2003-10-26-Creating Harmony & Happiness

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Topic: Creating Harmony & Happiness

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teachers: Tomas, What About Bob, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew

Session 1


Music: Elena on Piano: "Break Thou the Bread of Life"

PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, we bring ourselves to you this day, as we do every Sunday, with the expectation of good news continued to be shared. And we ask that whatever lessons we need to hear, that we hear it as delivered - whether it's as we wish to hear it or not. The message is the main thing, not the way it's delivered. In other words, if someone had told us to get up off the couch and do something or other, we're hearing that something needs to be done, not the way it was delivered. As we go forward into the future, starting today, may we be happy, healthy and whole in our approach and dedicated to your purpose and the purpose of our Eternal Father. And for those needs that we perceive within our hearts and our minds, may you address those as well. Amen.

TOMAS: Amen, and thank you, Matthew. I am Tomas. Greetings, dear friends.

Group: Greetings, Tomas.

TOMAS: Anatolia and I are here with you again to enjoy the companionship and stimuli of like-minded individuals. The chronic harmony you seem to enjoy in this group makes it difficult to create those templates, which one can play off against the other as a means of finding the kernel of truth between the two opposing poles. It also serves to save a great deal of time, for we can discuss issues harmoniously instead of conversely or contrary. There is merit to that kind of music, but unless it is skillfully done by true artists, it can sound just like noise.

The ability to sit down and break bread together is a result of a spirit-led life, much as happiness is a side effect of the spirit life. However, many people put the cart before the horse and seek happiness, or harmony, not appreciating that those are the result of personal spiritual growth, which has solidified in the personality consecrated to seeking the divine will in and of himself, finding the Source, developing a relationship with the Source, and then being led out into the fields by the Source to serve.

The value in my message here today stems from your conversations of today wherein you have recognized that while the 70's or 80's may have been regarded as "the ME generation," a lot of enlightenment has taken place, much self-awareness has come about, there is a spiritual renaissance in progress, and many enlightened individuals are yearning for harmony and happiness with peers. Thus there are groups forming together, similar to this one, which satisfies that longing to be in company with kindred spirits.


"Kindred spirits" is a reality. There are people who recognize each other at a soul level, and bond there first, before undertaking the extension of that Source reality into extraneous interests or outreach activities. This is the value of group worship. You acknowledge your own being, as a child of God, treasuring that connection, but also basking in the comfort and security of that self-same psychic condition in your peers. This joyousness of spirit is able to reflect out even into the ethers of your world and contribute to the extension of the kingdom through unconscious and impersonal waves of good will.

When you share your inner life with others, you create the Supreme.

Granted, it is a slow-growing entity, but like the business seminar you were discussing, there is a great deal of amalgamating that goes on in the creation of the experiential god. There is purpose to being individual religionists, certainly. And while each individual religionist is as an only begotten son, it is part of your growth to bring together your energy with energy from others such that you can amalgamate your realities in the spirit through understanding and mercy, tolerance, curiosity, concern, human interest, ambition -- all the elements of personality existence. And in the doing of that which you will do together because you choose to be together (not because you are conveniently abutting one another), great waves of collective consciousness can be expelled into great works. The result of such disciplines, selflessness and rejoicing, is harmony … and happiness.

The same phenomenon is occurring now in your political arena and in the spiritual realm, even with the Teacher Corps, because of your capacity to assimilate more because of your own private, personal lessons in Correcting Time, and the willingness you are giving your Adjuster and other spirit guides to lead you into such group purpose. Having group purpose does not negate your individuality, or eradicate identity, but all conspire willingly to enhance the values of the divine such that peace and harmony can be found, progress can be made, cooperation can be forthcoming, and so forth.

It is good to hear that news that even the matrix of the corporate world is bringing into being those networking avenues that not only compel you forward but that allow you to amalgamate with existing paradigms such that gaps are bridged for harmony and happiness can come upon everyone. Not only is happiness a personal product, it is also a byproduct of social efforts, political efforts, spiritual efforts - if they are all done in and through the light of truth and the love of God.

We are encouraged when we see the growth and development of civilization augmenting the brotherhood of man, and this is how your own growth reflects in the growth of your globe. Group effort is a learned behavior, which cannot be learned until the individuals within the group are able to stand as their own entity and then engage intelligently in communion with his fellows. What of my fellow, Anatolia? Are we able to engage intelligently?

ANATOLIA: I am right here, your friend and confidant, Anatolia. It is my pleasure to be with you again this wonderful day, as so many other days are here in your Land of Enchantment. I have many things that I could talk about today; however, we will choose just one, as is both practical and rational, in the sense of staying on topic.

