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Topic: Visualization

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Klarixiska, Aaron

TR: Virginia, Nancy



Prayer: Klarixiska(Virginia): This is Klarixiska. Father, our source of friendship, our source of relationships, our source of the attributes of the spirit, we say thank you. It is with grateful hearts that we are gathered here tonight. We would ask that You would open ears, open eyes, open hearts, open minds, that as the teachers share what is planned, that these students might be able to absorb that which will be successful for them in growth, and successful for them in teaching others. We thank you Michael that you created this universe, created this planet, and thus created each student that is here tonight. We are grateful. Give us gratitude for all good things in our life. In Your name. Amen

Daniel(Nancy): Greetings, my dear students, I am Daniel. Tonight we will begin with a group stillness exercise. We ask each student to find that posture which each of you finds most beneficial in experiencing the flow of energy that is one aspect of the love of the First Source and Center.


Lengthen your necks. Relax your shoulders. Feel the weight of your hands. Focus on your heart center; feel it expand. Send one arm of light to the left, another to the right. Focus your mindal energy in the direction of what is known as the third eye. Let the energy from your center flow down your legs to connect with the earth.

As you breathe in, feel the air run down the back of your throat and expand through your whole being before circling back up the front and out. Now, envision a column of white light filling the space between you, expanding as large as the room, as large as the house. In the center of the column of light, in the middle among you, allow yourself to view Michael holding out his hands to you. Take his hands. Look into his eyes. See his love, his incredible care for you. Now, still holding his hands, tell him that which is uppermost in your mind.

And now when you are ready, return your focus to your companions. We will release the T/Rs in order to have a short discussion. Then we will continue with the meeting.


Ken: How was everybody’s visualization?

Nancy: Zero, zilch, not there.

LaReen: When you were T/Ring and we took Michael’s hands I felt the love and it was overwhelming.

Virginia: I agree, and Nancy, I was T/Ring right with you. I was amazed. The words were forming in my mind before you said them.

Nancy: Wonderful. (Expressions of joy, and surprise.)

Virginia: I was moving right along with you.

Nancy: It didn’t go where I thought it was going to go.

Bob D.: I felt like the pillar actually absorbed us, like light surrounding, enveloping us, and moving outward.

LaReen: I pictured it in front and growing.

Virginia: Taking his hands was very powerful to me.

Bob D.: When we were supposed to share the thing most on our mind, I was thinking about a play I saw Friday night, a comedy. So I was just sharing what was on my mind with him, even if it wasn’t all that profound.

LaReen: Change was on my mind. I have a lot in there, a lot of garbage to clear out.

Pat: I couldn’t see his eyes. I don’t know what he looks like. I tried. I could get his hands, but not the eyes.

Nancy: All I saw were hands, and the column of light. The hands were reaching, but I’m not sure I actually reached back.

Ken: I visualized the connection to Mother Earth, the two rings of energy, the light in the center, and it went out to encompass the whole town. I saw his eyes as brown, but then I thought they should be blue so they switched to blue.

Virginia: Wasn’t it interesting to think of Michael extending his hands to each of us at the same time? I found myself in the quiet using the contemplative prayer method that I have heard about where you use a sacred word to refocus when your mind starts wandering, and I used "rest."

LaReen: I liked the stretching of the neck and the relaxing of the shoulders to loosen up and remember to relax. That was nice.

Daniel: I am Daniel, continuing. My dear students, well done, all of you. Congratulations to those of you who experienced first hand, Michael’s abundant and ever present love and support. For those of you who did not have this same experience, do not feel as if you had somehow failed. No. Each of you made progress in your willingness to undertake the exercise. Progress is key in the evolutionary universes of time and space. This is how one measures success.

PamElla is struggling tonight as T/R and as such, I will release her for now. She may find the connection more accessible later. (Pause)

Aaron(Simeon): This is Aaron, greetings to you. I will lead forth at this point in your communications this evening with the understanding that you may utilize this time as a sort of joint T/R session, or practice session, as you have called it in the past. Feel free to tune in and relax into the presence and communicate as you feel the connection this evening.


I would like to speak for a moment about faith. I see that you each have levels of faith in your lives. The question I pose rhetorically is what do you have faith in? Most unanimously I feel that God in some form or fashion would be included in your remarks, but there are various levels of faith in the human experience, whether it be faith in God, faith in friends or family, faith in the elements, whether it will snow or rain. It does provide some benefit at times to contemplate where you have faith and where faith may be lacking, not to apply a judgment that the lack of faith is necessarily a negative, for certain there are elements, in life which do not require faith and there are untruths which do not! deserve your faith.

But this examination helps you to solidify your faith by correlating your commitment and shoring up those areas where anxiety, fear, anger, or mistrust can create a disconnect and providing a healthy level of assurance in those things which are beneficial for the growth of the human soul.

