2004-01-05-Practice Surrender To First Source

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Topic: Practice Surrender To First Source

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am again with joy to be with you. I am honored to be a part of this family. In the busyness of life we have our anchor--that is this group. It is the place where ideas are born and thoughts are directed as is energy. I am grateful to be a part of your spiritual growth. I feel like a father watching his children mature, realizing that children are separate beings all unto their own. While I feel gratitude for being a part, I am also with awe viewing you as spiritually mature adults.


It is said, ‘nothing worth having comes easy.’ It is well known that effort reaps rewards. How blessed are the spiritually maturing individuals who are willing to listen to the Parent of all parents, the Father of all fathers, the First Source and Center. All of our experiences have shaped us into the beings we are today. Perhaps some of our past experiences lead us to move with caution. This is not only acceptable but wise, for your experiences have been fine teachers. Being cautious however is on a borderline with fear. Perhaps one who is over-cautious keeps hidden away so as not to experience fear and disappointment. In all reality this is not living, but merely existing. To simply exist is to only experience the mechanics of life. There are no fruits produced. There are no meanings and values to absorb, and therefore joy is lost, purpose is lost.

Being spiritually mature you realize chances must be taken in order for growth to progress. One who is fearful in life is not willing to take risks and life seems meaningless. This certainly clouds spiritual light and can set one upon a dark path. This dark path is trusting in the material world, having hope in material things, finding meaning out of temporal realities. The search is always empty and leaving the fearful soul with further longing. Father has given you life so that you may truly live. Live and experience everything, understand everything, know every aspect of the mortal life.

This is the beginning of your eternal career. You can certainly opt out if you should so desire, but believe me your experience waits for you on the other side. The spiritually mature individual understands that risks may be fearful, and yet it ever leads one toward continuing progression and advancement. The mature individual faces fears and really feels them, really dissects the meanings therein and comes into a new light. This is work and does take effort, and yet the meanings and values are priceless. Life is ever filled with new purpose, abiding hope and the foundation of faith. As we move forth into this new year let us renew our faith and go forth with trust in Father, in His unending power, His life source of love, His universal plan and dare to live life to the fullest—without fear, without wondering if Father would be there should bad things happen.

This week let us practice daily surrender to our First Source and Center. Call upon Him at the beginning of each day. What you can do with Father’s presence far outweighs what you can do alone. Life is not simply enduring or existing or persevering through one drama to the next. It is about maturing and progressing, having Father’s power at hand, having courage to live on purpose with purpose, having enough faith to take chances, to reach out to others, to serve and be served, to experience everything and have understanding thereof. Allow time each day for a few moments with our Heavenly Caretakers. Allow yourself to be renewed in spirit and find the greatest blessings in the mundane. Find that all your efforts are working toward the good. Find that light in the darkness. I am with fullness to have this experience with you.


No questions this evening. Know that I will be with you throughout the week. I would be very glad if you should happen to call upon me. I am with ever growing love for you each. Until next time, shalom.