Today's benefit to the body of Christ or Supreme Being, collective consciousness, is the topic of acceptance of your divine will that is part and parcel of your beings. The reason I bring this to your attention is for you to be fully aware of the capability that you have. It is in large part a continuation or expansion of the presentation that was given last Sunday from Christ Michael, in terms of the opportunity for joining in the process of life, much like standing on the sidelines watching the parade and deciding to enter it, that it is not just a spectator sport, but is meant and intended and lived as if your life depended on it. That is, to get into the flow and enter the flow and not to simply observe.

This too is my purpose to speaking to you today, to add just a few thoughts to that concept that give additional dimensionality to it, in terms of being mindful and respective of the power that you have to exercise your free will for ill or for unselfish gain. It is your most cherished and valuable asset. In the creation, as it is, you are given the ability to accept, reject, or deny that which is true to the powers that life has to offer. For the origination and actuality of the life force is unknown to any of us, but once consciousness is recognized, what you decide to do with that is fully within your power.

So it is truly both a decision and an ultimate determination that you hold the key to, that is your part of the bargain. You can choose to annihilate yourself or to be as gentle and humble in your comportment as is possible, or any point along the scale you may choose to act out that particular role. So it is your choice to make, just what you will make of your life.

This sounds like a commencement speech to a high school class; however, you each have the ability and the authority to decide this for yourselves each and every day and every moment in between. You could decide to change course totally or to become irascible in your demeanor, apparently choosing to seemingly cooperate, yet Not Really. So I am seizing the moment to encourage each of you to be deliberate in your choices, to know why you are choosing what you are choosing, and to make your choices well. Not that it is a matter of choosing incorrectly, but to choose for the right reasons and to know why you are doing what you are doing.

I encourage you along your spiritual path and to enable you to move freely, willfully and lovingly. I leave these thoughts with you to contemplate and incorporate into your daily living, knowing that the reason that any or all of these opportunities are presented is because of the unlimited, unconditional love given by your heavenly parents. So I wish you abiding love and peace and brotherhood in your encounters, both here and in the every day world. Peace be with you and walk with dignity. Amen.

Group: Thank you, Anatolia.

TOMAS: There is the floor. It is open. Walk with dignity onto it and talk to us about your development, or concerns, as you will.


Elena: Well, I was interested in your talking about amalgamation and that different groupings of the Teachers of the Teaching Mission. I thought that was really interesting, and then the discussion about Choose Well. And I was also thinking about a portion of the sermon this morning, how easily the disciples were duped in certain respects, about not seeing the clear lessons that they were shown by Jesus, and it actually made me think of some of the things I would go through in life, about our discussions between Bush and the candidates.

So I guess my question is, sometimes it is a little too easy to be duped. I mean, like, even the disciples were easily fooled sometimes, and it's hard to know what the correct decision is, but yet choosing wisely … that is what Anatolia was talking about. The divine will and wanting to do that. So I guess I'm intrigued by all those concepts and wanting a little more guidance on that, perhaps.

TOMAS: There was a smorgasbord! We ought to be able to do something with that. I also noticed Gerdean having quite a fascination with what Anatolia was saying. Perhaps we can get more from that counsel about doing what you want to do.

Elena: Well, and the different groupings that you were talking about, too, the different amalgamations that were possible, given the idea that we were more developed because of the lessons we had absorbed, I guess.

TOMAS: I'm going to give this to What-About-Bob.

WHAT-ABOUT BOB: Good afternoon. Thank you for allowing me to come in and participate with you in your group setting. I am glad to be able to pull some threads together for something to stand on here with the idea of amalgamation and groupings and the like. I have an interesting perspective on the evolution of this world and have watched as it has undergone great changes -- in this last century particularly. You are all somewhat familiar with the global evolution and so I don't need to review that, but the sociology of your culture in America has been very individualistic.

In fact, it's part of the American spirit to be quite the individual -- which is a side-effect … not of consecration to the divine, but of self-will having a full slate of opportunities to pick and choose from, knowing that you can do almost anything you want to do because of free will and, in your country, having attained a point of mastery over the material world such that you can indeed do many more things than any generation or nation before you could do. You want a car? You buy a car. You want a television? You buy a television. You want to visit another part of the world? You buy a ticket. You go there. You want to have another relationship, you answer a personal ad. You want to end a relationship, you simply … what does the song say? "Slip out the back, Jack. Make a new plan, Stan."