So I encourage you to apply your minds toward this practice and to see where it leads. At this time I will withdraw and allow another to communicate with you this evening.

Daniel(Nancy): I am Daniel. My role at the moment is to serve as guide rather than as teacher. This exercise is for all. Whether you feel the presence of a single word, or a full sentence or even a full paragraph, we ask that you take that step, accept that risk, reach out with your willingness to communicate a thought.


LaReen: Daniel, I need three more years of practice journaling before I try.

Bob D: This is probably my own mind, but I hear "pshawww." (Laughter)

Daniel: This is Daniel. LaReen, please describe your experience Journaling. Where do you connect with the thought? How does it feel, etc.?

LaReen: I start with writing prayers, worship, and gratitude and then I’ll be still and ask for my teachers to come in. It usually flows from there. It’s a feeling of comfort and ease.

Daniel: Yes. Let us talk about the feeling of comfort and ease. What is it that creates that comfort? What I am trying to prod you toward is the role of your comrades and your relation to them with your willingness.

LaReen: The difference is I’m alone when I journal, and although I love everyone in this room and trust them completely, I feel stage fright. Sometimes I get the buzz on the side of my head and I know the teachers are there, but I’m probably lazy. I guess I always depend on you T/Rs to do it and if you just give me three more years, I’ll be fine.

Daniel: My dear I am prying at you because you are neither lazy, nor do you need another three years. There is this element of stage fright, yes, and so what I would recommend is that you practice by yourself speaking aloud, hearing your voice, for this in itself may be frightening when you speak aloud. If you are comfortable with the sound of your voice on your own, then you must trust that your companions here will be thrilled to hear even one word, whether you believe the word is in error or not, whether the word be "greetings" or "good afternoon", or "I am"… Do you see?

LaReen: Yes I do. I heard earlier, "I am Minearisa." And it’s funny because just the other day I was going through stuff and packing and found a tape recorder and instead of putting it in the electronics box, I went and put it on my dresser. So I guess this is really going to happen. Thank you very much Daniel.

Daniel: My dear, thank you for your willingness to bring this out into the warmth of this circle. Are there other questions or comments this evening? Are there others who wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to put forth that single word, that simple phrase?

Virginia: I certainly don’t know if this is a teacher, but the phrase that keeps coming to my mind tonight is that "God is one, therefore we are all one, one people." And I know it’s a takeoff of a button I wear, but whether or not this is an emphasis that needs to be said, maybe it is.

Daniel: Thank you

Bob D: Stemming from what Virginia said, I was curious about the unity without uniformity concept from the Urantia Book and it all sounds good on paper, but it is much more difficult. Sometimes we substitute trying to get everyone to think the same way as being unity, but that lends itself more toward uniformity, I think. I guess I would like to understand any further concepts about that, perhaps how to build a sense of true unity out of diversity rather than falling to uniformity.

Daniel: Thank you both for these concepts, for they are related. Spiritual unity is the result of a common understanding of a personal God as parent. Now within this seemingly limiting understanding of God is, in fact, the freedom for diversity of the most amazing proportions. If everyone understood and had a relationship with a loving personal parent and desired to know that parent and become more in his or her likeness, light and life would be instantaneous and the awesome infinity of God’s diversity would be overwhelmingly beautiful.

This analogy I’m going to share does not begin to express the magnitude of the difference, but a simple analogy is that of a black and white movie with shades of gray rather than visiting the panoramic vistas of Urantia in full color. And so the Fifth Epochal Revelation is to unify the religious understandings of Urantia that the fact of the loving parent will become known and the world will be one in all its grand diversity. Is this at all helpful in responding to your question Bob?

Bob: I think it’s fine. I think I spaced out in the middle though. (Laughter) The panoramic vistas sent me off into the universe somewhere. I’ll have to read it back. I’m sorry for losing track of the thought there.

Daniel: We were proceeding slowly. (Laughs) Virginia, my dear, you did have a visitor, not Klarixiska, knocking earlier. Your visitor remains in attendance and is ready to close the session if there are no other comments or questions and of course if you are so willing.


Unknown(Virginia): I would have you each envision the column of light and I would use this column of light as the relationship to a loving parent extended to his presence, her presence, their presence,. And within this column of light picture the diversity you know, cultural, class, color, and race. Fill this column of light with the diversity that has been mentioned. Fill this column of light in between each of you and across from each of you and recognize that this column of light is indeed the love of our Parent, our God, our Creator, surrounding all. The love is equal, the light is for everyone, and what we would ask you to do, as we are trying to do, is to accept the unity, the oneness, the completeness that is in your relationship with him and with one another. Do not look at people as them and us, but rather as we, because we are all God’s children. Go in peace, serving all, because God does, because our Parent does. So be it.