2003-10-12-Secure In Your True Being

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Topic: Secure in Your True Being

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. At times in our busy lives it feels so comforting to simply lie back into the Father's arms. Every day in this mortal life you are made to face fears and uncertainties, which cause you insecurity and self-doubt. How wonderful it is to know we have Father to help us sort these things out. I thank you for allowing me to be here with you each week. You know not the many that our lessons reach. We are with gratitude to you in aiding us in our quest for correction.

As you experience life you are able to attain skills that help you advance in mortal and divine ways. As mortals you go through many stages of mind transformation. Those that can be strong enough to be honest with themselves will probably experience a bit more mental and emotional pain, but the value gained therein is priceless. Again, I bring you EMULAN.

Greetings friends. I am always filled with gratitude when we can spend time together. It is such an honor to serve with my brother/mentor, Abraham. We will again be having further discussion concerning the Morontial Brotherhood.


Abraham is your teacher, the one you are familiar with. This group is considered his assignment. He has invited me to speak on a number of occasions. From our standpoint he has not fear of becoming less loved. He is not insecure about my particular style of teaching. Abraham in fact shows himself to be a willing student when I am teaching. That is the Morontial Brotherhood, my friends.

In mine and Abraham's partnership there is no threat, no misunderstanding of boundaries. We are in fact playing for the same team. Our status as Father's children is secure and never are we with the impression that we must uphold a certain performance to keep our status. There is no one to impress here. There is no competition. There is however mutual respect for one another's status as Father's children.

Mortal life is different however and there does seem to be a growing feeling among Urantian inhabitants that they must uphold a certain persona to be well liked and respected. Many in fact are slaves to this feeling. Many are seeming to feel indebted to keeping up their song and dance to the point that they lose themselves.

I am grateful for having experienced the mortal existence, but I am extremely grateful for being beyond that. I am with comfort among my fellows here. There is an abundance of good natured personalities, each one knowing they are valued and loved beyond measure. There is no need to be constantly outpouring energy to gain attention or acceptance. There is such serenity in knowing each of us are so different and this is how it is supposed to be. There is harmony in our understanding of our differences.

Every day you can meet with your fellows who have not spiritual fulfillment. They reach for external acceptance and gratification. There seems to be a great deal of mental and emotional ailments, which many turn to mortal counselors instead of spiritual ones. Granted, you have your internal Father-Fragment, you have us, your teachers, you have unseen spirit counselors, but you each also have one another.

In this Correcting Time you are not only participating in self-correction but also aiding your brothers and sisters that you chance to meet. It is important for you to feel secure in your true being. It is important that you find value in yourselves as universe children. Believe me, this inner knowing will show on your face. It will become a part of you and your ability to aid in this Correcting Time. Those that feel their Father's affection will have not need to keep up with the old song and dance.

Think of a mortal in whom you well respect, perhaps it is someone well known, highly intelligent, maybe wealthy. Imagine you are side by side with this individual. What do you think Father sees when He gazes upon the two of you? No, He does not look upon one child with more favor, no. He looks at you as if you were His children and siblings. He sees you as equal and He would have you treat each other like brothers and sisters.

The Kingdom of God is boundless and indeed eternal. Being open to the Morontial Brotherhood will show you proof of that. Again, I am grateful to be with you and at my brother's side. I return you to ABRAHAM.

I am with gratitude to you as well, Emulan. Your personality is a light for me to travel by. Again, a wonderful lesson. As a teacher and a friend of Emulan, I am made to learn more each time we are together. I enjoy his personality essentials that make him uniquely him, and yet a part of all of us.

This week let us review how much energy we put into our everyday existence that gives us attention from the world. Where can our energy be better spent? Looking at the overall universe, do you feel at home? Take a few moments this week to find time for quiet and to reinforce your relationship with the Source of all real love. I can take a few questions.


MARSHALL: Abraham, it is a pleasure to have you taking questions again. Two question-is Aruka in the audience this evening? (Not that I am aware.) Okay. I understand she is working with me as a teacher/guiding companion. Can you give me an answer to that? I have been told that by two sources.

ABRAHAM: Yes, I am aware she has worked with you somewhat, but my knowledge concerning this is somewhat limited. Can I answer further questions for you?

MARSHALL: Yes, a follow up on that-can you give me some guidance that will assist me in reaching into those unknown areas of attainment I am now striving for?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I am perceiving some imbalance as far as overall living goes. Everyday one should strive to work, play, study and pray. There are always obligations to meet and with the demands of life we somehow can become off-centered. Your spiritual life would be a bit more enhanced by becoming more balanced in mortal living. Work, play and family time are grounding. Marshall, my son, you would do well to begin living out those spiritual skills you have learned. The understanding to reaching deeper spiritual arenas will present themselves as you become ready. Is this answering? (Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, Don asked me the next time you take questions if you wouldn 't mind answering how his sister, Jean, is doing and if you know Jean's and Don's mother's spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: Let me see what I can do. I am told that Jean is doing quite well. I have not met with her myself, but I am informed she is with much enthusiasm and quite excited to move forward. For Don I am allowed to move forward with the spiritual names. Jean is Nala. Lily is known On High as Tara, yes, Tara. That is as close as I can give you using the English language. (Thank you so much.) You are welcome. (Eleana sends her love.) Send her my love also, as well as her group. Yes, it is wonderful to behold their fellowship and dedication. I also give you my love, my daughter. We are in appreciation for your efforts. Well done. Another question?

LANCESON: Abraham, I have a niece that has come to live with me and I would like to know how I can assist her? Do you have any words concerning Allison?

ABRAHAM: You are a wonderful father figure, Lanceson. You're a natural. Stay spirit connected and really the effort you put forth will really be no effort at all. Teach her as Father teaches you. You can share with her some of your spiritual understanding a little bit at a time, also your willingness to set a good example to her as a universe citizen teaches her a great deal. Is there something more specific? (No, thank you.) Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, it has been some months since I received your counsel. I would appreciate and direction or guidance, suggestions you might have.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, Harrison. I see the sharp edges of Harrison becoming more smooth with the years of wisdom gained. You are excited each day to make new discoveries, spiritual discoveries and this is like a child in a candy shop-simply wonderful. It is difficult for some mortals who are reaching the senior years, but you are viewing them with the eyes of a child. You do well to share your discoveries with others who are within your age group. You have become better with years, where some become bitter. Your willingness to share your joy of spiritual discoveries will indeed be a great benefit. Have some fun. (Thank you.) One more question.

MIRIAM: I've time one. It's about morontial versus the reality of aging. Time for me is the weirdest thing. It is like I am always in the 'now' and 'now' can be over in a second. Time just zips. Is this just because I am getting older? Is it because of the circuits, morontia stuff? Do you know what I mean?

ABRAHAM: I believe I am in understanding. You are now with some years of experience and that has brought you to appreciate the value in life. While many things are seemingly familiar and old territory, there are new aspects of mortal living that are really only discovered through the understanding within the mind, also you are as are many here with Thought Controller instead of Thought Adjuster. Thought Adjuster is more subject to the will of mortal, where those with Thought Controllers are with a mortal who are more subject to their will. Many who are ageing meet it with dread and as if life is ending--when it is perhaps the greatest time of discovery in all of mortal life. To focus upon doing the will of Father does prepare you for gaining that step to attaining Thought Controller. You can look it up.


With that I will take my leave. Know that each one of you are indeed valued and loved. I look forward to meeting with you again. Until next time, shalom.