2003-10-13-Lesson On Change

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Topic: Lesson on Change

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Nebadonia, Michael, Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Opening Prayer: Mother and Father, we gather under your wings for protection, for safety from all of the clouds of fear and pain that still rain down upon this world. We need you; we need you like the air we breathe. We open our being to your presence, inviting your protection into us. We are ready to receive you, and we thank you with the simplicity and the faith as little children. Amen.

Greetings, my beloved children. This is Nebadonia who speaks. Yes, my little ones, come into me. Come into the safety of your Mother’s arms, and I will shield you from all that is painful in the world around you. Your minds are changing. Your bodies adjusting to a new vibrant energy and thought form that is now being poured over this earth. Yes, it is the time for the truth purification on Urantia. As we have said to you, you will change; you will grow.


This evening I would draw you into more of that idea of changing. But first, my children, I wish to hear your comments on this idea of change and how you relate to it now in your everyday lives. What say you to this change that you are experiencing? Please share your comments so that your brothers and sisters can hear your words of faith.


Student: I’m getting stronger; I’m wrestling with the idea of will. (too faint to hear) Comment relates to will and the role of ego resisting the change.

Nebadonia: Are any of you experiencing something similar to what R is sharing with you?

Student: Mother, I’m experiencing changes for the positive. Life is lighter; I’m more happy. I think I’m much more whole. It’s a slow evolution. There’s a part of me that wants to get it done and get it over. But I recognize now that I’m living happily ever after, but each day at a time. I have embraced change in my life, but now I have a positive form to fit it into, as opposed to just changing. Thank you for your support and love.

Nebadonia: You always have it, my son.

Student: Mother, I had a good experience of adapting. The change was that I lost my dancing partner of several years. All of a sudden I was kind of shy facing going to a dance without her. But I did have a sense of payback, which usually has a negative connotation—revenge, etc.—but I had a positive sense of payback, like giving back to this dancing community. Going there and just forgetting about myself and just being a partner for someone else who might show up without one, and it was a wonderful time. Glad I got over the shyness and went.

Nebadonia: Would you categorize your shyness as part of the ego resistance?

Student: I think so. There’s a gap between wanting to do something and getting in motion. Sometimes this gap is as big as the Grand Canyon and just fall in—almost like a minor depression for a day or so—a paralysis of will, a loss of gumption. I think it has something to do with too much attention on myself, which we call ego. Sometimes it’s just better to go through and just forget yourself and jump in.

Nebadonia: Thank you.

Student: Mother, I’ve experienced a change in my mind, in my attitude. As I prepare to return to the workplace, I find that things that used to annoy or upset me don’t have as much power me as they used to. I’m able to pull back and be more conscious of my emotions and decide if I want to get upset or if I should calm down. So, change has been good for me in that regard.

Nebadonia: Do you perceive change then in the same way that you did perhaps six months ago?

Student: I think I look at it differently now because I see it’s a kind of growing spiritual maturity; a process that’s sometimes painful, but needs to happen in order for me to grow. So I’ve grown in my attitude towards change as well.

Nebadonia: Thank you.

Student: Mother, in the process of change I have come to be able to differentiate between the Father’s will and my ego a lot better. I’m able to really notice the difference between the two energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally. I notice that when I do have any anxiety or tension that it does come from old programs and patterns of my ego-self; that when I allow myself to go within silently I am able to move forward and not allow that anxiety to take over my being. This is occurring much more frequently and energetically in my day-to-day life.

Nebadonia: Thank you.

Student: Mother, I feel like I’m out of control emotionally. I’m going back to Georgia and I’m really praying about seeing my biological family that I’ve not seen for 12 years. It’s a big change, and I would really like to say my ego is out of the way, but I think that it’s not. I want to believe that I’m going there for the healing of my family, and it’s not going to happen as long as I have my ego in there. What I’m asking for is to really move with your Spirit rather than through fear. When I surrender to you it’s easy, but that’s not what I always can do.

Nebadonia: No, my daughter, it is not always easy to do for at times the pain and deprivation that you have experienced at the hands of beloved persons in your life create this protective shield around you that you know as your own defense mechanism. It is safe to come to me. It is safe to allow my arms to encircle you in my womb of love so that you can face your family with an open heart and easy mind. And in knowing that whatever happens, you can be assured that I am there helping you to heal these wounds within you. Will your other family members also be healed? That is up to them.<SP! style="mso-spacerun: yes" AN You can only be concerned with yourself at this time and allow my presence to soothe and comfort you, and to be that barrier between you and the past and in any perceived negativity that you may still ingest from them. I go with you, as you well know.

