2003-11-28-Mother Spirit Speaks

From Nordan Symposia
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Topic: Expanding Presence

Group: At Large


Teacher: Nebadonia

TR: Warren Smith



Know that I am your template, too (in response to my statement that the Master-Jesus is my template). It is on me that a great portion of your being is built. In this way you may come to understand yourself more fully. There must be balance in all things.

It is as I have said prior, that there must be an understanding of me and my workings within your mind and in conceptualizing how this impacts and influences your outer physical world and life. This then, is the secret to which most search for yet few attain, for they refuse my hand, my aid in their lives. You may indeed come to understand me more as you search for the greater embrace of my presence within your heart, for that is where I shall more readily be found within you. I shall focus my attention and labors upon your mind, with the intent of opening and restructuring your heart and soul, for this is where you may find your own inner Deity. This then, is the great secret.

It is my desire and intent that you understand how I pervade my sphere, here on Urantia. The times are coming, such that my presence and awareness can in no way be avoided or missed. There indeed may be those minds that outright refuse my aid, however, they shall be appropriately dealt with, for this too, is my sphere, my home and my planet. You may see my hand as I somewhat ruthlessly (figuratively speaking) uproot those which no longer serve, and who shall indeed come to obey my will, understanding my vision. It is in these times of great turmoil and change that the brightness is made upon this great planet so dear to my heart.

You may indeed be a part of this as you so choose. You shall learn to walk with me, at my side, knowing you are safe and sound, free from those cries of pain and anguish from those who know me not. It is as I have explained before, my son, I am here now with great presence, and in somewhat of a vengeance (as 'with great power'), for in many ways have I been mis-respected and unknown. These times are challenging, my dear, for they require that there be heart infused in all things. There shall be no more fear within the hearts of my children. It is for this purpose that I at times reign with a heavy hand.

I leave you now to come into my embrace so that I may assist you in your upward quest for greater enlightenment, truth, light and love. It is indeed my will that this planet be re-harvested and return again to her rightful place within the celestial spheres in the sky. It is a work that I tire not from, for indeed this is my purpose, also.

You may find me within the hearts and minds of those with whom you presently associate, understanding that as you more fully open your heart and mind to them, you shall indeed come to recognize, feel and smell my influence, presence and spirit from them. In this way you shall come to recognize this aspect within your own being-ness and selfhood. This is how you may begin to recognize, achieve, feel, experience and know this inner re-balancing of which I have spoken. May I now turn the time over to your dear brother, Master-Jesus….