2004-04-05-Mortal Life Is Struggle

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Topic: Mortal Life is a Struggle

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I find it an honor to be among you this evening. You can see your ministry at work. Your willingness to share personal issues and offer solutions is a great help to all of you who attend. I also learn and am revived in spirit when I am witness to your discussions. Well done. As most of you know, our lesson plans are designed to be flexible and are always subject to change. I give where I see a need.


Children, there is really nothing so pressing that you cannot afford to spend a few moments with Father. This applies to any given moment. Right now, with me, take a step higher in mind. In this space there is rest right now. No one is demanding anything from you. There are no deadlines, pressing issues or anything that can’t wait.

This is your priority, children. This is for you. In this moment we receive. We receive the ministry of a caring universe, the unconditional love from our Father, the attention of a doting older Brother, the graciousness from an adoring Mother. In this moment here and now be receptive. Receive that life giving abundance that only Father can give. What is so important that you cannot find time every day to reach this place in your mind?

Mortal life is struggle, but it is not meant to be miserable. Father knows your every need and oversees your well-being every moment of every day. There is nothing to fear or worry over. You that would live a spiritual life must practice a spiritual life. You cannot be about your business and expect peace and comfort from a loving universe. It is simply not in your perception.

The Master however was always about the Father’s business and indeed all aspects of His mortal life were looked after. Does this mean He lived a life of ease? No. He was however working at optimum spiritual power within the mortal life. He worried less, therefore He thought with more intelligence. He trusted Father more and His emotions were in balance. He did do those things He knew He was supposed to do. He rested, nourished the human body, prayed, trusted in the Father, and therefore His life’s results were differing from those who had neglected the body, mind and only have had trust in self.

You speak of weakness and will-power. This should be of no concern, for your power comes from a different source than self. To receive the most out of life’s abundance there is a need to hold fast to spiritual laws. To receive comfort and peace there is a need to have faith in something more than yourself. What you put forth in life is the exact proportion you will receive out of life.

This week tend to your spiritual priorities. Exercise the soul. Tame the emotional mind. Find a few minutes every day to rise above that animal mind. You have spiritual power directly tied into the material brain. Worry, stress and fear are enemies to this gift. We are learning to bring forth the most from what we have. What you know right now is only the tip of the iceberg.


This evening’s lesson will be kept short so that you may have time to prepare for the week ahead. Know that every day you are in my thoughts. I am with the concern of a father for you each. My love is ever growing. Until next week, shalom.