2004-01-19-Spiritual Abundance

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Topic: Spiritual Abundance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the practicality in this evening’s discussion. What a wellspring of goodness when we gather in the name of our Father. It is obvious that you have set Him as your sovereign.



In spiritual living many are likened to the apostle Peter when having his feet washed by the Master. Spiritual abundance sometimes feels so undeserved and it won’t be allowed. Then on the other hand, like Peter, some beg to be washed all over. Meeting as we do each week keeps us in balance with receiving spiritual abundance and putting it forth to good use in everyday living. This evening I would keep the lesson short to make time for questions.



MIRIAM: Abraham, like you were talking about learning to receive the abundance of Father’s love and to truly know that we deserve it because we are His children. It almost makes me feel guilty if I say that out in public. If I say, ‘I know my Father loves me and I am washed in His love every day,’ why is it that I almost feel guilty saying that in front of other people? It is like they think I think I am special. In essence all I am doing is stating a birthright. What is that about the human nature that makes me feel like they are going to criticize me if I say ‘I know my Father loves me?’ It is not like I am trying to brag. What is that?

ABRAHAM: Perhaps in the way it is spoken it creates a bit of separation, meaning that maybe others will assume you have what they do not. You are not quite sure how they believe, and much of the time your declaration is simply sharing faith. To appear humble in any spiritual sense or in religion is important, and to simply speak the truth of your understanding is in a mortal sense not a show of humility. The Master knew of the Father’s love for Him, and when He shared this vision with others He also found words to make them feel included. There are individuals you can speak freely with and then there are those you do not quite understand fully, and this is where those thoughts of self-doubt in your declaration may come from. Our Master did much of His ministry in this manner. When He spoke to the masses He worded His phrases to include all, therefore creating unity and equality. Let not your feelings of being loved by the Father create guilt, but find words which are inclusive, especially to those who really do not understand you for the person you really are. Your words to others do help them turn inward to review their own thinking about their personal relationship with Father, so all-in-all it produces good. Is this helping? (Yes, very much. Thank you.)


HARRISON: I have a situation with my mom and dad with my family and I know Father will show me the right way to deal with it. I guess what I am asking from you is maybe do you have some insight how I could get started down the right path?

ABRAHAM: Certainly Harrison. The individuals you are dealing with are about ninety percent emotion. This is your avenue in which to get through to them. My first suggestion is make an effort to understand how they are feeling about the circumstances. Where are these feelings coming from? You can ease their pain and confusion by a show of understanding. Many individuals just want to be heard and understood, and again, not to feel separation, as if they have done something wrong, or are incorrect in their feelings, or are less intelligent for choices made and should be made to feel inferior. People want to be understood. They want to be heard and accepted for who they are. The majority of the world runs on emotions. With the Correcting Time, intelligence is being integrated with emotional thought. Father shows His children He has heard them, He understands them. He accepts their feelings even if their perceptions are wrong. This is showing of unity and unconditional love. In this safe place individuals are open to intellectual solutions and intelligent thought, common sense, so to speak. Reassure your family members of your love for them and that you simply want the best for one and all, your desire is to maintain balance and provide service. Reaffirm the family unity and create a safe place for individuals to speak their true feelings, no matter how farfetched they may sound. Make your suggestions simple and speak with a calm voice. Authoritative voices seem to create defense. Stay above the emotion Harrison and know that you are well prepared to assist in any family difficulties. Is this helping? (Here I thought I knew everything. Thank you Abraham.)

SIMOM: Abraham, thank you for ministering to me and everyone. (Inaudible) I am just open to receive your adjustment and counsel once again to continue (Inaudible) I am very excited about life lately….

ABRAHAM: It is good to see you here again Simon. Very few things in the world can create balance or a sturdy foundation than coming here to fellowship and concentrate your thoughts. In the busyness of life mortals absorb a great deal. The issues of the day are collecting in the mind as a sponge would collect water. Coming to the group is a release of unnecessary room that is taken up in the mind and you are made more receptive by a concentration of thought. I always admire your enthusiasm and willingness to be helpful. It would seem that you are tending to the priorities in life and this gives you feelings of completion. That is good. Remember to have not care of how others may perceive you, but be about the Father’s business. Be yourself and know that this is indeed what Father desires. Have not worry. Is this helping? (Yes it is. Thank you.)

Teaching Mission

CALVIN: Abraham, you mentioned the value of the group, that has been a topic of discussion about the value of these groups versus maybe individual teacher contact. I’ve got a million questions I could ask, but I will leave it with if you want to say a few words to that as far as our Teaching Mission groups. It seems in the first days we had tons of group assignments, teacher assignments and TR assignments. In my view it is quite different today. Is that progress or regression? I’m also concerned and it seems to be quite a theme of Monjoronson issue coming on. I don’t even know why that bothers me, but it does, so I wonder why it does. It just does.

ABRAHAM: The Teaching Mission is always in the state of evolution. Many things will be tested and tried and only the truth will remain. Those things that are not true will be seen for what they really are and fall by the wayside. The human ego is mans greatest enemy and where there are platforms there is always tendency to desire self-glorification. Again, and so seemingly fitting with this holiday, many believe that to be important it is necessary to rise above the rest, to appear as better than others. To feel superior is feeding off of the energies of others. This is food for the ego. It is in itself feeding the animal. There are natural tendencies in man to be in charge of the tribe, and past history has shown the only way to do this is through force. Whether it is physical or mental, man has thought to separate himself from the average to gain feelings of importance. Our Correcting Time is showing ones feelings of self-importance lies within the unity of the group. Mutual respect, friendship, love, are easily found within a group who seeks to create a platform for the good of the whole, in other words, set Father as their Sovereign. Have not worry for the evolution of the Teaching Mission, it is all part of the growth process. Look back at our history and pinpoint those truths that have remained. As new individuals enter into the Mission they will also have these experiences. It is not setback but simply training.

I am not to comment on the Monjoronson issue. My friends, the juice of mysticism has been squeezed out and we are now to deal with the pulp of truth. Keep true to the tasks at hand. Remember the Master who allowed the preacher to roam freely with his own brand of religious fervor. He trusted individuals to make up their own minds who they would chose to follow. You can see very few followed the preacher. While most with their love for truth decided to follow the Master. Group health is very important to maintain balance for the individual. The group is a ministry unto its members. You are to minister and be ministered to. The group is your anchor in the sea of everything. Have not worry about the evolution of the Teaching Mission, but know that we appreciate your efforts to maintain truth and integrity. If there are no more pressing questions I will….

MIRIAM: Could I just ask one? It’s not pressing but Abraham, your poetry is just so beautiful—like squeezing the juice out of the mysticism. Every week you just knock everyone’s socks off. Is that part of your personality or did you acquire that? Have you learned that—like have celestial artisans worked with you or have you just picked it up? What’s the scoop on that?

ABRAHAM: I would like to take credit for each of these philosophical displays, but training and the wisdom of my fellows has taught me a great deal. Mortal concepts work best on mortals, but wait until you arrive on the mansion worlds-poetry is abundant, as is music and art. Thank you for your kind words. I am overjoyed to know that I can help. I want each one of you to know you are also a great help to me personally and within Father’s Kingdom.


Have not worry this week. Tend to your personal ministries. Know that your service is one of joy and learning. Find time to rest and be renewed in spirit. Know that my thoughts are always with you. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.