2003-12-01-The Pursuit of Service

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Topic: The Pursuit of Service

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, we thank you for your presence here this evening in our minds and bodies. We are open to receiving more room in our minds for us to perceive you. We ask for your encircuitment. We pledge our loyalty and devotion to you as we open ourselves to receive you. Amen.

My peace is upon you. Good evening, my children, this is Michael. I trust that you are well satiated with the festivities of your recent holiday and that you are ready to extend this festive thankfulness out into the world as we discussed last week.


I call you into more active mindal engagement of healing this world through your prayerful intentions to serve. I will be taking you on a journey into those areas of planetary strife that require spiritual upliftment. This is a new undertaking, and I ask you if you are willing to follow me into this pursuit of service. (Student all assent) Thank you.

The goal of this is many-fold. The primary intention is for you to become more skilled at a level of spiritual communication that brings your focus to the outward world of service, which also has the correlating component to make you less self-involved, giving your mind greater room to grow as a child of universal responsibility and stature. You will learn to relate to the overall collective consciousness that we are building on this world that will move people’s perception of who they are into a stream that is more Father-conscious. So I wish to underscore this evening the significance of what this new pursuit involves, and to help you make this adjustment in your thinking from that of being fully centered on yourself ! to more centered on service.

Go within. Ask for these words I have spoken to you to now filter in through the many layers of your understanding and find a place—a home—in your simple and pure desire to be of service to me. And your Mother and I will add ourselves into this. (Pause)

As I take you on this journey, we will be viewing some of the more oppressive conditions that have long been resident on Urantia. I know that there will be times when this will be disquieting for you to perceive some of the rawness of human depravity, and I am here to help you overcome your distaste and even revulsion for what has occurred on this world. For truly what healing needs to occur must be done in an attitude of love, of compassion, of mercy, and forgiveness. You will be able to perceive only with my help—with me standing by your side—supporting you as we go into this mess, you might call it, together.

Before we begin, let me entertain your questions and address your concerns and soothe your fears about this journey I ask you to join me on. Go within. Allow your feelings about this to reveal themselves to you, and I will help you understand what we are about to do.


Student: I’ve been feeling stronger these days, and I am concerned that I not be too gratified about my own growth or strength, but I can perceive a balance in service.

Michael: R, my son, as we journey into the healing of the planet as a group on these evenings, you will naturally be lending yourself more into that realm of self-forgetfulness. It will relieve your emphasis of your own situation and circumstances to a great degree. In time you will achieve this balance between maintaining your own time of stillness communion with your Father Fragment and your Mother and me and in this new realm of active engaging prayer that is service-oriented. It will be very subtle progression. You may not notice anything overt at first.

I would ask you in the coming days to spend time in a prayerful state directing your thoughts towards the healing of the planet. In time you will sense that state of being both attentive to your own needs and attentive to the needs of others. Do you understand, my son? (Yes) And has this allayed your concerns? (Yes, you have) And be in my peace.

Student: Michael, I’m still afraid I’m going to resist when all of this starts happening. I don’t know yet how to not resist. I want to be of service, but there’s something within that stops me from fully achieving that. I’m wondering if you can tell me what it is.

Michael: Do you have a desire to be of service? (Yes) That is all you need. You will grow in your capacity and your desire to serve. All I ask for you at this point in time is to let me lead you into this realm of more active prayerful service in the domain of spirit. It will be quite normal in your own mind to resist for your mind has not yet been fully trained to operate in this function. This is why I am leading you all in this journey to train your mind to expand your capacities and to broaden your potential to be serviceable to me. Do you understand?

Student: Yes, and will this journey lead to more self-forgetfulness?

Michael: That is one of the goals. It will happen gradually over time. And as I have said to R it is not something that you will sense all at once. It is a very slow and soft transition between the self-fullness that most humans exist in to self-forget-fullness, which is the desired state of existence.

Student: Thank you, Father.

Michael: And be in my peace, my son.

Student: Michael, I have a question regarding service to others and helping people and hearing gossip about other people within my own church. I’m not sure how to handle that as I’m trying to help people in my church and then I hear information that may or may not be true that is distressing for me to hear. Could you help me find understanding and peace in dealing with this?

Michael: C, my daughter, you do well in your desire to serve others with an open heart and with open ideas of the needs of others. I honor your attempts to do this. But I also now ask you to be ever mindful of the harsh judging pronouncements that other people will reap upon others in an attempt to act superior or seem to be more godly. Do you understand my meaning? (Yes)

Now when this occurs, and you are on the witnessing end of seeing these judgments of other people, you can do several things depending upon your level of comfort. One is to excuse yourself from the conversation with a polite, “I am disinterested in partaking of this conversation in this spirit of information.” You can simply point to the other person that they do not know the full story of the person about whom they speak and they are making statements that may or may not be correct. Or you can simply turn a deaf ear to the criticism.

When you have chosen a course of action, I would invite you to come to me and ask me to instill within you that higher perspective of understanding that knows this individual about whom the gossip is being rendered, that would enable you to see this individual from a spiritual standpoint, that is, more understanding, more loving, more broad in its fullness of realizing what this other individual is all about.

The limited human intellect does much damage when it engages in judgment and assessment. For what is perceived is through the limitations and ideas of that individual. In order for you to fully extricate yourself from a situation where there is this level of gossip or judgment, you must go into that higher spiritual realm and ask me to show you the truth. You can practice this as much as you need to until you become immune to the disinclinations of your brethren to love and tolerate one another. Does this help?

Student: Yes, it gives me a handle on the situation when I’m talking to people who seem to mean well and perhaps do, but need to also give information that I don’t need to hear. It helps very much. Thank you.

