourself. And so in the camaraderie of fellowship with your seen and unseen friends, who find the material life by itself without substance, those of us who have to have the morontia element involved, we feel we are not living up to our potential, our capacities, our true selves.

While it is not necessarily good to compare yourself to others, inasmuch as everyone is different, everyone has different capacities, it is certainly appropriate to find the companionship of your fellows an important part of your life because friendships are an end in themselves. There is nowhere you have to go with a friendship; it simply is. You just enjoy each other, recognizing each other for the valuable piece of the cosmic puzzle he or she is.

There are many ways to lift yourself up out of the propensity to fall victim to despair when you see the imperfections of this dense planet working themselves out through cause and effect, action and reaction, basic karma. Detachment is a good tool. Developing the parental attitude is a wise path. Humor is a good antidote. Prayer and worship are personal and even occasionally social activities that can get you outside of yourself sufficiently that you feel you might go on.

But you will notice we are called United Midwayers, while you are known as Agondonters. A movement to become United Agondonters might benefit those of you who think you are alone because you have not engaged yourself enough in understanding and working with the unseen friends that are in the same business as you are, of upholding your state of mind into a state of grace. Whether that is on a shallow level or a deep level, everyone strives to be happy.

Another trick I like to use is when I find life becoming problematic, or my commitment to a task floundering, or feeling undermined or usurped, is to turn aside for awhile and do something I know I can do and which I don't need anyone's approval at. Something I already know how to do well. This gives me a sense of security in myself, and so often, as is illustrated in the Master's going out away from the work at hand and taking the apostles, usually when they returned from their day of rest, their problems had ceased to be such big problems and were more readily handled.

Be of good cheer.

This, too, shall pass.

We enjoy it ever so much more when we see you advancing, for we know that our work is not in vain. It is always a reward to see the results of your efforts, and it is always a disappointment to see your work destroyed. I don't care what they say On High about disappointments. I and you have them. And perhaps that's part of the imperfection of this faraway planet, Urantia. But without the understanding of disappointments, how would we know the deep joys of culmination and victory.

Just because we become discouraged on occasion is no excuse for you to say, "Yeah, well even midwayers get discouraged," as that is not taking my words in the spirit they are intended. I am being honest, not giving you an excuse to be lazy.

I guess I've done enough damage for one visit. I'll give you back to Tomas who has taught you well and, like all of us, yearns for greater opportunities to dig deeper and serve further for the extension of the Kingdom - light and life for this planet . .. where we will be far longer than you will be, who get to leave Very Soon . .. all things being relative.

Group: Thanks for coming, Jack.

TOMAS: There is a good moment here now for me to pause and invite Merium in to fluff up the pillows, as it were, for Jack has spoken with an iron fist. However, I have complete regard for his message and respect for his courage, along with the courage of all the midwayers who have been here for so long - the primary midwayers having been here from virtually the beginning of time -- and all of their dreams and hopes for their future having been dashed time and time again.

MERIUM: This is Merium, trying to hasten in before someone else gets the microphone. Up! Up on your feet! Up on your feet now, I say. Get up on your feet and shake away the burden of responsibility that Jack has reminded you that we carry. Yes, we carry this burden, but we don't have to dwell in it and let it dampen our day. What a beautiful day it is!

Deep breathe, now. Deep breathe. Breathe in the beauty of this day. Think, in your mind's eye, how blue it is, and the clouds, how white they are. What a magnificent sky you enjoy here and what dazzling brightness, being so close to the sun. Is that it? Is it your altitude that gives you such clarity here? There is a distinct lack of water in the air that gives colors a chance to express themselves for literally miles.

The autumn colors now coming out, the golds and deep greens of autumn, and the purples and browns are weaving a new pattern of perfection in your arena. Let's sit down then. Sit down in this patch of long grass, this splendor in the grass that we can now enjoy because it is our birthright. All the wonderful joys of sonship are ours to enjoy. Go ahead and waste your time here. Waste your time here and drinking in the beauty and the peace of your world, your planet.

If you have a chance, take a walk out into Mother Nature and smell the smells of Mother Nature and the delicious air that abounds. Take it all in and know that this is created for you. This is the gift of life. This is what you have been given, and you don't have to wait for light and life to enjoy it, you can enjoy it right now, with your seen or unseen friends, it doesn't matter. Enjoy it by yourself. This is the window that I came to open, for you to look out and be in. This is your world.

TOMAS: I am Tomas, again, wondering if Anatolia would like to join this merry-go-round we are enjoying today.

ANATOLIA: I am Anatolia, happy to be with you on this fine day, as has already been cited by my friend and colleague, Merium, and with the plan for renewing your thoughts and beings on a brighter note because of a brighter day, I welcome the opportunity to shower you with the yellows that are so abundant in your environment here. The yellows that you find everywhere around are reminders of cheer and glee that are part of your heredity.

It is not gloom and darkness, destruction and volcanic ash that is your inheritance, but rather the glow and the glee that surround you with the yellow that is a reminder of the sun that abounds here, the warmth and the beauty and the nature that is provided and the yellow which reinforces that which you already know on virtually a daily basis. This is not the message of today, but just a subtle reminder of that which you have, that abounds in your presence.

I wish to re-communicate a thought or two from weeks gone by, and that is for you to reconsider the points of you that I have placed before you in terms of relative beauty, goodness and truth. This is partially what my message has been, that is, not that truth, beauty and goodness are relative, but that relative perfection is a factor in your perception of who and where you are now, relative to truth, beauty and goodness.

