2004-02-12-Material Son & The Aliens Question

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Topic: Material Son & The Aliens Question

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. This is Tomas, your Teacher. How good it is to be with you again. I embrace you, and understand you are enjoying some cold weather. I will direct warmth and affection in your direction so you feel quite comfortable, as if I were an old sweater or a comfortable pair of shoes for you. We will sit by the fire that Michael provides.

What an exciting day it has been for you in your social arena! -- The question put to you by Material Son Adam as to how you would like to proceed. How we enjoyed observing some of the responses. Those of you who are not subscribed will be quickly advised that the Material Son inquired as to your opinions. It is not every day that mortals are asked by their elders how to forge ahead, and yet who better than your earth father, your material father, Father Adam, for it is his planet, his investment, through the nature of his mission here as much as any of ours if not more so.


The Teachers

The part about this topic that we enjoyed so much was the enthusiasm that it caused coming from you with ideas and heartfelt feelings. A great deal of reality was exchanged affectionately between you brothers and sisters who love your world and want to see it thrive under the best of circumstances, given the circumstances with which we work.

The upshot of such a challenge to you is that you begin to show your colors. You begin to put forth your own conscious thoughts about how to go about advancing your world – not merely in the pattern of your daily life, such as the neighbor or the coworker or the druggist, but at large, and not necessarily politically but through the circuits that exist and which you are gaining an appreciation of in terms of how you can access the midwayers, for example, and the angelic corps, in order to make certain changes or bring about certain effects. This is the challenge as well as an observation.

I am not unfamiliar with the myriad ideas that come to the forefront of mortal consciousness, having worked with this T/R who has been engaged for many years in putting forth her ideas for the future of Urantia in her work of fiction which, of course, I am sure, she has told you all about. But this is an example of the conscious mortal working and striving with the Adjuster’s encouragement and the celestial realms to help co-create a brighter tomorrow. For what joy would there be in this effort if you had no real impact on earth?

Knowing you have a chance to make a real difference is one of the things that you have in common – that you all truly do dare to believe that you can make a difference. Whereas that may seem inappropriate to some, to those who choose to follow, it is invigorating to you children of the Most Highs when you see these challenges and seek to do something about it.

Most assuredly we are interested in your feedback for we in the Teacher Corps are not permitted to tell you what to do, as you well know by now, but what you choose to do we are interested in because we will be able to work with those decisions you have made, much as the Thought Adjuster does, in order to guide and direct your steps and the effects from your causes.

Perhaps we can stimulate your growth somewhat and encourage it, but it is your own faith that catapults you into the ideas, the concepts which also launch others and that form the avenue of approach. If it is at all possible and in keeping with the divine plan, it is aided and abetted by those of us who are engaged in this conspiracy to uplift Urantia from its current plight to the next plateau.

I am glad to have with me this evening my co-worker Anatolia. In my frame of reference she has not had a chance to utilize this medium before. I will subside now for a moment in order for her to come on-line and say hello. I know you will enjoy the personality presence of Teacher Anatolia.

ANATOLIA: Welcome all, in this evening here in your world that we share with you as one-in-being with all-that-is, part and parcel of that-which-is. Riddles are not my intention this evening. Rather, a light yet direct manner of welcoming you to that which we share in your space. For we, in our approach, or from our vantage point, are much like visitors to your front door, as we would enter your front door and be a part of your threshold, of your living area, that is what it is to be part of your world, as we enter it on these occasions.

Nevertheless, we are not limited to such visits; however, it is much like those who are “on duty”. You don’t necessarily spend your entire day at work, so our visits are frequent in many respects. This is not to say you are a labor of work, and who wants to spend any more time at the office that one is needed to. I believe you understand what I mean by “our assignments”, yet these are much like caseworkers of the most prominent children for adoption.