Michael: And be in my peace.

Student: Michael, yesterday I came to an understanding that if I let go of my own needs then I am better able to be there, for instance, for C in our relationship. I’m able to see her and be there for her. I’ve come to the understanding as small as it might be that if we are of God, God has no need. He is self-fulfilling. He is fulfilled. When I allow myself to come from that place through Christ then there is that self-forgetfulness and I am able to be there for others with no neediness on my part. It was quite uplifting to come to that under! standing. Part of what I have a hard time dealing with is the idea of acceptance. There are people who do not want to be served, do not want to be helped, do not want to even be loved. I know your answer will be to just love them anyway. But I have a hard time with that resistance.

Michael: You presume to know my answer, my son! That is a very bold statement you make. My answer to you is of a different sort. I ask you to look at the judgment that you are using in saying that there are those who do not wish to be loved, they do not allow themselves to be loved. Now, you see the outward rejection of your attempts to love them, but do you really know what is in their heart? You must go beyond that which you see by their behavior into their being and find that place of deep inner woundedness and draw me in. That which you see in the outward manifestation of their behavior is merely their own very highly defined and resistance defenses. Do you understand this, my son?

Student: Oh, very much so!

Michael: So why would you find this difficult to accept when you know how tender and easily disturbed the human psyche is? Would not the better answer then to help this individual be to go into that place of woundedness? Ask me to help you find it and when you sense that in them, ask for the Father’s love to be seeded and to water this with your prayers, so someone is adding something of spirit value into this very needy individual.

Student: I need to let go of the outcome and let God’s will prevail in its place and time.

Michael: Why would your outcome be more desirable than our Father’s? And see, this is another aspect of the idea of self-forgetfulness. You are forgetting about what it is that you want, and allowing the Father’s will to prevail. As you look at this idea of self-forgetfulness, ask your Father Fragment to show you the many sides, the many ways in which self-forgetfulness can broaden your perspective and change your self-ideation and truly liberate you to be of greater service. Do you understand, my son?

Student: Yes, very much so. Is the source of this anxiety I feel in my relationship with C is that she feels my love is being directed in a certain way?

Michael: Ask her if she feels judged and if that judgment makes her feel demeaned or devalued in any way. Listen caefully to her response. And be my in peace.

Are there any other questions before we begin our prayer exercise of service? Tonight we join our minds in the healing of this world. I will be taking you on a journey as we encircle this planet in love, in mercy, in forgiveness, and in truth. In time you will sense an expansion within you of this spirit of healing that you will be able to use in a way you have not experienced. Your Mother is drawing herself into you as we begin.

In your mind’s eye envision the planet before you. When you have a fairly distinct picture in your mind’s eye, ask to feel the fragility of this orb. (Pause) In your mind’s eye place the sphere in front of your heart center. As you sense this fragility, also sense your compassion for this very wounded and damaged sphere. (Pause)

Ask your Mother to expand your feelings of compassion and to perceive a broader and more sensitive feeling of compassion. As you sense this compassion, simply direct it out of your heart and let it encircle the orb of the earth that is in front of you. Your Mother and I will use your energies and encircuit the world with what you are now holding in intention. (Pause)

Allow your compassion to increasingly expand. This world needs so much love. Let your compassion be at full throttle, as it were, emanating from your heart and embracing the world. (Pause)

Now I ask you to extend your gaze upward as if to look at the sun above the world shining down on the planet. Focus your attention on this golden globe that is shimmering and full of warmth and light. (Pause) As you sense this warmth and light, ask for your Mother to weave within you those spiritual qualities of the light that have the healing properties that this world needs. Open your heart and sense them. Each individual will sense something that is different, but this is all very good and this is what I want you to experience now—the qualities of the light that have the healing properties for this world. (Pause)

As you sense these healing properties, direct your heart energy that you are sensing of these properties out onto the planet. (Pause) As you do this, I ask you to hold the intention of the planet for its citizenry to be made whole in the love of our Creator. It is not important that you see the teeming masses as you just simply focus on your desire for each individual to be made whole. (Pause)

Feel the yearning of the human heart for this wholeness. These are the needs of your brothers and sisters, my children. And so many know not where to find this wholeness, to realize how immediately accessible it is. (Pause) In your mind’s eye, project your desire for people to be made whole and well out onto the planet. We will take your energy and intention and weave it into those whose need is great. (Pause)

And now simply ask for your desire to serve in this capacity as planetary healer to grow within you and to overshadow some of your own needs. (Pause) Allow your Mother’s spirit to settle softly into your mind as she weaves this experience deep into your cells to foster that desire to serve to make it grow. (Pause)

As you go about your week, I ask you to use this exercise in times of stillness or when you have a moment’s recollection to be of service. We are beginning slowly, we are beginning to develop these prayerful habits within your mind. And your attempts to repeat this exercise will grow your habits of prayer within you and strengthen it, making you more serviceable.

As you come out of your stillness state, I ask you to engage with one another about what you have experienced; share your thoughts and your feelings and your comments with one another. This heightened level of spiritual thought is harvesting new potentials of spiritual kinship among you when you discourse one with the other at this level. As the group has a tendency to divert its attention into the realm of the intellect after the discussion, tonight I ask you to stay focused on what you have experienced and share this with others. Focus on the experience and you will find great delight in hearing what your brethren have to share.


Your Mother and I thank you for your participation. We are always available to you when you are ready to engage yourself in this manner. As we weave our peace into you as we say good evening, take a moment and extend this peace out over the planet. And know that this peace is not only yours to enjoy but yours to share with all others, all of my children, all of my creatures; share this freely with them, my children. Spread this blanket of peace all around this beautiful world. Good evening.