When you are engaged in conversation with your family, open your heart to me. Invite the presence of Jesus in, and ask me to weave more of His forgiveness into you. Let yourself soften and yield into this forgiveness, and you will have no need of this ego protection that you are now sensing. Do you understand, my little one?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Nebadonia: Being back in family situations where there has been much trauma is not always an easy thing to do, but you are commended for your courage and for your intention to heal. This is highly honored and recognized and valued. You can be very proud of your efforts, S, in wishing to do this. (Thank you.)

Student: Dear Nebadonia, I’ve been learning to face disruption with a calmer mind and joyful acceptance. I look forward to the next 40 days when I have off from work to improve in that department.

Nebadonia: Thank you. (Pause) What you will see in the next several weeks will be more change in your internal environment. As this change emerges a very suppressed depth within you, fear not its intensity; fear not its vehemence in you. The underlying foundation of Michael’s truth that is slowly and steadily building is the driving force of this uprooting of the distortion deeply held in your unconsciousness. That which you call of the ego is a part of that unspiritized thinking process that has long been help captive by the erroneous, fallacious and poisonous doctrine of the Lucifer Re! bellion. And you sense within you that you no longer wish to be dominated by this. You all sense that there is a greater truth light within you that wishes to reveal and overshadow that which you call the ego mind. Would you all agree to this? (Students agree)

Student: I think so, Mother. I’m not always clear exactly what you mean by the Lucifer thing. Do you mean a sense of aloneness, the sense of not sharing? It’s what I think you mean.

Nebadonia: Would anyone wish to comment on this question J has posed? What do you all perceive as this Luciferian Doctrine?

Student: I haven't read the Urantia Book, but from what I’ve heard it seems to me an aspect of downward negative doubt.

Student: Would that be anything that’s unloving in thought or action?

Nebadonia: Yes, but it is more than this.

Student: Would it be an influence to our thinking and actions, something bigger than us?

Nebadonia: Yes.

Student: Could it be the belief that we are separate from our Creator and that we are alone?

Nebadonia: It is the essential fallacy. If you are separate from God—from your Creative Source—would there not then be a sense of isolation and abandonment operating within you?

Students: Yes, we would feel hopeless, despair.

Nebadonia: Yes, all of those negative emotions that you would associate with isolation and abandonment.

Student: So, is it a misconception that we are separate? Is that what it is that causes these unloving fearful emotions?

Nebadonia: It is not only a misconception—a misperception—but there is a correlating energy in your body that has turned you away from the very essence of Divine Love. It is not what you have consciously chosen in your own thinking as a God-knowing person, now is it?

Student: Mother, sometimes I think I heard you or Michael refer to it as a kind of false liberty, a freedom without responsibility. Because if we are cut off from a sense of belonging—belonging to everyone around us—and we don’t have a sense of cosmic citizenship, then we can act irresponsibly; act without considering our consequences on everyone else around us. Is that what you mean by false liberty?

Nebadonia: That is one component of the idea of false liberty. But to trace this idea of false liberty back to the roots of the Luciferian Doctrine, to perceive the core idea that there is no Creator-Source would render one alone and isolated in the universe. Therefore, in allowing this logic to pursue itself, it would follow that you act independently and that your actions are independent of other people’s actions and there are no consequences to bear. You have seen in your world that this is not the way it works in the universe, haven’t you?

We are all a part of the grand universal cosmic plan of the First Source and Center Creator. Everything is connected. The whole universe works as one creative vibrant vibrating entity fully of life and personality dominated by an energy system of love. Love works in relationship. The Luciferian Doctrine at its core denigrates relationship by its insistence on self-autonomy. I would ask you to think about this idea now—self-autonomy—and ask for that correlation in your mind about who is in control in your life and that is where this idea of ego has had its inception. Take a few moments, take this to your indwelling Father Fragments and ask to see the bigger ramifications of the fallacy of self-autonomy. (Pause)

Now invite your Father and me into this idea of self-autonomy. Ask for the roots of this to be purified in the truth. (Pause) Invite a new identity of self-expression that is consistent with the Father’s will for your life to be implanted into your mind now where this errorful concept of self-autonomy was once rooted. (Pause)

Your Father and I love you, dear children, with an affection that you have yet to experience and comprehend. But you are growing in this and you are coming to a deeper trust in the reality of our presence and influence in your lives. Change is all a component of growing in us, and allowing your indwelling Father Fragment to have greater range of though ideation control in your mind. These changes will make you more love-saturated, more self-confident, more Father-conscious, and more willing to do and act and say and be an expression of the Divine in the outward world.