There has been a great era of individuality allowed, and because of free will it will continue to be permitted, and yet the effects of these choices are changing your choices because even while you may say this is what you want, you may not want to pay the price of your decision. How long can the mentally, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt continue to spend so much of its time and energy on self-indulgence and things that it wants -- without ramification or without paying for it -- before that system eventually will not work any longer. The individual sooner or later begins to recognize his responsibility within a framework of others -- perhaps so he can use others, so he can get more and more of what he wants. Or perhaps through coercion or cooperation with his fellows of like-mind, they can get what they want. This does not make it spiritual, but it is still possible - because of free will. It is a fact that humans can and do all manner of foolish and despicable things simply because they can. But how long can man live with such behaviors before cosmic justice enters in to bring that person around to another choice?

Groups come into being because of the mental paradigm of the like-minded individuals. It can happen in crime, in criminal behavior such as gangs. It can happen with creative people, such as creative works. And it is happening now among religionists. They have gone past the point of me-me-me incessantly, "What about me?" to recognize the futility of such a path. There is no happiness in such a path. These short-term goals and quick fixes that are quite possible by a simple act of the will, are not enough to fill the heart and soul and contribute to humanity's true substance.

So now we see people who are making moral choices and groups that are making moral choices because the individuals comprising the group insist upon making moral choices. This is a reflection of your evolutionary growth -- introducing the spirit into it. It has many levels still of the totally perverse and the totally high-minded but any time these groups can be brought together to recognize their commonality and how they can help one another, they have been enhanced because now they have the ability to network and accept what is rather than having to make it "from scratch." Progress is being made.

Elena: Well, that is encourage to hear.

BOB: Indeed. It is encouraging to see. It makes the evils and negative energies or the gray range of mediocrity more visible and objectionable. Anatolia was discussing individual choices, free will choices. And you mentioned in your church service this morning, the sermon was about how individuals make a choice, often based on another person's reality. This is the pattern we hope to get away from, that people stop making their choices based on what other people are doing, but on what they are guided to do through their own personal and intimate relationship with deity. Listening to others, having others tell you who you are and define your parameters is a way of forfeiting your free will. Or, in that great gray range of mediocrity, free will is virtually eviscerated, eradicated, eliminated, removed, erased, does not count, might as well not be there, for as little as it is used by its owner.

This is how people move groups of other people [is because] they don't think; they are programmed; they are brainwashed. This is one of the complaints voiced in the Urantia Papers. You people don't think! You are not good thinkers! You are on automatic pilot much of the time and your faith even is often blind faith in the context of you have no idea who to listen to, what to listen for, or what to resist!

The Father's will is not always the path of least resistance. There is no doubt that the Father would not stop you if you wanted to go down and buy a $30,000 car, but if you no longer have the money, then, to make your rent payments or to put food on the table, how foolish is that? And the same with corporations. How foolish is that, to continue to try and get away with such a behavior before everything comes crashing down? They knock on your door, collecting for all your irresponsibilities; "Repo man" taking back the car, the stereo, the refrigerator, and you are a laughingstock.

This is classic animal behavior and you are certainly not immune from animal behavior, being animals yourselves, but you are in a position to think through these things. You are, hopefully, learning to think as well as to have faith. Otherwise, you are like the flock of pigs that pell mell run off the cliff. We expect more from you who have been given so much.

When any existing paradigm works with others, in terms of cooperation and expansion, it is harmonious and good. Anyone who is individualistic to the point of isolating himself from others is not good. This asocial attitude is what abruptly halts progress and the stream of time.

What is it that you are searching for?

Elena: Are you asking me?

BOB: Yes.

Elena: From my questions?

BOB: Yes.

Elena: I was looking at the groups that I'm aligning myself with in my life, so I was thinking about that, and actually getting assurance from what was being said in the lesson, and then still just kind of baffled as to how anybody could amalgamate under Bush, to tell the truth. So those things. One was a positive one and one was just baffling.

BOB: Where did you get the idea of amalgamating under Bush?

Elena: Oh, I didn't. We were just wondering how groups - how people could …

BOB: Because they can!

Elena: Well, that's right. That's what you said. And I was listening to the part about the groups -- that crime, gangs … and so that was helpful, too, in answering that, so thanks. I appreciate that.

BOB: Perhaps my perspective has given you something to think about.

Group: Sure! Yes, thank you!

BOB: Then I will leave you for now and give you back to Tomas.

Group: Thank you, Bob.

TOMAS: Is there another question or another area of concern?

Angus: I've been really interested in the upcoming event they are calling the "Harmonic Concordance", which is supposedly another step that followed what happened in 1987 called the Harmonic Convergence, and in this particular astrological alignment there would be a perfect Star of David created by certain heavenly bodies, and at the apex of the event there will be a total eclipse of the our moon.

