2003-11-24-Trust In The Father's Love

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Topic: Trust in the Father's Love

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael, Nebadonia

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, as we go into our Thanksgiving holiday we look at our lives and at all of the wonderful ways we have been blessed by you. We feel the fullness and richness of your bounty. We appreciate with our limited human perspectives all that you offer to us in this universe that we inhabit. We know we are growing in our awareness and appreciation for this place in which we live. As you enter into our minds this evening, we acknowledge that which you give to us, and we pledge our loyalty to you and to serving our brothers and sisters, sharing your love and sharing the gifts that you bestow within us. Amen.

Good evening, my children. This is Michael. I acknowledge the fullness of gratitude in your hearts this evening. You are all becoming aware of the abundance that is available to you as a child of this universe we all share together. The way has been prepared for you. It is a way that you are all internalizing in coming to trust in the workings of the Father’s plan. This has not always been an easy journey for you. Life on your material sphere has at times been confusing, and you have had to use discernment in sorting through conflicting ideas ! and experiences about God and God’s love for you. That you continue to come into me in faith and seek this relationship with me burns a mark within you that separates you from many of your brethren as one who earnestly and sincerely seeks truth and love. For that you will always receive more. You will always receive more. Let me make this very clear to you this evening in your minds: that which you seek of me, you will receive more.


Tonight, I ask you to go within. Pose this question to your Father Fragment: what more of the Father’s gifts do I require in my life to build my trust in my Father’s love for me? As you take this question in, invite your Mother to breathe Her Spirit within you to fill you with the greater capacity to know the truth. Let this unfold now, my children. (Pause)

Day by day you are all becoming accustomed to living in the presence of the Father and of my Spirit of Truth within you. Little by little you are growing familiar with your Mother’s presence within you who expands your capacity to feel this love and safety which is Her domicile. Let Her bring more of us into you. Let your lungs fill with Her presence, let the energy circulate throughout your body up into your head and down into your torso and limbs. Feel how She expands you into the gentle reverberations of love. (Pause)

As you sense your Mother in these places in your body, invite Her to go deeper into the various levels underneath the place where She is ministering to you. Let Her breath penetrate deeper into your being, opening new places in your body to love, to forgiveness, to truth, and to light. If you sense a certain neediness or resistance in these areas, simply relax and know that your Mother will soothe these for you as She administers and distributes my peace into these places. (Pause)

Ask Her to sew you into my presence. Let your being be filled with my truth-light. Let my body of light overshadow yours with all of its majesty and glory. You, too, are children of divine dignity, and you have access to my wondrous garments of spiritual luminosity. I place these garments upon because you are my children. Allow yourselves to be sewn into these wondrous clothes that I share with you. (Pause)

Now I would like you to extend this energy you sense within your body outward. Imagine that your hands are outstretched, and you are walking forward in life with my love emanating from them. Direct this love outward into your walk in life. Sense this stream of love-energy pouring forth from your hands, magnetizing all that comes in contact with it to be drawn into me. Ask for your interest and desire to build within you as you extend your hands outward and allow my love to flow outward into your world. (Pause)

And now extend this over the planet, bringing forth the invocation for my truth to overshadow this world. Send forth the word from my presence, flowing through you, pouring over Urantia. (Pause)

Now invite your Mother to breathe Her Spirit down on this world, distributing our love into the places where it is most needed. (Pause) Invite Her into those places where the error of the Lucifer Rebellion has long held the human heart captive. Invite Her presence to enter into those deeply concealed places on this world. Invite our love and our forgiveness to uproot the evil. (Pause)

Invite Her into those traditions and ideologies of the centuries where men knew not the truth, loved not the ways of our Father, and sought not the light of truth. Invite Her deep into those shadows, letting the error be uprooted with all that is the glory and goodness of our Father. (Pause)

My children, we are all in this together—this massive correcting time in the elimination and purification of sin from Urantia. This is sacred service that you are now performing, whether you fully appreciate or understand the depths to which you are engaging this evening. It is fundamentally significant for you to understand that the transmutation of this long-resident evil requires a change of heart. It is by your focusing on these patterns and allowing our loving truth-energy to penetrate these erroneous and evil systems of belief will your world emerge more resoundingly from the echoes of the past to its glorious and noble destiny.