Who would not enjoy every moment with these children, expecting, anticipating and fully requiring that they find the necessary home for each of their needs? It is our desire, too, that each of you find your spiritual home as you well deserve and are privileged to accept when your time arrives. Needless to say, or nevertheless, I speak of when you find your place within the mansion worlds. However, my interest in your life here is not for when it develops into those loftier ambitions or when the kingdom has arrived, but rather, what is and can be accomplished in the accomplishment of the kingdom both individually and collectively, for this is truly what it’s all about.

The Master did not go to all the time and trouble and investment of this world and the next for merely a show of ‘when all else is said and done you will have your just rewards in the afterlife’. Rather, his was a demonstration of what his life is as it leads to the next. For one could not expect bliss and total joy when the life, that is currently life, is less than joy-filled and life-giving. For it is your role, as well as heart’s desire, to find your desire in loving service. You are able to be of loving service both here and as your lives progress to the mansion worlds and beyond.

This is perhaps not new information for you, but it is a central theme, one which I am allowed to present, or to speak to in our times together. However far this presentation of mine this evening, and that of Tomas’ as my predecessor and advisor in this respect, I am grateful for whatever eyes may read or ears may hear that which we have an opportunity to present, for mine is a vision, at the moment, of one large red (of course) colored heart, which rests high above your world in deep red glowing brightness that is a demonstration of all that has gone on before you and all that comes after, in terms of the investment of love into your world.

As St. Valentine so appropriately presented for you, that love surpasses and overcomes all, that this is what makes all work well, and continues to run smoothly, in spite of the best efforts to frustrate it to the contrary. I speak not of your frustrated efforts or efforts to frustrate, but rather that which does exist within your world (and others) that are not yet settled in light and life.

Nevertheless, these too are overcome with the love that prevails in your world and beyond, so I leave you in the glow of this red glowing valentine heart, for you, as we present it to you as a host of our accord with you in this season and in this year and realm of change. I appreciate the opportunity to be with you and may the week that you have behind you and yet ahead be faith-filled and loved and lived.

Peace be with you and may all be well.

TOMAS: Thank you, Anatolia. I have been so fortunate in my mission work to have such great accomplices, beginning with Teacher Daniel and continuing from there. I have so enjoyed my tenure here as a Teacher in this Corps. I believe I can say we all are thrilled to participate to the extent that we are capable of engaging you and appreciate the tremendous accomplishments that have come about in each of you as a result of your faith in yourselves as you have come to regard yourselves as loveable and precious, even rare, certainly unique.

The deep red glowing love that is yours is received and given back in service, and we are privy to the effects of that red glow from your point of reference. What can we do for you this evening in terms of your needs, your questions, your concerns?



Marty: I have a request. I would like to have a couple of messages passed on to Mansonia for me. One of them is that I want to thank all of the beings who were involved in finding and securing and getting my new pet dog up here from Delaware up to Massachusetts, and I know it wasn’t an easy thing to do but I must say this dog is a wonderful animal, just the one we were praying for, and I’m sure that we got a lot of help in getting it. Our prayers were answered and I would like to be sure that everybody gets our thanks.

And I have another thing to pass on. A dear friend of mine passed away. His name is Art and I would like to send him a message of my love.

TOMAS: I believe your message has been delivered. I saw the message depart from you and ascend beyond my reach, en route to its Source. In time, your friend will receive your love note and feel the effects of that affectionate bon voyage, “until we meet again.” It is much like having a friend move to Europe, when someone leaves here for Mansonia. It is a matter of distance and time, yes, but it is as if it were an artificial boundary for the love is not lost, the memories are retained, the reflections are only enhanced as time goes by.

As for Sweetheart, I will pass along – No. It won’t be necessary. They have already taken the message to those who have been part of the process of connecting you with that sweet heart who makes herself at home in your loving arms even now.

The idea of being caretakers to the beasts of the realm is not overlooked. There are so many lessons to be learned in this relationship, and those of you who know the meaning of the word “dominion” who care for your animals as tenderly as Jesus cared for those he tended in his humble home in Nazareth, offer much to the pleasure of the life experience, as well as to the mortal appreciation of caring for those who look to you for security and comfort.