And I'm not trying to get caught up in the magic of the moment and look for fireworks in the sky, although there will possibly be some aurora borealis sightings, but with a reference that was made in the Teaching Mission lesson last week also about (how)circuitry continues to be aligned, gets aligned, connected, et cetera. I saw a correlation, perhaps, between these lineups of the planets which has not happened before, according to our knowledge, that this might be an actual part of the alignment or the reencircuitment, or at least symbolic of it, and perhaps it won't be very dramatic but will be a subtle effect felt by a lot of people who will now start seeing what was mentioned earlier about how we'll start noticing the mediocre more. All these things that need corrected will become obvious to more and more people because of this reencircuitment process. I was just wondering if that had any credulity to it.

TOMAS: The "Harmonic Concordance" is an undertaking that is directed toward cosmic expansion, yes. The motives and intents are pure, with the result being a springboard to many, many individuals who will make certain new choices based on the influence of the programming they are receiving through the promoters, master minds, seers of this spatial phenomenon.

I am a little concerned about the 6-pointed star, for its political implications. But the Lord knows we need to have a great light shine on that conundrum in order for harmony to reign. I cannot tell you whether or not the Concordance is to heal the Jerusalem conundrum, but it cannot hurt.

Angus: I was thinking that configuration might be called, like the Grand Sextile or something that is more astrological, more of a sacred geometry alignment that became the so-called "Star of David." I hadn't really thought about the political aspects of it. I think the 'Star of David' is a euphemism for what astrologers call the Grand Sextile.

TOMAS: I am in the dark.

Angus: It's the language.

TOMAS: It's a great "love in" coming, being well advertised, and it will be responded to. Does that help?

Angus: Um-hum. "Going back to Yazgur's farm."

TOMAS: Who is Yazgur?

Angus: That's where Woodstock was held. The great icon of the love-in type of thing.

TOMAS: The love-in I was referencing was more along the lines of accelerating the consciousness of the divine.

Angus: Of course.

TOMAS: But there is no need to stop the music or the dancing.

Angus: If Woodstock could have, it would have been a divine event, I think, but it fell a little short. Maybe we could raise the octaves the next time.

TOMAS: Well, it is cyclic, you know, this forward movement of ascension. Not as apparent, perhaps as the sociologic advancement I and Bob talked about today but cyclic, nonetheless. Let's continue our efforts to break the cycle of abuse and begin moving forward into greater realms of harmony and happiness for Urantia and all humanity.


The Spirit floods upon you. It flows downward into you, like the sun shines on you, constantly and consistently and as it will. It is your hearts and minds that must look up and see the sun. Bring on the cymbals and kettledrums that bring an awareness of the greater universe and all the wonders thereof. The child of destiny enjoys looking up and imagining his future home on future worlds in new constellations and dimensions, but the child of earth enjoys his home here and sooner or later will have it in his heart to do something good for Urantia, looking around then, for others of like mind, with whom to break bread and commit to a realm of harmony and happiness resulting from the desire to do God's will in all things and in all beings.

We'll see you next week. Farewell.

Group: Bye, Tomas.

Session 2

LOCATION: Esmeralda’s Hideaway Rio Rancho, New Mexico TEACHERS: TOMAS & ANATOLIA MUSIC: Elena on Piano: "Softly and Tenderly" DATE: November 09, 2003


PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, after an intro like that, we hear that you are calling, we can feel your presence and your influence upon us and it makes us glad to be among creation. For we could have been anything – a mockingbird, a tree, a toad or otherwise, but we get to ascend next to Father Himself, and with you in heart mind and to make the unity finally accomplished. For all that you have been, done, and are for us and to bring in your flock, we are forever grateful. For the teachers that are with us today and everyday we are grateful as well. We look forward to the teachings that we receive today to edify us and, more importantly, the flock that remains as you send us forth to do your work and the Father’s will. Our aim is to be accomplished disciples and to be your presence as the unity of all stands for all time. We are forever grateful. Amen.

TOMAS: Good afternoon, loyal friends, beautiful children, avid students and humble servants.

Group: Thank you.

TOMAS: What an appropriate song for the thread that has been woven into the consciousness of many of you, in terms of service, ministry, outreach and the like. "Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling." In this manner, it is possible for you to also provide an inducement to those you would feed. But so often in your culture, you introduce concepts by way of what might appear to be a sales pitch. And when you have bought and sold all you intend to, you do not want your soul bought and sold. Rather, you want it to be lured forward in such a way that you can rely on the peace that prevails when the Master is about, when you are in his presence, when you are mindful of his association.