These are hard and fast rules: truth, beauty and goodness -- but are relative to the extent that one can only perceive these three qualities inasmuch as one is able to perceive. If one finds him or herself wracked with pain, the ability to perceive truth, beauty and goodness is certainly overshadowed by something that interferes poignantly with those perception capabilities. This is something that I would like for you to consider in your perceptions of what you consider to be any one of these three factors. Your ability to perceive any one of these, or to practice any one of these, is of course to be commended. Anyone else's practice as you perceive it, that is not met with your level of perception, is viewed as inferior or less than what you would find acceptable or that you would be willing to give yourself, relative to these. As the age old lesson that our Master had conveyed, in terms of "do unto others", please give consideration to one's ability to give any one of these three qualities to the best of their ability, to their greatest extent, without judgment, view or weight of what you perceived or perceive to be of value.

If a child gives a flower to his or her mother or to anyone, is that to be viewed as a lesser gift than if someone were to give a home in the country, full of horses and abounding meadows? One's measure of this would be, certainly, "You have to be kidding!" However, one's willingness to give without question and without measure are of equal value, not judging one's quality of gift giving or the level of love intended. One gift in a material sense is no greater than the other, given the benefit of the doubt that both were given freely and without reservation.

So my point is, without prolonging the obvious, is be kind to yourselves and your fellows, to not predetermine what level of their giving or participation may be, for surely it may be the greatest gift that they can give, by giving a flower, that all things considered, it is a priceless and precious gift. So place this upon yourselves as well, and not mete out that which is any more severe upon another than you would be upon yourself.

This I leave you then. I leave you in the golden light and brilliance of your place on the planet and to be kind to yourselves as you are to one another. To practice these three qualities as your thirst for life and to be all that you are because you are all that there is, in terms of evidence of creation. Be as you are and as you are becoming. Both are truly beautiful.

Group: Thank you.

ANATOLIA: Peace be with you.

TOMAS: We open the floor now to your participation, if we have not taken up all the time in this parade of visitors we have had today. It is always good to hear from unseen friends, and it is often my concern that the normalcy and regularity of your teacher base of Tomas and Anatolia will leave you feeling unsatisfied or complacent. Yet, if there is not someone knocking on the door, like the Master or the Planetary Prince, it is just as well to proceed with what we came to do, knowing that in the course of time, the opportunities for enhancing our capacities here will be met and, in the meantime, we bond as a family unit. And today we miss those who are not with us, and look forward to those who are yet to arrive.

What is going on in your lives? What are you grappling with? What would you like to share?


Angus: I would like to defend . .. if that's the right word. - Jack's presentation. It was kind of like a Veteran's Day speech about a month early. I really think it's important for us to know that we have someone else that can identify with our struggle, that are, indeed, here - although we can't see them - and are like us, as compared to everyone else in the universe and most of our other unseen friends. The midwayers are the forerunners. They, like us, began their existence here on this planet, and I don't know that there are any other entities that have that distinction, and so it's nice to know that we had those veterans, our cousins, and that they are there. They are real. And we do owe them something. And it's not unlike what we owe the veterans of our own struggles in the human sense. So I appreciate being reminded that there are close entities that we may not be able to see, that we have a responsibility and a loyalty to. Thank you, Jack.

TOMAS: And I will add that, from our perspective, these workers had a tremendous part to play in the textual revelation inasmuch as they wrote the life and teachings of Jesus, without which you would not have been so impressed as to have found that much merit to what could be otherwise regarded as a science fiction cosmology. The midwayers, in loyalty to this plane, will not be misled again, will always seek the Source for confirmation of what they should do.

And remember, without the Spirit of Truth, through the indwelling Adjuster to guide them, they must perforce behave much like you do when you leave your unseen friends out of the picture, you have to figure it out yourself and hope that you've come up with the best solution for the greatest number of personalities.

The fact that there is a midwayer here, now, between Gerdean and I, conveying my concepts into the artificial language of your reality, is something that could not happen were it not for the midwayers who are always attendant upon these proceedings. I will add this, for I have noticed it from my perspective. The midwayers derive tremendous -- tremendous! - joy and satisfaction in their active role as liaison between the teachers and the students, because they are immediately in the proximity of the Thought Adjuster of the mortal who does not leave during this process, but merely steps aside, much like the human ego steps aside in order for these messages to formulate and come through in this fashion.

The proximity to a Thought Adjuster for a midwayer is probably similar to sipping a sweet soda through a straw when you have been on the dusty trail. There is a great deal of feedback allowed these participants. Not only you benefit. Did that make sense?

Esmarelda: I thought it was a little confusing.

TOMAS: Well, suffice it to say they get a big kick out of being a part of the T/R'ing process.

Esmarelda: Oh, now, that's something I can understand.

TOMAS: They like getting next to us, you see, just like you like getting next to those you love. And this could lead to another discourse, but I won't go there. Anything else?

Matthew: Are they involved in the communications we might have with our thought adjuster or is that strictly personal?

TOMAS: That is strictly personal. They are only as close as allowed during a procedure like this. The personal relationship that occurs between you and your Adjuster does not require their intervention. I am an outsider, you see. I am like a Thought Projection, as compared to a Thought Adjuster, or a Thought Controller. I am being Projected into the essential configuration of you and your Adjuster, and the midwayer has his foot in the door that allows me to be projected into that essential setup.

Matthew: Okay. Thank you.

TOMAS: Even so, remember that the Adjuster and the mortal are both set aside in order for me to get at the technology that I need, that is to say the language center and the voice box. The concern of the Adjuster is that nothing interfere with the sanctity of the free will of the mortal I am engaging. (Pause)


What else? (Pause) Then let us be on our way. See you next week.

Group: Thank you. All.