2004-01-04-Human Heart & Infinite Love

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Topic: Human Heart & Infinite Love

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, We place ourselves before you, in reunion with our family and friends, as we continue once again in the new year after the holiday season that has been full of good cheer, well-wishing, and gift giving and receiving, and we are most grateful most of all for the gift you gave of yourself, and the teachings that will last for all time and beyond, for the unity of the formative body that you have formed, that we are each cells and part of, for which we are grateful.

We ask for the Teachers that you choose today, for our betterment and on-going expansion into the life of spirit, both now and forevermore, and for all of the intentions of our hearts and our minds that you are aware of, of each individual who is here and those who are not here, which is the rest of creation, we are forever grateful.Amen.

TOMAS: Glad tidings we bring. This is Tomas, Anatolia, and Friends in the spirit realm, come to greet you in this wholesome gathering of cheerful hearts in wondrous praise of that which satisfies all our longings.

Matthew: Welcome.

TOMAS: Welcome, indeed, to you as well, for we would have no class were it not for your willing ears ~ your will ~ which complies to the leading that your spirit gives you and which seeks to know more of God and your place in the universe.

What adventures and experiences lie ahead for us this upcoming year will depend much on your ability to grow with the points of view which are purposively pointed to you in hopes of whetting your appetite and stimulating your personal experiential growth in these realities which we love to bring.

We gather again in our trusted configuration of long-standing, for the security it provides in the connection with the relationship with other beings in the universe, other loving beings who seek to know more of that love and what that love will be able to provide for the Master and the goals of eternity.


Today I would like to talk with you about love, in particular, that love which you understand as a human frame of reference, but in the discussion of love in any sense, I would be derelict in my duties if I were to in any way disregard the level of love which springs from the divine Source of all love. And so, let us commence.

The Catholic religion enjoys depicting Jesus with a pronounced heart, indeed, a valentine upon his chest, radiating the passion for which he lived and died -- the divine love which is from our Source, and to which you all aspire, inasmuch as this divine love is that for which you hunger. But the human heart, which also seeks to know and experience love, is fallible ~ and thus what you perceive as love may be merely the personal will-seeking nature of the human.

The scriptures point out that the human heart is deceptive, and so those who are fed scripture will take this to mean they cannot trust their own perception of love for it is fallible ~ so fallible, in fact, it may well be regarded as, rather, prideful. This is part of the confusion you experience here in terms of what love is.

And what about love is there that leads you on, often into trouble, and yet you persist in seeking its manifestation in your own being?

The key to comprehending the nature of the Christed heart, as compared to the human heart is to be found in the fact of rebirth. This surrendering of the human will to the divine will is the key to understanding the nature of your own heart.

And, while spiritual rebirth may be your God-given inheritance, it is also true that for you to advance in the kingdom, it is required that you choose which way to go whenever the option is put before you to choose to do the divine will or the human will.

There are those who feel that when they have been reborn they are finished. They have experienced Soul Birth and have no more work to do. In the context of my role with you as your teacher, I cannot conscript that theory for there is too much work to be done, too much that needs to be implanted and experientially realized toward that divine end and that disallows my acceptance of you as already having attained your pinnacle of the heart’s delight as we yearn to know it.

Thus, relativity, once again, is imperative in assessing the methods by which individuals pursue their course of divine providence.

How is it that the human heart can be deceptive and yet we so often admonish you to follow your heart; we tell you that your heart is good and that to follow your heart’s delight will lead you to greater awareness of the nature of God?

The challenge for you individually is to ascertain the heart that is ruling your thinking at any given moment, for in this phase of Correcting Time, you will be consistently and continually modifying and changing the reference point of your heart, depending upon how well you have devoted yourself to the divine heart, as compared to the human heart.

I will take you to the mind of a child, who says, “But I want it. Why can’t I have it? There’s nothing wrong with me having it.” And this child is genuine and sincere. From that childlike perspective it would be cruel to deprive her of that which her heart yearns for, be it a doll, an opportunity to stay up past bedtime, a visit to a favorite relative or to Disneyland. Whatever this child yearns for and is sincere about, she puts it forth in a plaintive note that would leave a parent to wonder why, indeed, would the child not be given its heart’s desire.

One of the tests of the human experience is having the heart broken again and again, feeling disappointment because the heart’s desires were not met, were thwarted, were contradicted. And so even as an adult, even as an ascending son or daughter, it is possible for that childlike nature in you to wail and lament, “But why can’t I have it?” when the truth is, you have it all! What you are saying is, “I want to keep it. I want to control it. I want it to fulfil my idea of who I am. I want that other person to replete me ~ complete me,” as if that yearning was the same prayerful yearning you would utilize when you talk to God about what his will is for you.