What a challenge then, it must be for those of you who come to minister with such enthusiasm and fervor that you appear as Peter, dynamic but often overpowering. This is part of the human condition, of course: to exalt what you believe and know that it is worthy of the belief of all others. But a belief is a personal matter and the true work of the Kingdom is to enable son and daughters of God to know their Father such that they avails themselves to the Voice which gently and tenderly calls and leads them into their own religious experience and their own path to Paradise.

This is such an existential experience! It is something that must be accomplished, acquired, attained in each of you and very personally. This is the beauty of the Master: that when he calls, you who know the sound of his Voice, will listen.


I would like to speak today a bit about independent will in service. It relates again and still to the theme that when you are called and commissioned by God … to provide a service, or to feed his sheep in a way that is compelling for you, or that impels you into the field … you drop everything willingly and hasten to do his bidding. But we have been observing how it is that everyone is not thus led. Not everyone perceives that God has given them an assignment, or that their personality perforce has anything to do with the divine will thus, in humility, they back off and devote prayerful energy, then, to the solutions of mankind.

There is a third alternative, and that was one which Machiventa Melchizedek incorporated in his sojourn here. Before materializing, it was determined that it would be necessary that certain steps be taken to prepare the way for the arrival of the creator son when he incarnated here in order to introduce the love of God to this world. Machiventa took it upon himself to undertake to come here and prepare the way by establishing the one God concept. And his decision to come here was approved by those On High and so it came to pass.

This is the third option: that you decide for yourself what you will do. Make your plan. And then present your plan to the celestials to determine whether or not they will work with you. If no help is forthcoming, you would do well to regard this as a premature effort, perhaps, or one not completely in keeping with the needs of the moment. But if your motives are truly to serve and to minister (rather than for self-aggrandizement), it is likely that the hosts of heaven will foster your involvement and encourage your plan.

It comes down, again, to decision-making and following through for yourself and your own destiny when you hear the voice lead you into a service path. This does not need to be as lofty and exalted as it may sound, using Machiventa Melchizedek as an example. Your choices to make a pot of soup for the neighbors and sit with them is also a decision which provides a service and a ministry. No one told you, perhaps, but having made the choice, the decision, you were provided the goods to make the soup and the strength to make the trip to those whom you would serve.

This independent action in terms of service is always a courageous venture. And for some, a gamble, for one never knows until one makes the choice, whether or not it was a good choice. Even so, the new truth is that if you don’t like the choice you made, you can make another choice – unlike a former paradigm which, if you made a choice, you needed to follow it through to the bitter end. While cause and effect is certainly a law of the universe, it is not so unyielding it will not allow for a better choice before the damage is done. Unraveling knots is preferred to cutting the rope completely.

Independent choice is, however, always subject to those upon whom you depend and/or those who depend on you. By depending on others to find the format or the wherewithal to serve, you begin to experience the delights of service but, should something happen to that scaffolding, you have yet to discover if you can fulfill your outreach purposes by standing on your own two feet. Likewise, if you have a desire to serve and you set out to fulfill your mission, and by doing so you take yourself away from obligations you have already committed yourself to, that would leave others high and dry, you may need to review your motives in seeking to serve further, or above and beyond.

These human quandaries are part of your active spiritual problem solving precisely because Jesus is calling you. He calls you forward into your own awareness of the conscious universe and in the journey your natural response is to prepare the way for others to learn what you have learned. This is how you teach what you know: by giving others an opportunity to learn what you have learned.

Here is another rub, however, for in your desire to serve, it may not occur to you that others may have already learned that lesson. And yet, if you are learning from your experiences how to be more effective in the field of introducing the divine light into the souls of those you meet, you will remember the gospel is based on the family concept, and you are siblings with these myriad sons and daughters who seek to serve in their own right, in their own capacity, and in their own time. And rather than discouraging these young ones or disdaining their efforts, it is the nature of a loving parent to encourage the learning child and to show tolerance for their foibles.

The result of service is not always immediate or obvious. And so, if you were seeking to serve for your own self-satisfaction, you will find your efforts being wasted. You may as well stay home and put that energy to better use through prayer and reflection. The beautiful and unforgettable truth remains that we who have heard Jesus calling and who have responded to that call, will never be the same, and in some ways will never be content unless and until all of creation is mindful of that precious sound of Jesus calling, softly and tenderly.

I cease my sounds for the moment and relinquish the floor to my associate.

ANATOLIA: Welcome, this fine Sunday afternoon in the Albuquerque area. I wish to remind you, if you have not done so already, to take a look at your environment. Look around, especially from this near hilltop where you can see out over the Albuquerque area, the valley that you see before you, as a wonderful expanse and expression of the vastness that applies here. Then wonder, if you will, what this vastness can compute to in terms of a look, vision, or portrayal of what you have to look forward to.