Where would we be without the beasts of the realm, if for no other reason than to compare what it is to be a human being from the lesser animals? Perhaps, it is the cold climate that calls these creatures to mind, for those animals that must withstand the elements and survive in the face of the cold have such a vigorous will to live. They stand as an example to those of you who are tame, civilized, and grown soft from your creature comforts.

All these animals, including humans, are part of Mother’s menagerie. And not one goes without Her notice. I know we find great delight in the relationships that exist between you and your pets, you and your animals, and these relationships have been compared occasionally with the relationship that humans have with their Father in heaven, looking to him for food and shelter from the storm, and for a kind word, for which they are grateful and will often go to great lengths to manifest their loyalty.

But this is perhaps mere sentimentality. Have we other questions?


Marty: I think everybody would probably like to ask about the ETs and the space ships. I certainly would like to know if the worlds have relationships, that are political, and the system -- with all of the worlds all getting connected together -- does that mean that our world will now be in a federation of the whole system?

TOMAS: It is a simple question you ask but I cannot give you a simple answer because we haven’t enough time and because we would need to spend time first defining the terms. I have spoken many times on this subject. As for a federation, I can testify that you are already a part of a confederation -- the one you share with your sister worlds in quarantine. While those days are fast subsiding, the bond remains, nonetheless. The future will bring galactic associations, of course, but not for hundreds of years. And even then you will make many mistakes in ascertaining who your true friends are, for while the universe is indeed a friendly place, the evolving races are, even so, imperfect. And, like you, they have an agenda. They are not all as enlightened as the supernal friends are who have long since transcended the material interests of the physical vehicle; therefore, you can look forward to many adventures, of course. What kind of universe would this be without adventures?

But as for confederations, I urge you now, as I always have, to maintain your integrity and your allegiance to those supernals who will guide you in those ways that will enable you to sidestep many problems and avoid many difficulties by keeping your feet on the path of advancing reality.

Gloria: That’s good.

TOMAS: Yes, God is always the ultimate force. You should seek for information regarding your destiny. In this way you will have some sense of assurance about the path you choose and as it is here, so it is in the greater universe. There are many experiences that you can take which will leave you hungering for greater righteousness, therefore you will learn new lessons. You will have more opportunities to decide again, choose anew the original and steadfast prayer of the Master, “Even so, it is my will that your will be done.” God knows your destiny. Let him lead you.

If and when it becomes time for you to concern yourself with galactic federations, let not your sense of adventure lead you, but let your loyalty to divine overcare call you to serve in accordance with that divine will. In that way everything will have a better chance of being undefiled by excessive enthusiasm for arenas of action where you have no calling but merely a fascination. However, by the time you get to that point, I am sure you will have gained the experiential wisdom to have garnered that for yourself. Is that helpful?

Marty: Yes.


Gloria: Good! That’s world peace! You get ideas, how to live your life better and try not to get distracted with the wrong idea about everything.

TOMAS: For you, my daughter, I can say that your work toward world peace will come as naturally as life itself, as you know it, in and through your personal ministrations. “The hand that rocks the cradle fraternizes with destiny.” Women the world over have an inherent desire to nurture their young, to protect their mates, to provide a haven of security and safety for their family. The home is the master civilizer, and if you bond with other women, in terms of the value of the home, you will have increased the peace.

It is such a simple, innocent idea. It is hard for us to imagine how it is that you humans so readily run right into mischief. The woman has a great deal of influence here, and if not, she should develop some right away, for in the main, the woman is where the home is, and if the home is the master civilizer, there will not be war under her roof. And if all women feel that way, there will be war under no roof.

Reaching out from this home environment to greet ones neighbor then, in passing, and in respect for each individual family’s integrity, there is no need for war nor for any kind of takeover, for there is enough to do at home as the old saw says, sufficient is the day for the trouble thereof.