You who have attained a certain degree of spiritual adulthood in your experiential life’s lessons are often able now to appreciate the immaturity of your fellows when you see and hear them coming from a sincere place of the human heart. What you must remember is, these beings are all given free will and you have no authority to rule or reverse the free will of another … even though, many times, the timid will implore their fellows to align themselves with that will which will make the most sense, or which will provide the greatest bounty for all … even when the still, small voice inside will tell you it is the human heart, a human want, ruling your behavior and not the divine heart, from a perspective of the divine will.

This is the experiential field, and within the experiential field, anyone who has consciousness of any aspect of love is entitled to use it or abuse it because of free will, but those of you who are becoming deepened in walking the path of the divine will have within you a renewed understanding of what the heart of God is and how it works with you and through you to enhance and direct the desires of those whose heart is free to choose evil only because of its own ignorance.

Speaking to you as God-conscious men and women is not any guarantee that you will not misconstrue my words because of your individual standing in these schools. Thus, when you find yourself asking, “but why can’t I have it my way?” choose to see your human longings as a mortal, an individualized, reflection of the love of Paradise for you, and see if you can reason the difference. If you have an eternal point of view, or a far-reaching perspective, it will help you see the value of having your human heart broken because in this way you will be redirected into the realms of greater truth, beauty, and goodness which will reveal the divine heart of God as that which you truly seek and will find because of your desire to become one with Him, in all things and with all your heart.

Let me conclude my lecture material for this, our inaugural gathering of the New Year, and pass the baton to my co-worker.

ANATOLIA: Greetings, friends, fellows, and those who share the same life and breath as we do. I, Anatolia, am grateful to be with you once again and more so eager to entertain a New Year of growth and gratitude with you, my fellow students.

It is my pleasure to be with you once again. This is a wonderful opportunity for learning ~ both personal, group and universal truths.

I, as a teacher, intend to present to you the best of my understanding that can be presented to you in coherent means for your growth and development. It is my intention, as one who is entrusted with the thoughtful minds and ears of those present, much like that of a teacher who is given the responsibility to present lessons to a class of learners at whatever level, for the various levels of learning and understanding are truly graduated. That is, there are stepping stones of openness and understanding. For example, the early elementary years are minds that are open to everything that is, but must be measured and given in the incremental steps that will make future learning possible. That is the essence of the early presentation.

Later, it becomes more graduated opportunity for directing the young mind toward areas of growth and development, which have both meaningful representation in the universal mind as well as particular expression in the world of work. It is this universal mind openness that we are entrusted with, for the Universal Mind is that mind of Spirit, that which allows or enables the intuitive self to have expression and meaning as well as value. For it is this realm that is the highest realm of development.

It is this realm that is of challenge, both within your culture as well as other cultures throughout the world, even those that are dedicated toward a predominance of religious expression, that is those cultures which are predominantly religious by nature are experiencing challenges to that which is universal mind oriented and more so a threat to the popular culture’s interference in the everyday mindset, hence, conservative movements of religiosity, which have been on the increase throughout the world in general.

It is this propensity toward the tightening down of religious principles that are primarily threats toward that which previous generations had been able to maintain without much interference.

It is this universal mind that is the field of activity for which we find ourselves committed and hopefully you, too, find yourselves challenged sufficiently to develop this within your own framework as well as perhaps that which can be developed for expression within the broader community.

It is our hope and aim that this universal mind development can be heightened and expressed and more directly stimulated in this next year and thereafter, for this is the realm of activity that will accompany you in your onward path toward ascension.

I encourage each of you to develop this sense within yourself, as it is this universal mindal faculty that is what you will take with you. There is no baggage; there is no preparation, only that which is mind and spirit and eternal by nature. It is this eternal sense of self that I wish to encourage and to stimulate as we continue in our lessons as students of our Master Teacher and our Heavenly Parents.

Without further development of themes or particular lessons, is there any question as to what I have spoken of thus far, that anyone has currently?


Elena: Actually, I did have a couple of questions, but for some reason my mind has gone totally blank, now that you asked that.

Gerdean: It’s hard to go from the superconscious mind to the conscious mind.

Elena: I was glad that you were talking about the different levels of development, and I was interested in Tomas’ discussions, as well. In fact, actually, when he said that we might misconstrue what he was saying depending on the different levels that we were currently at, and then when you started talking about the different levels of development, I was saying, “Oh, good, she is going into this thing” and I did have a question about it, but I don’t remember what it was. But I’m sorry I can’t go further with that question because I’m blank.