I often make reference to "if you could see what I can see" you would never question anything again. For you see all of the possibilities come to life and play out before your very eyes. If you could watch seven to ten motion pictures at one time, and see them all in their unique, loving, living portrayals of forms of life and expression that exist simultaneously, then you would have some idea of what I speak of, for there is much before you that you presently do not understand.

In like manner, there is much before you in your life or dimension that you do not understand yet I wish for you to incorporate in your perspective more possibility thinking – specifically in terms of thinking and believing that behind every personality presentation that you encounter there is more depth, breadth, and height than you can possibly imagine. For the most disturbed individual that you can think of, in terms of how sad and shattered a life can seemingly be, you have only to consider that which you are unaware of (as I gave a momentary glance of the multitude of dimensions that exist at the same time). Surely even a shattered life has height, depth and width beyond that which you can visually observe.

So in addition to this simply being a lesson of not judging, for you know not what you judge, nor have capacity to do the same, it is a lesson for being more mindfully aware of the immensity of your participation in this mystery called life. "Alice in Wonderland" had nothing on the reality of being in an unencumbered life. For yours will be the opportunity to become as expansive as you wish or as specific as you wish. If you had ever wanted to meander into the life of a flower and become connected with every part, portion and cellular division of that plant, you may spend that kind of specific time in experimentation and cooperation. Likewise, with your open hearts and minds, you will be able to share in the administration of love as it is dispensed among your partners and participation in eternity in whatever way is suitable to your tastes, interests and personality achievement.

I paint this picture not to do anything other than to have you open your hearts and minds to the possibilities that exist, not just for any single individual but for groups of people, for colonies, countries, continents and beyond. To begin with yourself, to be more mindful of dimensions that are beyond your current perception, and that is dimensions within yourself, not just in addition to yourself. Recognize that you are walking in a universe as an ex tension but inseparable from yourself, and if you walk in such presence, what is the individual beside you walking in? Certainly nothing less!

So rejoice and lift your hearts to know that you are chosen to be among life’s creation and to blossom and pursue the perfection that exists currently, here and now, only to the limit of your minds capability to understand are you limited. I wish you peace, happiness and onward expansion in the here and now of knowing who you truly are and loving every second of it. I wish you peace, happiness and above all, successful voyaging. Peace be with you until we meet again.

Group: Thank you.


Paula: You know, when you spoke about the Albuquerque area, how lovely it is. We like to sit outside at night where we live now and look out and see all the lights of the city below us, and it’s perfectly beautiful. And I often think, "I wonder what’s going on in each of those houses? Are they happy people? Or are they getting ready to get a gun and shoot each other." Nine-tenths of the time they’re happy. They’re living perfectly normal lives, and that’s good! But you wonder, because there’s all those lights, and each one is somebody’s house.

TOMAS: This is astute of you, dear, because this is what Anatolia made reference to in discussing the many levels of existence that are there, that could be seen through the seven movie presentations suggested. There is merit to your imagination, and each one of those lights. It invites a modicum of further insight in the path that is presented.

The City is engaged in a campaign, for instance, to combine the fields of cruelty to animals and domestic violence, inasmuch as domestic violence is a problem on one level of social functioning, which may be so foreign to other levels of existence it is not something that even comes to mind, yet it exists and is a problem that is presented in the evolution of the human race that must be dealt with and does call for those who have the stomach for that kind of ministry.

This animal husbandry is ignoring entirely the divine aspects of existence. Not only are the animals victims, so are the spouses and children. This is a very low level of operation and one which cries out for something to be done about the mental aberration that exists in these men and women who exist on such a barren level of existence, right here in your own town, your own country. Yes, there are problems like this the world over, and unless and until they are dealt with, they will continue to damage the rest of humanity.

The matter of self-respect is at issue here and once again we find that the spiritual solution is the only solution that will be enduring. Those who abuse are seeking some kind of authority over their lives and they believe the authority they vest in violence is all they are entitled to. And those who are victims are love-starved and lack the self-esteem that comes from the dignity status of sonship, to understand the difference in the types of attentions they receive. There are those who believe that any attention at all is better than no attention and so there are, indeed, social ills -- which is a field of problem solving that is calling softly and tenderly to heal these wounds and nurture these children into awareness of their true inheritance, their true authority, and true love.

While it may be difficult to love unlovely mankind, it is possible to minister to them if you are consecrated to following where He may lead in ministering to those who have not yet found what they are looking for.

What is on your minds these days? What growth are you enjoying that you are prepared to pass on to your peers?