So as we weave ourselves in you, I ask you to consider this exhilarating experience of change as something to look forward to, to anticipate gladly, and to appreciate that you are loved so dearly that we would want you to grow so beautiful, so strong, so joy-filled, so love-filled that you can move ahead in faith and allow us greater access in your mind. This is all we ask of you. To say yes to change, to spend time in stillness with us asking us to make over in the Divine image. This is not so hard as you may think. It is a time of rest and rejuvenation. So I would ask you now to go within again asking yourself: Am I ready for this level of change? Do I really have the faith to say yes to this? You only have to answer to yourself. (Pause)

Your Father and I are ready to insert more truth-light into your being. When you are ready invite that in, and sit back and receive our presence within you. (Pause)

As we build this truth foundation in you even more than you have already received, by your simple desire to open your body—your cellular being—to His truth-light, will you allow this deep purification to disrupt that negative charge within your body that devitalizes your cells. Simply ask your body now to receive this truth-light. Tell your body it is self to open and receive. Tell your body to release these toxins within them and allow the light to bathe your cells in pure living love energy. (Pause)

The love that emanates from the very core of the universe, the Isle of Paradise, is upon you. Receive this; let it wash through you, bathing you, purifying you, liberating you. (Pause)

When you slumber this evening, ask for the love from your Father to move through your veins tonight. Ask for this deep cellular purification to continue repairing you this evening and throughout the night. (Pause) We send you into the night with our love, with our presence weaving, building, surrounding you; filling your minds and bodies in the purity of love. Be healed, my children, and rest well in my arms. Good evening.

My children. This is your Father Michael who speaks. You may hardly be conscious of what we are growing within you now. It is not necessary that you think about this so much as you allow that which has been seeded within you to germinate deep within your being. In the coming days I would ask you to think less about what is occurring in you and think more about the sheer delight that can come your way when you are with me.

I would ask that you remember more throughout your day to come to me, to be with me. To share your day with me—your joys, your sorrows, your problems, your triumphs. This is all I ask. This relationship we are growing together is one of deep abiding sonship and friendship and guardianship. All of the answers and tools and resources and supplies you need are found in me. So hesitate no longer in coming to me each moment, regardless of the time of day, regardless in what your activity is. Share this with me and I will share myself with you. o:p>

You all know that you are changing. You all desire to grow in faith. What precedes this is your relationship with me. In coming to me all these things will happen. You will change, your faith will develop. Would it not then be wise and advisable that you would come to the very source of this so that you know what is occurring within you is inevitable, and that you no longer have to consider how you are changing or evaluate how much you have changed or how far you have to grow? Simply be with me.

The world has made it difficult to be with me in the stillness of your mind. Distractions are enormous. If you can take this idea, take this desire for peace and comfort and succor deep into your being now, you will remember its source and come to me. Let me imprint this upon you more, my children. Make this easier for yourselves to come to me. (Pause)

Breathe in my essence. I am your Creator and my love draws you even more into my presence. And as your Mother has said, slumber in me this evening. Let your bodies and minds be renewed in me. Good evening.

Good evening, my brethren. This is Monjoronson who greets you this evening. I am here to acknowledge your progression into the living energy vitalization of Michael’s truth. Make no mistake about what is occurring in you. You are all being made into more useful vessels for the healing of this world. I am here to commend your efforts and to encourage you to continue for every individual is vital to this correcting time now.

I wish to uplift you into the idea of the value and importance of what you are undertaking now. The ways of the past are diminishing. Little by little the truth is growing on Urantia. As your truth-light grows, more error and evil diminishes. As your truth-light shines, it attacts the truth in others and more error diminishes. What is more important in your lives than this?

One day when we meet in the flesh you will have a greater appreciation for what you are accomplishing now. So I encourage these attempts you are making and ask you to consider them more carefully and fully in the scope of what is being seeded on this planets through your efforts.


I look to the day when we can gaze face to face and the ways in which we serve together under Michael’s banner reclaiming this planet as a beloved part of the universe of Nebadon in the cosmic family of our Creator-Father. Good evening. END