But so is the joy of one day. If you were to put aside your worries and concerns for a period of time every day to enjoy that which is true and beautiful listen, to the songs of the birds, to hear the babbling of the water, to watch the snow fall, and to feel the suns rays, to observe the smile of your partner, to smell the coffee or the tea. These simple pleasures are enough to give you that time to open your soul to God, in gratitude. In this state of prayer, the world is not such a sad place.

There’s a great deal to be happy about, a great deal to be thankful for and joyous over. It is wise to be aware of those areas which need ministering to, but it is good also to keep your eye on that which is manageable and whole. There is much of that. Slow down and enjoy that. It will help.

Thought, Emotion

Manu: I have a question. I know time is short for most people, but my question has to do with something it says in the Urantia Book. It says God is reachable through our thoughts and that most human beings are not really real thinkers. And that, if I remember correctly, it says something to the effect that emotions not lead to God but thoughts, indeed, do. Can you please explain that?

TOMAS: You too have opened up a full semester of discourse by your question. The heart, while the depiction of love, is also fallible in the human, and the mind itself, even though it is a gift of the spirit, can also lead you down wrong paths of thinking. It cannot be simplified to say “shall I follow the mind or shall I follow the heart” because the development of one or the other is at issue.

In speaking to a son of God, you will likely want to hear your mind’s reflections, inasmuch as the superconscious mind is where your thoughts abut the spirit realm. But you also want to factor in the depth of your heartfelt feelings, recognizing that mere emotion is not what you want to base your eternal life on, for mere emotions, without logic, without reason, are fickle and not a good anchor.

You can take these nuggets from the Urantia Book or from any theology or philosophy and weigh them over time, practicing what they mean in your life, experiencing them from different perspectives. Sometimes your heart can lead you astray and sometimes your heart can lead you right.

I cannot tell you when those times are, but you will know that when you reach a certain point, a certain plateau of God consciousness and commitment, you can be assured that your heart is in the right place, you can trust your heart, as compared to the heart that is self-seeking and wants only its own pleasures.

Just as you will come to learn that even with the greatest of wisdom, it is sometimes better to not lean upon your own understanding, but to lean upon the divine will to show the way.

These are very interesting questions, very worthy of thought and discussion. Even more so of experience itself, for specifically in the realm of the heart and the mind, is experience the best teacher.

I hope my remarks have been more helpful than confusing to you, my son.

Manu: They have been very helpful, thank you.

TOMAS: Dear friends, is it time for us to resign our configuration?

Marty: Just to say that was a very beautiful lesson on prayer on Sunday, I just finished reading, Teacher Tomas.

TOMAS: Thank you, my loyal student. I am looking forward to further discourse on prayer – on the application of prayer, in fact. In this way we can perhaps begin to delve into directing divine energy into productive use, in service for humanity.

Gloria: That’s needed.

TOMAS: Indeed. It is a powerful tool that has not always been utilized to its fullest potential. But that can be said of almost everything you know.

Marty: Well, we’re not raised with those teachings, as children. We aren’t given that information and we have had to learn it over a lifetime. Here I am 69 and I have just begun to ask for things… not for things, but just to ask! To talk toGod.

TOMAS: This is one of the deep joys of this teaching mission from my point of view, that you have come so far in just a short time because of the experience you have allowed yourself in these university settings that we have been provided. It is truly exciting to us to see your realities flower. There is such a great deal ahead of us but we are so happy to see how eagerly you have thrived under our tutelage thus far and to hear you testify to these truths in your own life, confirms the reality of what we do, despite the doubters.


Marty: Well, keep up the good work.

TOMAS: And you, too, my friend, and all my friends. Anatolia and I are going to take our leave and join our fellows in our realm as we will ponder the day, the efforts in preparation for tomorrow where we once again will in gratitude and humility yet with vigor attack the challenges of the day. Good evening.