Esmeralda: I’m just immediately wondering if everybody is warm enough.

Group: Yes! Very comfortable! We’re fine!

Elena: Well, I have had a very … revealing experience last night, actually. Stephanie came over last evening with her son, Gabriel. Stephanie is my step-daughter, the daughter of my ex-husband. And talk about different layers that Anatolia was talking about, what she has gone through is just really incredible! She has gone through a tremendous amount of things, including the abusive situations that were described today of, -- from her dad and then also with men she had relationships with, and has been through just an incredible amount, and just felt like she had no one to turn to.

So last night it was really a revealing kind of a situation about her coming to realize the value that she had received from what I had given her, an appreciation – which she had already mentioned from the other time I met with her -- but just an incredible growth on her part and someone who was just not wanting anything else other than someone to talk to, and feeling like someone cared about her and had given her some caring and attention, and was really looking at that in a very different way. It was very heart-warming to me.

I was amazed to hear about what she had been through, and basically by herself, with very little, if anyone to turn to, and she had gone through that. Then hearing about how she had been afraid to come to me but had gotten through that and decided to call me … and so it was just a very, very heartening. I had to respect her tremendously. To hear what she had gone through and that she had come to the point where she was right now. So, I was just pretty well amazed. So that was a real revelation on my part, and a real rewarding one, too, I have to admit.

TOMAS: Yes, indeed, you have had the priceless opportunity to observe how your merely being yourself was able to enhance the life of another. This quality of sharing the inner life is invaluable in forming friendship and upholding character. The divine in you reached out to the divine in Stephanie and she was acknowledged, validated, upheld and made more real because of that experience, and because you provided that opportunity, it is you who is credited with bringing that understanding of her rights as a human being to her awareness. Thus, she will be able to act upon the light of truth that she now knows, in order to better her circumstances and those who depend on her.

The job of outreach and ministry need not be uncomfortable or unhappy for you. In fact, if it is in the natural course of your comings and goings, so much the better but if and when you find yourself in the furrows of living experience, it is your knowledge of the light within that will eventually lead you through the morass and out of the experience in such a way that you will have given much in the process of gaining depth, breadth, and height of character-developing experience.

Work is involved in this Kingdom-building, but the work must be near and dear to the heart or it won’t be effective; it won’t be fruitful. If you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy and unfruitful, consider it your opportunity to be the recipient of the process of redirecting and correcting the immature and/or aberrant presentation of your mind’s interpretation of reality. This will enable you to go through the experience with dignity and emerge better for it. These experiences become the fodder of the eternal adventurer, the food that nurtures the service-oriented ambition.

Elena: Well, actually, I can use that in my work area, too, so thank you for that, Tomas.

TOMAS: When I speak about service I am not drawing lines between this field and that activity – at least not intentionally. If you can bring the light of truth into any situation, so much the better. You are welcome.

Elena: Well, it was helpful on more than one front. So thank you.

Thoroah: Tomas, you said something I really appreciate, about softly and tenderly would be a nice approach in our outreach, our service, in our attempts to let people know what we know. But you also said something like, if we’re into this service, outreach, et cetera, for our own satisfaction, that we might as well stay at home and pray. I’m wondering if you might elucidate on that a little.

TOMAS: The glamour of the divine in the minds of some is easily interpreted as what you might consider "show business". The character Elmer Gantry was an example of such; he who was charismatic and was able to generate a good following of parishioners who could more accurately be called "fans". The ability to generate emotional excitement in the name of the spirit is a technique that, while appearing to be a genuine ministry, is in most regards a "production number."

This is why "softly and tenderly" is personally effective for those who have fear of the Lord. It remains possible for the divine to become a part of their consciousness with your guidance and ministerial touch. This intimacy is the bridge that allows your Adjuster to make contact with their Adjuster.

The emotions are excitable but the spirit is not. The spirit is the epitome of control! The Father is the one who maintains control, from Paradise. But those who seek to wrest control from God in order to do His bidding are deluding themselves. They are in "show biz!" This is a ministry, yes, but it is not necessarily the most effective and long-range approach, nor is the approach we teach, but we recognize its relative value when it is practiced.

The mind is enamored of certain concepts and the imagination is drawn to certain dramatizations. The frills that are applied on top of the substance makes it even more of a lure, but it is the substance of the thing that is at the heart of the ministry, and thus the genuine ministry of the Father is able to manifest in that individual’s life in such a way as to transform him infinitely, and not merely for a season.