I thank you for your participation. I ask you to hold forth this intention in the coming week as you ponder all of ways in which you are blessed. Know that what you are participating in tonight is a gift: to be able to bring this healing energy onto your world is a gift. How many of your brethren have the awareness to do this? Are you not blessed to be able to understand the significance of this and to participate? Yes, you know in your souls you are.

I ask you for this week to do this exercise each day in your stillness. Call upon your Mother and me to pour forth our energies over the planet as you hold the intention for the healing and the deliverance of this world from all of the evil that has held this world captive. Will you do this for me, my children? (Students assent) Thank you.

I will now retreat as your Mother has words for you this evening. She will wish to impart further instruction to you about what you are experiencing here this evening. My peace is upon you, children, and my love is safely secure in your heart. Feel me. Feel my love. I embrace you and keep you close to me. Good evening. (Pause)

Good evening, my children. This is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Though the ages have suffered long deprivations of my presence, that time is now at an end as I embrace all of my children in the fullness of our Father’s love. It is your efforts and those of like-mindedness who wish for the healing of this planet who summon forth my healing Spirit to cover the earth and to fill it with the light so blazing with spiritual luminosity that nothing but the truth will be able to stand its intensity.

You do not yet understand what the fullness of this means. But you will see the glory of this slowly come to pass. Tonight, I ask you to consider that which you have received in the fullness of your Father’s and my love for you, and to extend this love out over the planet. You have all received much, and you are coming into a deeper relationship with us, gaining greater confidence in the reality of what is transpiring within you. Part of your growing responsibility as your awareness of our presence increases is that which you bring to serving—to helping your planet grow in Michael’s love and truth.

It is very vital now for you to extend yourself in stillness over the planet and allow our love energy to flow through you and to permeate deep into the ideological soil of erroneous beliefs that have held the hearts of your brothers and sisters captive. It is time to no longer be in this place where you receive our energies and keep it to yourselves. That which you have received, you must freely pass on. But I do believe this will be an exercise you find (what you use the word as) “fun” because it will not only serve your world, but it will serve you well too. For it will stretch your consciousness—your mind, your awareness—and give you a greater breadth in your capacit! y to sense the divine presence within. Since I know that you all wish this more, I know this is an exercise that you will, in time, grow to love and to continue each day in your stillness.

Do not be concerned if you cannot focus for a great period of time. Simply do what you can. Even in the busier moments of the day should you remember this exercise, spend a moment or so and directing our love over the world, particularly in a place where you know love, mercy, understanding, tolerance is sorely needed. You will also find that this takes you out of yourself and makes you less concerned about your well-being as you see those places in the world that suffer from lack. You will feel supremely blessed in what you have been given. This will alter your perspective and bring more love and security into your own being-ness. </! SPANTake these words that I impart to you now and ask me to weave them more deeply into your being, to blend with your enthusiasm and your desire for this world to be healed. We will, you and I, spread this love-energy throughout the planet. Let these words soak in now, my children. (Pause)

You are the ones who bring our love into your world. You have received much. Now it is time to share. Share with joy, with courage, with conviction, and with passion and enthusiasm. Your brethren need this level of fervor to inspire them as well. The love of your Father shines so brightly within your souls. Let your passion be recognizable to those you serve. Don’t hold back any longer, children, this world needs you and every love-saturated soul that awakens to the truth.


Tonight is not a night of questions as we want this experience to resonate in the core of your being. Take this experience with you as you slumber, and ask for it to be firmly embedded within all of your mindal circuits, penetrating deeply into the cells of your being, and awaken renewed with an intensified vigor to lovingly heal this world. Good evening.