2004-03-14-Progress, Miracles

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Topic: Progress, Miracles

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Solonia, Will

TR: Harold, Mark, Ginny, Jonathan



unidentified (Harold TR): I send greetings to this august group, even though it is March.

You spoke of the pendulum swing. I would like to present the image of a dance. Sometimes two steps forward, one step back, other times three steps back, one step forward, but there is progress.

This is someone I think you know.


Progress, Ascension Career

Elyon (Mark): I bring my greetings at this time; this is Elyon. I would take today's message from your cues and combine some of your discussions into a fruits of the spirit salad. You discussed the desirability and the distinction between viewing your situation and circumstance in this world from the material plane and contrasted that with the more desirable seeing your circumstance from the seat of spirituality. You all recognize that it is the more advanced perspective of spirit which you all are in the process of growing to discover. I would add to this imagery also the imagery discussed of the dormant parts of the individual that are in fact with you through your entire journey but are only potentials to you until such time as they become actuated and become real in your lives, if you can envision the fact that you all contain from the very beginning the aspect of viewing your material world from the perspective of a cosmic citizen. This perspective is yours for the actualizing. It is a part of you from your very beginning which is merely unfolding as the wings of the butterfly. It is not foreign to you or outside of your realm, but rather it is dormant and awaiting your signal to become more dominant in your lives, and that, having reached a level of spiritual maturity, the soul then craves the actualization of the potentials that have been dormant thus far.

By this shifting of priorities the terrestrial being may become the spiritualized being and therefore become more than you are able to manifest on your material plane, but not anywhere near what you will manifest in your future spiritual realities. It is a fundamental shift that one makes, the decision to engage in which transforms the once contented earthly being into the charged spiritual embryo. Your set of realities, your cosmic circumstances, do not do the shifting, but rather, as you correctly asserted in your conversations earlier, the change is made within you each as individuals. This looking with your spiritual eyes is the effect of the desire to be a spiritualized being, the cause. Once you have made this fundamental seat from which you view your circumstance then, as you correctly stated, all things can and will be turned into use for the goodness and forward momentum of you each individually and your planet as a whole.

What is unique in your circumstance is the time frame in which you choose to make this shift. Many individuals do not come to the realization that there is a shift to be made or that it is their choice to make this shift in a number of lifetimes. You present here today are grappling with the implications of such a shift on such a remote outpost as you inhabit simply is a testament to the drawing power of the divine presence. That you would consider going about this process at such an early stage in your development is an example to the universe of the desires of your souls reaching and finding their spirit component and aligning your spirit with the will of the Father even as you are but infants in your development. When you have thoroughly decided to make this shift in your lives all things become as an opportunity for expression of the Father's greatness through your demonstration of the knowledge of the very fact that you are in concert acting one with the Father. This is the cup each of you here would have and would drink, this gift, this challenge, this opportunity, this cosmic circumstance of this very hour draws you to your highest selves and beckons you for things yet unlearned.

As a witness to your achievements to this point, it brings great joy to me to see the advances you have each made in your own personal lives and in your spiritual careers. Also there is much growth in the fellowship of the group and group synergy. These accomplishments are yours to have and to keep forever. We as teachers honor any who would choose this path of light, this path of pursuing the right, pursuing the high, pursuing the Godly. We understand that you are in your infancy, and as humans of the realm you will stumble, you will fall, you will misstep, but we are not concerned with any such trivial occurrences in your universal career. We see only your devotion and steadfastness as seekers and will honor your accomplishments by our very involvement with you in this process and indeed our friendships as well.

Those are my words today. I will allow time for others or dialogue as requested.

Solonia (Ginny): Greetings, this is Solonia. We as teachers have learned to use many analogies for your instructions, for we know it is an effective way for you to understand higher realities. As it was my very high responsibility to guide and to lead our heaven-sent ambassadors, our Material Son and Daughter, you can likewise benefit from learning how to guide and to lead by your dependence on the Father's gifts of understanding and goodwill.