Opportunities abound for service. But those of you who have a sense of integrity about your service, such that you don’t even know that you are being of service, are sensitive to those affectations that are quite natural and normal to others in their presentations of their ministry. They are not wrong, nor would you be wrong if you were to create a presentation that brought certain spirit truths to the consciousness of your audience or your congregation.

But the method of softly and tenderly calling the soul of your fellows to come forth and receive the embrace of the divine, as you stand there in the light of truth and the love of God, encouraging the eternal liaison, this invitation and this supernal lure is in God’s hands and he will provide the means whereby the soul is enhanced, the son is advanced, the mission is accomplished, the ministry has been effective.

If you recall Jesus walking through the throng, feeling energy coming out of him, and turning to say, "Who touched me? I felt energy go from me," you will begin to recognize that as you pass by you will be able to minister to those who see and hear you speak in His name, even as you comport yourself in your own fashion – not as a production or a role or in any official capacity, but as an Ambassador of the Father.

These stirrings make permanent impressions and contribute to the growth of the individual and are potential growth for the Supreme. Does this help clarify?

Thoroah: Very much. It distinguishes a lot in my mind between the terminology of teacher and preacher.

TOMAS: There was a priest you may recall, Thoroah, from your youth, who was a brilliant actor for God. [Bishop Fulton J. Sheen] His lines were truly inspired. He was a delight to witness. He was entertaining and able to quote scripture, able to also appeal to common sense, and he was a great advantage to Catholicism because of his skill as a presenter. He was a preacher, but he was so deft, it was not offensive; it was artistry.

Even here, Elmer Gantry and his ilk are also very artistic. Look at the film "The Apostle" and see how dynamic a preacher can be, how much impact he can have on his flock, giving the spark of God freedom to operate within the souls of his people.

There are teachers like myself and like Martin Luther King who are also active in instilling the light of truth into the mind arena and the area of consciousness that is stimulated by being taught, illuminated, enlightened such that inspiration to act upon the light of truth is implanted, and this often makes preachers of students.

And while all of these are dramatic, effective, exciting efforts on behalf of God, there are many, human colorations involved, whereas, the ability to serve through the still, small voice is the most intimate, and thus the most satisfying, of all ministries. And to feel the surge of the Father fill the mortal child with Its divine light, lifting up he who has been in darkness or she who has been in despair, is surely the most rewarding experience a worker in the field can know.

One more.

Paula: Well, I keep thinking about that "softly and tenderly" because as I said last week, of course, for years my job was to talk to the patients and comfort them and so forth, and now on Fridays when I’m at the hospital, it isn’t the patients that I have so much contact with, but their families! They are sitting there waiting, on edge, and upset, and part of my job is to comfort them.

But once a month we have the little-bitty people, about four to six years old, that are having dental surgery and that’s a whole different ball of wax because the parents are a wreck! You’d think that they were going to the execution chamber! Actually, the kids are having a ball. To ride on the gurney, "Whee! Boy!" and the nurses go a little bit fast and say, "How do you like that?" and they think it’s great, but mommy and daddy are so nervous: they are going to put that child to sleep, and he is going to be so frightened. Well the kid isn’t frightened a bit! He’s having a great time!

Then! The recovery room calls and says, "Will you bring the parents of little Joe Blow here? He’s all ready to see his mommy and daddy, so I say, "Now we’re going down the hall and you’re going to see him." Well, we start down the hall and the first thing you hear is little Joey Blowy screaming at the top of his lungs, and Mommy says, "Oh, he’s in agony! He’s hurting terrible!" and I say, "No! He’s not in agony. He’s got something on his gums. He’s not hurting a bit." "Then why is he crying?" "Because he woke up in a strange place with a lot of strange nurses around him and where are mommy and daddy?" So the first thing he does is scream, hoping that will bring him. So by the time they get there, Mommy and Daddy are calmed down a little bit and they just hold out their arms and the crying stops like that! It’s okay. Mommy’s here. Daddy’s here. Everything’s okay.

TOMAS: These precious babies are a good example for you to follow, to go through life with an attitude of adventure and not crust yourself over with the baggage of the temporal life such that you disenchant the youngsters with your own recollections of fear and pain. They have a right to learn their lessons without pre-programming from prejudiced parents.

What a delight, too, for the parents to hear that their child yearns for their embrace. This is also an admonition to you to wake up wondering where your Parents are and not ceasing your lament until they have embraced you in their presence, and then commence your day. This gives your outlook an entirely different approach and your ministry a new dimension as well, for your life now is in the hands of those who are truly in control.


The presence of God surrounds us, the love of God smiles upon us, and the spirit of God is within us. Let us go then, you and I, into the field and softly and tenderly call forth the new growth. Farewell.

Group: Thank you.