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Topic: Balance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Emulan

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying your freedom of discussion. You must admit there are not many places in this world to have such freedom. I am honored to be a part of you and your group.

Let us take a moment to rise above that busyness of mind. Allow the stress of the day to roll away. Come into our place of family. Feel the presence of our First Source and Center, our Brother/Father Michael and our Mother. Be here with me in this comfort and safety. In this place we believe all things are possible, healing on any level is possible. Relief of worry and fear is here right now in this place. It is permissible and highly recommended to simply be, have not thought about yesterday, today or tomorrow. Take in that nourishment your divine Family provides for you.

Each day I live I become more and more grateful I am tended to in all ways. Even in my times of struggle, I am never made to suffer alone. My knowledge is always building. My experience is always teaching. I am with fullness of heart to have the realization that Father is always with me.

As the world prepares for newness, they are finding Father in all aspects of living. The mortal and divine worlds are coming more integrated and actualized. The awareness now is a living energy. Many know not how they know—they just do. This evening’s lesson will be given by your friend and mine, EMULAN.


Greetings, children, it has been awhile since we have had the pleasure of spending time together. As you are bringing the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man into your lives as an everyday reality, we will have discussion on the Father’s works. I realize this scenario may seem simple but bare with me.

A child, who is reprimanded for committing some dangerous act, goes through many emotions and realizes not the benefit a parent has to offer. You can tell a child the dangers of a hot stove, and yet he is not fully aware because he has not had the experience of being burned. The mystery of the stove does somehow call out to the child’s sense of adventure, and the child is still not taking precautions because he knows not the complete outcome.

The Father is the good Parent, and though you may not hear Him with your human ears or see Him face to face, He still takes opportunities to show you certain outcomes, which would either be harmful or beneficial. This is becoming more of a reality everyday.

You are perhaps annoyed with a traffic ticket one day and this moves awareness to the forefront of your mind that rules apply in society, and if they are not followed there will be consequences, therefore you simply control your speed in the automobile. Sure enough this awareness has created in you a new caution and your exertion of self-control aids in your adverting an accident.

I am saying what appears to be negative could very well be a message from Father. Those small annoyances of today brings your awareness to a place of caution or observance. Life is most enjoyed when there is balance. Father would have us live life on an even keel if He could. There would not be the stressful roller coaster ride if He had His way. Too much drama leads to too much stress, which bogs down the mind and awareness sensory. Certainly there is no peace or rest in imbalance.

Be observant of those small occurrences that may perhaps be a message from the universe attempting to make you aware of a new and better way. For example: On the very day the child may reach the stove and become seriously injured, he instead has a smaller occurrence, which pulls a parents awareness to future possibilities and having power or ability to change outcomes.

The Father speaks to you. The universe gives you messages. The spiritual energy of this planet is very much alive and attempting to communicate with you every moment of the day. Father does have plans for you each to fulfill and certainly He would see to your health and well-being. This does require your awareness and effort. This is wonderful. This communicating energy is a blessing you should have had all along. Balance, patience and awareness are indeed the keys to understanding how Father relates with you. I am not simply droning on about mysticism or sign seeking, no. I am explaining your God given gift.

In my mortal life I had plenty of opportunities to receive this universal or God-communication. I was bogged down in mind with my mortal responsibilities. Even though there are accidents of time, the Father does indeed bring you awareness so that you may endure any and all things. Most everyone knows of my tragic loss in my mortal life. As I look back now I do not believe that it was my wife and child’s time to go. I believe it was truly an accident, and yet the Father in all His mercy, attempted to give me some preparation for the terrible things that were to come. While Father and His universe associates know much about our future, they still have not control over our free will and they rely upon our willingness to be spirit-led.


This week look for messages from Father. Be aware of those inconvenient things that may have an underlying message. No, do not be paranoid or overly cautious, but as the child’s attention is drawn to the mystery of the stove, allow yourselves to look at this experiment as a spirit adventure, knowing how to use this universal energy that communicates directly with you. As always it is my pleasure to be included as one of you. I return you to Abraham. Farewell.

I am ABRAHAM. Thank you to our brother and friend who has delivered us this evening a message of value. I am always in appreciation of his assistance and differing insight. As they say—two heads are better than one. This week I am also expecting you to find time to rise above the busyness in mind to be with our universal Family. Have moments of no concern, worry or fear whatsoever. Make your best effort to find time to rest and simply be. Your responsibilities will always wait for you. Be joyful, children. Know that I am ever growing more in love with you each. That is all. Until next time, shalom.