Matthew: Okay, maybe it was because it was a big giant step from elementary minds to the universal mind all of a sudden. There wasn’t much in between.

Elena: Maybe so. I don’t know why that is. I’m totally blank. I don’t even remember now what I was going to ask.

Gerdean: It shouldn’t be that big of a huge leap for Universal Mind as compared to Universal Heart. What we’re being encouraged to look at, it seems, is that there is a huge range of reality manifestation - all the way from the universal approach to the minutiae of personal experience of a material nature.

Elena: Yeah, that, and then combined with a deceptive heart. I was trying to get all those into …

Gerdean: If that parallel were to hold true, then, it would stand to reason that the more provincial way of thought would be/could be paralleled to the little perspective of the heart. It’s like your vision doesn’t go out very far. It’s not universal, by comparison, if I can see an analogy in the two lessons. I enjoyed the idea of Universal Mind.

Elena: Yeah, I was reassured by that.

Gerdean: I wouldn’t mind hearing more about Universal Mind but I think I heard her say that she didn’t want to go into that right at this point.

Elena: Well, until I can phrase a better question, I will be quiet, but I appreciated the help, you guys.

ANATOLIA: Therefore, the Universal Mind is a realm which we undertake as this is the one uniting force and the realm in which particular cultural experience indicates that this was the common ground, the inalienable right, the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness the forefathers (not necessarily masculine preference intended) had in mind. For what is the battleground, per se, in the separation of church and state is, in fact, this area that the forefathers had cordoned off as a no-man’s land. Unaddressed, ambiguous, and left to interpretation.

There are scholarly minds that could address this from any number of viewpoints; nevertheless, I invite for our future discussion, considerations that humanity has to deal with. The next level of evolutionary thrust forward lies within this area, for technology (as may already be apparent) can exceed one’s capability to appreciate, encounter and regulate its just pursuit as administration.

The realm of mind and the spirit, which predetermines a mind-set, is the pioneer domain that needs to be addressed.

And therefore, I invite our consideration of these topics in this new year, for as each of you may have in your own mind currently (as this topic is presented) innumerable examples of where the work needs to begin and what needs to be accomplished. For may I say, the dimensions which your Master Teacher and Savior presented to you are just now being entertained, for what was presented in the past thousand plus years had been more institutional than it had been personal. It had been more structural than it had been developmental.

The next realm of evolutionary advancement lies within this realm of universal relationship and ones role in it individually and collectively.

Therefore, the statement earlier of postponing this discussion may be evident and deserves further development as we continue in our pursuits of truth, beauty, and goodness.

If there is nothing else at the moment, I wish you peaceful and purposeful development, and pursuit of your goals, both individually and collectively - in this new year - and to remember that it is not all work but inclusiveness with your role in it, of all that is, so as to entertain pure relaxation and pure happiness as well as pure understanding of all of those efforts which you undertake.

Peace be with you until we meet again.

Class: Thank you, Anatolia.

TOMAS: Would you like to recess for a minute before we discourse? Let us take a five-minute recess, just to get your consciousness focused sufficiently that we could discourse if we chose to.

Elena: I felt about five different things on that little kid route. “Why can’t I have it?”

Thoroah: Well, he treats us more as though we were graduate students, and a lot of the things that he talks about are more universal in nature, for people who happen to read these things, because not everybody is at the same level. Some people know that they are beginners in this awareness, new awareness. They are new to it, and so they’re at a level of understanding, and that’s basically all that level stuff is, is a level of understanding.

We’re all at our own level of understanding, and none of us are at the same level, and there is an eternity of understanding to gain, so our problem is, we speculate where we are on that level spectrum. We think, “Oh, I must be here” or maybe we think, “We’re great. We’re up here.” And we don’t know crap about where we are.

Elena: I know. That’s true. And then you think about the disciples, and they were constantly jockeying around, wanting to know where they were. Okay, well, am I going to be on the right hand or am I …? Am I a peer here? And I don’t know where the hell I am, either. So, there’s that, and –

Thoroah: We compare ourselves to each other. That’s the problem.

Elena: Yeah, but … I don’t know about you guys, but at the beginning of a year … this year is difficult for me, but most of them are, too … you think, “Well, you’ve had all the hoopla, the Christmas thing,” and then again, it’s “Where am I?” I mean, after all this wonderful holiday and it’s been terrific and then you think, “Where the hell am I?” I have NO clue! I mean, please help. Tell me: “You are here!” And then where do I go? Just point me in a direction from here because that’s what I need. That’s what I feel like. Okay. That’s my question. Where am I and which direction should I go in?

