2004-02-16-All Things In Balance

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Topic: All Things In Balance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. This evening we have had a fine mix of material and spiritual, a healthy look at the balance of living the material life on spiritual terms, yes. For a moment let us drop the concerns of the day and in our minds take a step higher. Let us go beyond family, chores and finances and take a step higher. Let us rise above the clouds of serious efforts to the clear air of natural allowing. Here we can feel the suns warmth upon our face, the breeze in our hair, the grass under our feet. Take a restful breath and simply be.

Look about you in this place of rest. There is no past to regret, no future to fret about. There is only the clarity of your being. Everyday striving can indeed take a toll on the budding soul that is truly you. Remember to find time to be in this space often, a place without striving, worry, restlessness and obligation. Find time to feel yourselves rest back into the arms of your loving Father. Have not worry, accept His spiritual restoration, His love, His appreciation of you--the real you.

Last week we discussed possessing a spiritual sensor, that meter which measures your understanding of right and wrong. To personalize this sensor we could indeed call this our Mystery Monitor, Thought Adjuster or Father within. Being caught up within the everyday living drama it is easy to overlook our spiritual sensor, or that inner knowing that gives us brief glimpses of reality. To take time each day to rise above those things that consumes your mind, gives rest and energy to live and live well. Keeping clear contact with Father is always an antidote to the illness of ego.

Those that are fulfilled from within are less likely to surpass the Father’s plans or believe that their personal plan would speed things along. It is seen in today’s society that those who put forth the most effort to work indeed have the most and/or deserve the most. Once you have the most it seems to be understood that now you can work the least. It seems to always be one extreme to the other. I can say that the life that seems to be on an even keel, perhaps without so much drama, is probably is the most balanced, peaceful and efficient—meaning that those who are clear and confident in mind are wonderful instruments for the Father’s works.

Remember the Master; His good works were as He passed by. ‘All things in balance’ was one of His life’s mottos. He ministered as He worked. He was ministered to as He rested. He was nourished by Father and the earth. Jesus was extremely busy without creating more everyday drama. He had a historical obligation to fulfill. He was to become the sovereign of a universe. He was to accept and drink the bitter cup of mortal life. He was to deal with a people whose hearts were hardened and bound by tradition, and yet He carried on, very simply without the need to be told He was doing a fine job.

His job was thankless, and yet this was not the point of His mission. He worked not to gain attention or notoriety from the public. The Master indeed had an eye single to the glory of His Father in Heaven, the rest was of no concern to Him. The material world could crumble and He would still be about the Father’s business. There would still be time to pray, work, laugh, fellowship, minister and receive abundance from the Father, who loved Him deeply and a universe who worked for His sovereignty.


This week my only instruction is to find rest and continue to exercise the mortal mind to rise above the everyday drama to becoming an instrument for Father, who seeks to lead you into Light and Life. Are there questions?

CALVIN: Abraham, in the balance of a daily living you have given us a lot of guidance on that over the years. It is hard to change pattern or maybe it’s just me. In your life was it slow or was it quicker to make adjustments to changes in old patterns?

ABRAHAM: Oh no, my time was much more slow because we had not had the Master’s influence. My mentor was wonderful, and yet I was still filled with traditions that I was trying to keep loyal to. It would seem the more of mans knowledge you are taught, the more you have to work at freeing yourself from these thoughts and being open to new thoughts, or being connected to the Cosmic Mind and the universal circuits. I do see deep and everlasting changes in you, my son. Always with time and experience comes wisdom. One can choose to be beaten down by life’s circumstances or to use these circumstances as stepping stones toward a better life. I believe you have taken positive steps in growth and integrating your experience into the sum total of the man you are today. I believe you have done well. Carry on. (Thank you.) You’re welcome. Another question?

TECTRA: Abraham, I was listening to a New Dimensions Radio show last night and a man on there, a psychiatrist, Dr. Gary S., that has through some research that he has been doing scientifically, can prove the existence of an afterlife and he was saying how very soon they are going to be able to prove the existence of God scientifically. Can you comment on how that will influence, or affect life on this planet?

ABRAHAM: I am literally speechless. [[[Laughter]].] I did not see that coming. The concepts alone of scientific proof that God exists are quite broad. Of course, those believers in science would indeed change their tune, but still there are so many misconceptions of God that really there would be extreme chaos. Scientific proof that God exists would practically ruin the point of being an Agondonter. [Laughter.] Take the near death experience for example, there are those who have had real spiritual experiences and there are those who experienced lack of oxygen. [[[Laughter]].] The bottom line would be that in these experiences if you are indeed changed for the better, then certainly do they hold value. If you are one who needs scientific proof that God exists then where is the point in learning faith. Wouldn’t some simply love God for fear of what would happen if they did not. Your question is indeed intriguing and will cause me much thought. [Laughter.] Well done, my son. One more questions.

HARRISON: Abraham, I hope this isn’t a useless question but it has been on my mind about this movie coming out called The Passion of Christ. It seems to be having some mixed effects on people’s emotions. I don’t know if it is something worthy of you commenting on or if you just want to ask if someone else has a question.

ABRAHAM: I haven’t seen it. [[[Laughter]].] (Calvin: You can get in free.) [Laughter again.] I do believe we are on the brink of tremendous mindal change. This movie is a drop in the bucket and believe me, greater things than this will you see, in fact you each will be assisting in the changes to come. The important thing to remember is that the Master was indeed loving, brotherly and Fatherly, and wanted for our highest and best good. Hopefully this movie and things like it will spark the best in people. Good question, Harrison.


I have much enjoyed our time this evening. You each are always teaching me new things. I am always tickled to see you, your sparkling personalities, come to the surface. My love is ever growing. Until next time, shalom.