At this time of the year you have much anticipation, looking out your windows, checking each day the suitable time for you to put in your first attempt to break ground, so to speak, to prepare for your garden. And you leave the house just to make sure that it's not quite time yet. One day you will feel that now is the time when I can begin, when the ground is receptive to your hoes and spades, when it will be suitable for the planting of seeds. As the weather warms you can anticipate more as you witness the green sprouts emerging from the ground, flowering, producing fruit.

We can also look at this ground in the universal sense of your planet being ready when the conditions are exactly right to receive the seeds of truth. You know that your garden will not produce if you rush things. You know the right time to begin, just as your planet will be at an ideal time for us to spread seeds of truth. You can improve your ability to perceive, to know, when it is time to know when it is ready for you to enlarge your vision. Good gardeners are truly sensitive to conditions that make it right for planting. Spiritually you can develop your sensitivity to know when it is the right time for planting your spiritual seeds of truth, goodness, and beauty. Even gardeners don't always understand why they know what they know. As you develop your sensitivity you increase your ability to be effective and to produce the most colorful and luscious fruits.

Also, every good gardener knows that there will be disappointment. What you expected to grow will not grow. Sometimes you will have less than you expected. Sometimes you will not understand why what you planted did not do well. But you also know the exhilaration of a row that grows well, that produces abundant fruit. This sensitivity can be developed each day as you sit in stillness, as you allow us to assist you, as you follow the promptings of spirit, as you breathe a prayer for assistance in your daily dealings.

We are happy to entrust this garden of Earth to you, for you have proven your loyalty and your ability to be good gardeners. We are confident that you will follow the promptings of spirit and go about your ministry with bravery and caution and sensitivity to the needs of your planetary brothers and sisters.

It is my pleasure to speak with you today, and I will continue to be on duty as one who can guide and assist you in your decisions. We depend on you as master gardeners to take care of this beautiful place. Thank you.

Will (Jonathan): This is Will. I visit you today to share in your enthusiasm for change and growth. Picture yourself a stairwell and imagine yourself standing at the ground floor. With two feet on the ground you are stable and balanced. As you choose to ascend the stairwell you must shift your balance. This shifting of balance when executed rightly is a change from a static balance to a dynamic balance and aids you in taking your first step. Your entire terrestrial life is a series of incremental steps. Your exit of womb and the beginning of life independent, the arrival of the Indwelling Spirit, your choice for eternal life, your transition from childhood to adulthood, from middle years to senior years, each step is a shift in balance and brings with it the potential to lose balance, to be thrown too far to one side and to fall.

Some may wish to remain steady and to stall out on a given step because of the distress of a dynamic transition of balance shift. Remember always that spirit is the handrail, and this spirit rail continually ascends. There is no plateau as each step has for you while on Earth. The steady ever-presence of spirit retains your upright ascent even when you are momentarily off your balance. It is the time when you are unbalanced that this rail is of most importance and is the time when you ought to clutch ever more solidly to the spirit rail.

You will ascend the first flight of stairs in your Earth life, and you will reach the first landing, and it will be joyful, the rest and exhilaration of the attainment. But alas, it is only a landing, and even though the spirit rail itself has gone horizontal, it will take you through a turn, a significant transition unlike any step before, and you will ascend the next flight through the morontia phase. Spirit will ascend in a steady rise, and you will incrementally advance. It is only upon arriving at the landing of Paradise that you will find no longer the need to use the rail of spirit to guide you, for the journey will be complete, your personality in full and divine balance. Until then must you grow comfortable with the constant shift of every step and to faithfully adhere to the spirit presence and ministry that sits beside you at every step to offer support, to offer safety, and to provide direction.

Wherever you are, wherever I am, there is God.

Mark: Thank you, Will, that was very nice imagery.