Men-O-Pah: I think in all probability you will be asking yourself that question for a long time. Forever, probably.

Elena: Where the hell am I?

Men-O-Pah: Where the hell am I?

Matthew: Well, that’s encouraging, coming from you, Men-O-Pah.

Men-O-Pah: Incidentally, there are a couple of words that we use occasionally, and Tomas uses. One especially. The word “paradigm”. And it came up this morning in our Sunday School. And then the word “oxymoron.” So you can open your mouth and tell me what you think it means.

Gerdean: “Paradigm” – I can only equate that to a hologram. It’s like a hologram of reality. It’s like, the way that you can see it.

Men-O-Pah: Is it our perception of what life is? The big picture of what it is?

Thoroah: Not exactly. A paradigm is like a structure. You’re operating within a paradigm. Our society is a paradigm.

Matthew: Like an MO.

Thoroah: Yeah. We do things-- It’s like -- a culture is a paradigm. It creates a reality we operate in. We know when we step over the line in our paradigm. You know. So a paradigm is a way of thinking. Okay?

Gerdean: It’s a group mind-set.

Thoroah: We have a different paradigm, we live in a different paradigm than they do in China. It’s no different, but we live in a different paradigm. We think about things differently than they think about them. And so we’re living in different paradigms. As we grow, our paradigm changes. They talk about a new paradigm; that means a new way of thinking. So they have new parameters to the way we think. The box gets changed. We get bigger boxes.

And then the oxymoron is like … they say it’s an oxymoron to say “government intelligence.”

Men-O-Pah: (Chortling.) Yeah.

Thoroah: That’s an oxymoron. “Military intelligence” is what they usually use. That’s an oxymoron.

Gerdean: Or “marital bliss”. How can you have the two together?

Thoroah: It’s a contradiction within …

Men-O-Pah: Are oxymorons and paradoxes similar?

Group: Yeah.

Esmarelda: Gerdean, did you say hologram?

Gerdean: Yeah.

Esmarelda: At first I thought you said, “A hole in the ground.”

Gerdean: No. (Group laughter) Well, they can be!

Men-O-Pah: We’ve moved up a ways. Just don’t ask me how far up.

Thoroah: Well, we’re on the floor. The floor of the ocean, the floor of the forest, the floor of the jungle. You know.

Gerdean: We have our feet on the ground.

Elena: Yeah, but then the paradigm changes.

Thoroah: It’s the spiritual mind working with the material mind that creates our soul, basically, and that’s how we have our spiritual mind and our material mind and we’re both working on it.

I was writing to a friend of mine who had a heart-breaking situation with his girlfriend, and because he was broken-hearted, I told him, “What you had was you had your mind’s heart broken. Your mind had pictured how it was going to be and your mind’s heart was set on that, and when that didn’t work out, your mind’s heart was broken. But your “heart of hearts” would have been able to explain it to you a little better, and your “heart of heart” is what’s explaining it to you now, why it happened. And when we see through our heart’s heart, that is where we are on key. When we see through our mind’s heart, it can trick us because our mind doesn’t know yet, everything. Our mind has this ego boundary.

Elena: Well, let’s get back to Tomas’ deceptive heart deal. What did you guys get out of Tomas’ deceptive thing?

Thoroah: Well, the human heart is deceptive. That’s kind of what I was trying to tell my friend. I made the analogy that it was his mind’s heart. We confuse the heart. We confuse what the heart is. We have this picture of what the heart is sitting on our chest like a valentine.

Esmarelda: Tomas said that, at the very beginning, about the valentine.

Thoroah: But our mind does not let us think through our heart. Our mind has one idea; our heart has another idea. Our heart has its own mind! And our heart’s mind – our “heart of hearts” is the mind we need to listen to. Our mind has a heart of its own and it’s more deceptive because we intellectualize everything. We think we can figure it out. And we’ve got it figured out and we’ve got our hands on it, so we’ve got it, and when it doesn’t happen that way, our heart is broken, but it’s … euphamistically speaking … the heart of our mind that’s really broken. Our expectations get broken. And that’s what’s deceptive. I don’t think he means it’s deceptive in that we’re going to be led down some garden path and be working for some evil cause or anything like that. I think we just get disappointed and heart-broken because of our heart deceiving us, in what we think is our heart telling us what to do. That’s my perception of it.

Elena: Is our recess over yet?

