2004-01-29-A Time of Progress

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Topic: A Time of Progress

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Dr. Mendoza: "It is only the "now", my dear brother and colleague, that concerns us. And even in the next moment, it is still only the "now" that is of immediate importance to you and to me, to us. Here, in spacetime, we make our living and contributions to the Evolutionary Supreme. It is up to ‘Those Above’ mere humans and midwayers to see, project and plan for the more distant and eternal future.

"We are assured that "critical mass" has finally been reached and our treasured, famous Urantia is on a long-awaited path towards truth, beauty, goodness, in short; towards a time when Love reigns supreme on this world, and one will find equality, not only among the sexes, but among nations, races and creeds. It will mean that resources and knowledge will be willingly shared, and none will need to go without.

"It will be a time when a first meeting will no longer occur through the telescopic sight of a high-powered rifle, but brother will meet brother of any creed and shake hands in friendship,when sister will embrace with affection a sister of any race or color. It will be a time of progress, of a mighty up-stepping in the wished-for spiritual climate of our planetary home,and it will be the long-ago heralded time when the studies of the species is aimed at improvement for all—the best for all.

"We are creatures of evolution that find our beginnings in the elements of this earth and it is for us to gather the momentum, not hold out our hands and beg. As we cannot do more for you than you do for us (midwayers), the Higher Powers cannot do more for this earth and all that live here, than we do for them by serving each other. And, yet there is so much of a legacy of past failures still to overcome.

"I promise you that already many of the great minds are present that will soon discover the potential talents of those newly born, to design the individual programs of education and exposure, to bring out the very best in parents’ progeny by well-directed advice. Indeed, you will see healers and evaluators with great psychic ability to steer towards maximum development of the next generation birthed to those who lacked these opportunities in their time. We shall be there, in force, to guide them in this time of great change.

"We are not a regular world, far from it, but we are, at last, dragging ourselves out of a morass of ignorance, of unfortunate inbreeding and some ill-fated crossbreeding, of rampant passed-on psychological ailments, to accept a helping hand from near and far in our local universe, to improve and shine our lights ever so much brighter because of what we will achieve, indeed, considering where we came from.

"As much as the genetic make-up can tell about the past, so will it be found to ever more accurately project an individual’s potential future, those with innate psychological aberrations to haunt them in future years not excepted. I trust I have to some degree answered your persistent questioning herewith.


This is Dr. Mendoza signing off. Later, fellow."


The question dealt with Schizophrenia, specifically, and if the illness was caused by a genetically inherited ultra-low, all-or-nothing firing threshold of the cerebral neurons. The doctor advises that a positive environment, correct and specific education is much the answer to alleviating the more traumatic behaviour seen in those so effected. For now, I still hold to my theory of an inherited, very low all-or-none firing threshold of the cerebral neurons being the trigger in both, early and late-onset schizophrenia, especially in an unsuitable, perhaps stressful, environment, where clusters of cerebral neurons "take over and direct" a faulty thinking process.

Illawarra District, Australia