2004-02-11-The Most Vital Factor

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Topic: The Most Vital Factor

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: "And I especially thank you, Mother Spirit, for providing me with your esteemed daughters, my learned taskmasters, and the mind endowment that allows me to be a teacher to my beloved human kin so dear to my heart. This is Primary Midwayer, Andrea, bringing my greetings to you, my dear brother, and thrilled to be invited to bring a lesson for someone in need, and a few words that may well go out to many.


"A heartening lesson is needed, and I hope you will find me well prepared and that somehow, for now and into the future, my words will allow changes into the mindedness of many students. This is for those who feel tormented, and are plaguing themselves in the process of masticating over their regrets and outright guilt about their past behaviors.

"We are here on a most wonderful and picturesque planet, a tiny brilliant isle with a tremendous amount of space all around. It is a tiny jewel, lost for ages in a black velvet expanse. Extraordinary in its design, it is however a long way from becoming a normal world. Long isolated, myriad are the aspects that need correction in people’s mindsets and behaviors.

"No, we cannot cover it all, but I may at least deliberate about the most vital factor that needs lots of thought and understanding. In striving for perfection, beauty, truth and what is right, you mortals on this planet have a brilliant start to your careers, because there is so much that needs to be healed.

"You are so deeply troubled, and it is in your progress to become better persons, in your striving to improve yourselves, that you will often, suddenly, and at seemingly inappropriate moments recall your failings of the past—something said or done, words unspoken or a task neglected. These little "blinks" of history, often of a long, long-ago time, will surface in your mind, yet the object of these exercises of them being brought back to memory are for the purpose of healing.

"They are there to consider, and then to be done away with for good and with the realization that one has progressed well beyond these stages, to close the episode and forgive oneself. So often, however, your responses on this world are inappropriate in the sense that you will become annoyed by remembering these things, and by allowing yourself to further build on the guilt that is already carried.

"These tiny fragments of the past that may surface in your minds are not meant to put more weight on your shoulders. To the contrary, they are meant to be looked at, analyzed, turned upside down and inside out, seen as a learning experience, and then fully forgiven.

"So many of you find it easy to forgive others that are supposedly imperfect, so hard to forgive yourself as if you were flawless in your every way. With a defunct understanding of your selves being rather the regimen on this planet, it is most vital for you to learn to wipe your slates clean, a little at the time, and as these thoughts are known to, and are meant to surface as you progress in age.

"Indeed it is the Father, who in loving and caring for you all makes it so. Fear of retribution, hellfire and damnation, by a vengeful Creator is so wrongly and deeply imbedded in your collective psyche, you find it hard to consider that if He required for you to be perfect from birth, He would have made you that way.


"This is Andrea. Pass on my love to all who will hear."

"We thank you, Almighty Father, for giving us life on this unique and important planet. We thank you, Brother/Father Michael for creating this wonderful world.