Paula: Just briefly. Men-O-Pah and I were talking earlier about this word “paradigm” trying to figure out what it could be. It seemed that the way it was used, there could be any number of paradigms. And I suggested that 200 years ago the paradigm was that women did not express themselves in public. They stayed quiet. But the paradigm has changed. It’s come to fruition that way, and today women can express themselves in any number of ways.

Men-O-Pah: Well, the old paradigm was more or less fundamental, and Bible- based, probably, and you know we pretty much believed those precepts. But as the years go by, our notion of that has changed. For instance -- I believe these are the words of Jesus: he talks about two roads. One way, a large amount of people are headed toward destruction, and on the narrow road there’s just a few people on that. And we’re saying, “What is it Lord, that we have to do to be on that narrow road?” So there it is again, you see? The paradigm shift.

But my own thinking is this: Whatever God did, he did it perfectly. And the Bible itself says he is not willing that any should perish. God has said, I put a little piece of me in every one of you. That’s that God Fragment that we speak about. And so, I don’t really think there are that many people on that broad road of destruction.

Esmarelda: I don’t think so either.

Men-O-Pah: I’m not so sure that any will be destroyed. And I wonder how God is going to deal with people like Saddam Hussein and Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini, and others of their ilk. That really boggles my mind. How is he going to deal with them? Of course, I don’t know.

TOMAS: This is my time to come back in and rope you back into class. I can see we are wandering off into the fields of speculation and wonder -- which are encouraged in your social portion, for they have worth -- but we need to keep on track in terms of getting our message said so that we can get out of here and you can carry on about what you choose to speculate.

This has been a great recess, because it allows you to ponder aloud to each other what your perception of the lessons are and how they relate to you.

The question about whether/how God is going to deal with the personalities you mentioned, Men-O-Pah, is only good insofar as it represents how you yourself would manage your civilization, as a god-conscious individual, as one of the human race and one who has God consciousness. Their eternal souls are not your business, but how they affect your society IS, and this is the realm that Anatolia and I have freedom to foster, for this is where the lessons of spirit make sense to you, in terms of how you live your lives with your fellows, how these thoughts impact your society, and how you yourselves are able to change the paradigm of reality from what was to what will be.

You are a part of the growth of your world and these sessions we enjoy contribute to feeding your minds with those concepts from On High which add to the perspective that you would not have held without that farther view that is obtained from the recognition of your place in the universe -- not merely as a citizen here, but as a child of the universe.

As Anatolia deduced, it is not fruitful to foster the idea that your opinions and your wills are so nebulous as to be insignificant, and therefore uninteresting to each other.

This gets me around to your concern, Elena, that your ears hear me speak down to you. I am not speaking down to you and saying that you are lowly. I am saying that within the framework of a human beings themselves there is relativity. I was not speaking, necessarily, of the hierarchy from the finite to the infinite, but entirely within your finite realm there are, even so, those who have learned more experiential lessons -- and even fewer who have learned experiential lessons with their God-consciousness impacting on those rewards of experiential living.

The fact of relativity is something to cherish and rejoice about, for it gives you a perspective of your own existence. It allows you to realize how far you have come as compared to how far you have yet to go. But it is not meant to limit your opinion of yourself. Rather, it is intended to help you learn to cherish the reality that you are and encourage you to take upon yourself those experiential lessons which will add to your dimension of divine reality, for in this you will develop the perspective that will enable you to better serve in the purely material arena.

It is in the relativity that you live. There are no absolutes at your (or even my) level of existence. It is within the relativity of things that the conflicts occur and that the harmonies result. And the lesson for today compliments that fact of relativity, and encourages you to delve into that element of your existence, your individual existence, in which you carry on with your fellows in the various configurations (and paradigms) which humans will create en route to finding the resolution of their own wondering about what is real and what is immaterial.

I want to thank you all for your interim commentaries. The people who receive these transcripts are unable to appreciate, as I do, the individual character you consistently bring to these sessions. Your opinions, your attitudes, your feelings, indeed your heart content. And thus, I will encourage them to be shared, if for no other reason that to share your own self in your own growth. This is how we know we are a part of the process, the human-becoming-divine process, and it is where the rubber meets the road in your daily ministry, as you pass by, as you learn and as you teach.


I am certain we did not mean to pile more on your plate today than you were hungry for, but it is still apparent that the respite of the holiday season from your studies of life have whet your appetite and we will make every attempt to not disappoint you or ourselves in our investigations of the increasing realization of that which is the universal mind and the heart of infinite love that you will bestow upon your world in your daily doings.

Peace be upon you until we meet again next week. Farewell.

Group: Thank you, Tomas and Anatolia.]