2004-03-08-Reality With a Spiritual Twist

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Topic: Reality With a Spiritual Twist

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I enjoy these smaller but intimate groups. There appears to be more freedom to show your true selves. Of course, there is more opportunity to delve into deeper subjects because time permits. At any rate I do enjoy weekly visits. I am inspired time and time again to see the good that our Father bestows upon us.


Again, this week I ask that you leave behind any and all concerns. Rise above that thinking that seems to antagonize you into action. Rise above that thinking that permits no rest. Step into that space that our eternal Family occupies. Be with me here in mind and body. Be open to our Father’s abundance, Michael’s watch care and Mother’s comfort.

Here in this region of the world you have opportunity to experience the passing from one season to the next. As your climate becomes warmer you can literally feel a change in mass attitude. There is a definite spark in the air that reawakens individuals to newness. You can see the material changes with the budding of flowers, the land taking on a newness, birds appearing, yes. The material changes are obvious and with it the newness of attitude is a real energy you can perceive only with the spiritual eyes.

Reality these days seems to be all the rage. Those worldly things perceived as realty seem to be in the forefront of everyone’s mind. Each individual has their personal reality, but also is there a mass reality. Those worldly events seem to get peoples attention, and yet make them feel helpless. You that strive to live a spiritual life embrace truth for the most part wholeheartedly. Reality to you does have a spiritual twist, and yet there does seem to be some fear that reality may blindside you, therefore you seem to pursue truth to the point that some of life’s goodness is lost or overlooked.

Down through history there have been worldly happenings and there has been progress, there has been evolution. This will always be. The scientist or intellectuals of the world seem to change or improve history, and indeed they make it more complex. The goodness in life is seemingly overlooked and much of mortal focus is on material striving and/or survival. ‘It is all I can do to make it through each day with my sanity intact,’ you say. I believe with all this new awareness and embracing of reality is somewhat a magnet to a more complex way of life.

There are three aspects of the Father that we can strive for—truth, yes, is one, but also is there beauty and goodness. Without this balance life becomes all about effort and striving without reaping any harvest. You, my friends, are not made to be so conditioned by the worlds circumstances. Your environment does not dictate who you really are. You are not subject to live by a given set of rules. You have freedom to enjoy abundance. You are to have peace and goodness in this mortal experience. Definitely do you need to make yourself aware of the small, simple, good things mortal life has to offer. Goodness, beauty, rest, reversion are allowed in this life, not just striving, learning, adversity or progression.

Look back at the Master’s life in the flesh. He left the interpretation of all reality to His Father in Heaven. He was jovial, and yet He was always about the Father’s business. He enjoyed an afternoon playing with children, speaking with friends, working His craft and spending time with His family. His life was not about His death. His life was not simply how He endured all life’s adversity. The Master’s life was about life, living, going beyond merely existing to being fully aware of truth, beauty and goodness.

Every day is not a self-sacrifice. Every day is not a trade of suffering for ease in living. If you make not effort to see the good, you are not reaping the benefits from living a balanced life. Joy literally produces chemicals in the body that are healing. Where is your joy in living? How might you make your daily life more complex, as if to justify its importance? Think about how wonderful it feels to bring joy to others.


This week be at ease and look for the goodness in life, just as the springtime brings a change in mind and heart, your efforts to find joy in daily living will bring improvement in your ability to live a balanced life. That is all. Know that my heart is joy filled each and every time we meet. Go in peace. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.