2004-03-25-Very Best Of Teachers

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Topic: Very Best of Teachers

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Andrea

TR: George Barnard



Andrea: "There is no doubt about your "temporary supervisor midwayers" having their job cut out for them in this worldly kindergarten, where so many strong-willed mortals all have their own ideas about how the planet, indeed, the entire universe, should be reorganized. It’s all in a day’s work for us, and nothing much surprises us anymore. No, hardly ever are we amazed by what you cute creatures think of next in your most pleasant dreams and worst nightmares while fully awake.

"We are making progress, my dear brother. We are making progress in the sense that we are attracting a great number of potential (human) contact personalities that are at long last discovering that there is a real meaning to the time-prompts we are giving them. At this time, I would like to speak in more detail about what is required for these contactees to attain a closer relationship with the surrogate Celestial Teachers that are giving them their time.

"Yes, my dear brother the term, "surrogate"—do not be surprised—is indeed correct. We, the midwayers, under the immediate direction of our angelic superiors, are merely poor substitutes for the most preferred, the most excellent, the most knowledgeable, and especially, the most loving of Teachers that are available to you. And even now, we are appreciative of the fact that many of your group’s newfound friends are quite unaware of their having the very best of Teachers indwelling them.

"I refer to the Fragments of the Creator of All, which share your lives around the clock, without let-up in your day-to-day living, and in happiness and despair, in your greatest joy and deepest regrets, and in your successes and failures. It is a faith-filled, balanced, and progressive life that will allow these Spirit Fragments from the Eternal Father, so patiently co-existing with you, to step aside and allow us, the lesser teachers, the experience to communicate with you.

"Indeed, although we highly prize your friendship, your love and cooperation, your dedication and embrace, we know we are only leading you into, and towards, an eventual ability to communicate with, listen to, compare notes with, learn from, and establish a loving relationship with the Paradise Source through the Gifts that are His Emissaries to all mortals in His time/space realms.

"Do follow your regimen of regular meditation towards the end goal of promoting yourself in this way, and to a point where you mortals may fully engage in communications with our Father’s Gifts to each and every one of you. I love you, my dear brother, admire your perseverance, and I will now step aside as another will speak with you directly. This is Andrea. May God bless our work, and allow our efforts to bear much fruit."


"It is good to be welcomed back into your … humble burrow, and a pleasure for me to plug into your swirling, twirling, whirlpool of a typical human mind, so much calmer now. And it is a delight for us to take time out from our immediate duties in a topsy-turvy world that is going through rather a rough patch right now. This is Andrea, who loves you. "Hello dear Andrea."