Will: It has been much time since I have expressed myself before you in this manner. I salute your dedication of years to this mission. It requires this dedication from all of you for us to be successful in bringing Urantia ever closer to the ages of Light and Life. It will not be so much your successes as it will be your dedication. Successes are much like the steps, and dedication is much like the handrail. Success will come and go, but your dedication must remain ever present.

Mark: We appreciate your dedication to us, your help along the stairwell ushering us along and helping us when we stumble. We receive that with joy.


Harold: Would you expand on the concept of unconditional love? I understand that it is one of the lessons we need to learn here. Are there some parameters that define it, particularly, is it necessary that it not be returned?

Will: The state of unconditional love is difficult for creatures to comprehend, for it is an expression that is an ideal in a creature's mind and a reality in the divine mind and heart. Unconditional love is free from any definition. It is ever present unlike the fluctuations of conditional love. To attempt to express love unconditionally a creature may develop descriptive conditions which are conducive to the attempt to express unconditional love. One of those conditions is, as you have stated, to not require reciprocation in love expressed. Another is to love your enemies as you do your friends. Yet these are still conditions.

Because the love of the highest ideal is a divine love, you are growing in your capacity through the intervening stages of conditional love to the eventual state of infinite, unbounded love. Just as you are this day temporal creatures with an eternal destiny, you are conditionally loving creatures with an unconditionally loving destiny.

I say this but hope that you do not dismiss unconditional love as an unattainable, for every effort in your refinement of love increases the potential in your being for attaining a love without qualification of any kind. Unconditional love is even free of the sense of warm feeling. There is no description. Perhaps the purest description of unconditional love is to state, God is. All else will shrink the power and potency of that love.

I hope I have contributed to your ponderings.


Harold: Yes, very nicely. Jesus didn't plan to do miraculous things, yet it was part of the Father's plan to impress people, I guess, with some miracles that he did perform. While it wasn't with great effect, it did effect some people in their decisions to progress spirit-ward. Have we progressed beyond the stage where a miracle would be useful? Or is that planned to capture people's attention now?

Will: The general rule that applied then applies today of avoiding such wonder-making with the expressed reason that such miracles are not promoted exclusively for their own merit as ends in themselves, for the human race is all too ease-seeking and would relish such apparently easy fixes to difficulty. However, the human mind is stubborn and is all too often caged in intellectually by your sensory apparatus. Where a miraculous incident will break that fixation and force the mind to reach for supernatural explanation, it will be allowed, as it is then the Father's will for the expansion of the soul and the opening of personality to the divine.

Miracles will not come as a proof but will be present as process, a necessary tool for an outcome. No being, even God Himself, is capable of proving to you divine matters. The reason is the sovereignty of your will. You must choose yourself. Demonstrations will be offered; example will be made, but you ultimately decide independently whether to believe or disregard what is presented to you or what you have experienced. This is why miracles will never prove a thing but may promote advancement.

Tom: Regarding healing, would "your faith has made you whole" be a self-generated or self-manifesting miracle?

Will: It is the same mechanism as the freewill choice for divine attainment. You are insightful to make that connection.

Mark: As faith sons in spirit in conjunction with the Father's will, there are no limitations when our will aligns with the Father's will. We generate the heart's desire which can become manifest. If it's proper then miracles can occur regularly.

Will: Yes. Some miracles, so called, are merely easy explanations for causes and effects that are inexplicable to the current level of enlightenment of the minds that perceive them. What is a miracle in one age is explainable in another; what is a miracle in mortal realms is method in the morontia realms. You are correct to say then that all things are miraculous.

Ginny: I consider these ten, fifteen years we have been listening to you teachers as pretty much a miracle in both directions.

Will: Yes, it is miraculous that you have been so willing to invest all these years and to not only have kept your faith but increased your faith.


I have enjoyed my visit. I will release this transmitter. I hope to be back with you again, as it is an enjoyable experience.,