2004-03-22-The Evolution of Progress

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Topic: Evolution of Progress

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I always gain some insight when I witness your discussions. I thank you. I am always with amazement with each passing year of your time. There is always something new. There are always some issues of right and wrong. There is always evolution.


To look back over my personal history, I have indeed seen a great many changes and really this is not a long period of time. I have been witness to the history of devastation to this world in my short time, but I have also seen the growth therefrom. I can rejoice at Father’s hand in our personal, as well as collective, evolution. As I reminisce now, so will you also be in my place someday reviewing your own relationship with history and the good that inevitably comes.

During this time of year many are made to turn their thoughts toward the resurrection of the Master. The resurrection was about newness. Said Jesus, “I have the power to lay down my life and I have the power to take it up again.” The risen Master gives all mortals hope that all of life’s striving is for the good. All the effort you make every day to grow in spirituality takes you to this one moment that pulls your faith from merely hoping to an actuality.

Is resurrection your reward for a life well lived? No. It is simply a continuation of your universe career. Everyday living events, lessons learned, love gained or lost, experience had is your reward. Everyday awareness is a reward in itself. In the mortal life do we each strive so that we may reap the end reward? Of course not. We strive minute by minute to make a difference in the here and now. Here and now is our reward.

We are indeed a part of the Father’s works right now. We each play a role in the birthing of Light and Life. It is difficult in the material life to see that spiritual benefit. Many mortals believe the benefit comes at the end of a hard life lived well. The benefits are here and now. The growth occurs as we speak. The past was well worth the price you paid to come to the awareness you have today. Who would you be without your experience? You are each unique and separate, and at the same time, all one.

This year as we ponder the resurrection of our Master, let us review the beautiful example He set for all of us. The story does not end with the risen Lord and His morontia appearances, no. The Master was also beginning a new career as well as our universe Sovereign. Did His struggles in His bestowal lives earn Him the reward of universe Sovereign? Is a day gathered with a universal crowd in some celebration more meaningful that a day spent in the hills with John Mark? My lesson this evening is kept short to take questions if you wish.


CALVIN: Abraham, I think last week when the visitors were here from St. George, Ruby and Tracey, Tracey wanted to know if there were any words for her as far as starting a group there or being a part of this group?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Delightful ladies indeed. My daughters, things meaningful take time and patience to grow. If you would be willing to take on such a task for the Mission, then so be it. I find your sincerity to be a catalyst to your training to receive a teacher’s words and transmit to whoever listens. Feel at peace to take time to practice. I will assist you myself. Have not worry nor fear, for this will cause you to stumble over the gift that is yours should you so desire. Lasting things take time to develop so have patience and make time to practice stillness. Your faith will see you through. Your fellowship with one another will maintain balance. You, my daughters, do well. Carry on. Another question?

TECTRA: I have a question about addictions. It seems like addictions are becoming stronger. I wonder why this would be. I guess as related to this new energy coming into the planet, and if people don’t have a spiritual connection, it creates difficult addictions? If you could just comment on addictions?

ABRAHAM: Good question, my son. As the circuits have been renewed and spirituality is becoming more of a reality, individuals are finding out they must look within at themselves and the lives they live. Many are in fear that to change anything will be too difficult. To stay closer to the animalistic side seems to be easier for them. The meaning that is being drawn from everyday living now is so much more than before. To understand it does take effort and personal growth. To many individuals this means change and that is seemingly too difficult. To have escape through alcohol or drugs keeps one from having to deal with the effort needed to find real meaning in life. Chemical addiction seems to be a way to live a life of ease. This of course is false. You can escape life’s meaning temporarily, but eventually you will need to have the experiences--there really is no escape. There is joy however in any effort taken to understand meanings. Unfortunately many individuals worry about how they appear and therefore they conform to societies recommendations. Society is much more demanding than the spiritual life and no where near the joy can be attained as there is from a life lived in the spirit. There is this energy, as you mentioned, and this new awareness many find it disturbing and seek escape, but many also through addiction find Father and a life to a new and better way. All experience is worthwhile. Those who seem to be bound by addiction have not fear or hopelessness. There are a great many resources to be had. You can bring healing and enlightenment to others as well, if you should so chose to accept healing for yourself. Have not fear. Good question, my son. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, my question is not just for myself, but perhaps for others that are experiencing physical pain. I was looking for some words, thought that you might offer that would help me with my thoughts and actions that might be pleasing to the Father in dealing with the pain?

ABRAHAM: There is always value to be had by experience, even the experience of physical pain. When one is feeling fit, then one can be about his daily business. Those who know this physical pain and are unable to do even menial tasks know that on better days they will indeed appreciate feeling better. The human body is indeed magnificent in its overall design. The mind however is a mystery. The brain does have its central nervous systems, which carries messages to and from all parts of the body. You cannot separate the mind from the body. The mind however is important to the healing. It is the brain that releases those chemical needed to promote physical health. My son, Harrison, you are exhausting your human resources with this issue and gaining mindal strength. As the body ages however it is not sinful to seek out medical attention. Father works with science as He works with anything else. You will know when it is time to move in a different path to seek relief. I might add that you are very emotionally involved with your place of employment. Your tendency to bring this employment on as a part of your overall identity is not helping your physical body. The long hours are not helping either. Balance, my son. Get to the bottom of those issues which cause you concern, which drives you to cling emotionally to your job. What are those issues? Have time for journaling. I will be there to assist you. You do well Harrison. Have not worry. All things in balance, yes. One more question.

AZSURAY: We had a discussion in our study group Thursday. Since then I have been trying to find the answer in the Urantia Book. When do we get our personality?

ABRAHAM: Personality is indeed a gift and is assigned to each individual at the time of birth. Of course, time and experience add characteristics and the personality begins to take shape around the age of two. With the coming of the Thought Adjuster the personality is stabilized and of course, is a fertile ground for new growth of traits and characteristics. Is this what you are asking? (Yes and thank you so much.) You are welcome and again, this is my understanding. Always is there room to expand on my understanding.


With that I shall take my leave. Know that with each passing week I feel our bond grow stronger. You are my friends. I love you. Until next time. Shalom.