2004-04-24-Expanded Human Mind

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Topic: Expanded Human Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: "There is on your earth, my earth, neither the vocabulary that will allow you to pronounce my name, nor is there the comprehension in your mind to "encompass" my number. It is simply too big and complex a number, but it will please me if you will refer to me as, "The Scribe." In our dealings with you we, who are far above you, must ever be capable of "lowering the tune" of our terminology usage (for it) to be understood by you. A scribe I once was, and therefore, in part, I still am that reality. I greet you, my student."

George: "Welcome Scribe."


The Scribe: "In your observations and understanding of the functions of the human mind endowments as segmented, progressive and interactive to a greater or lesser degree depending on the intelligence and spiritual progress of the individual, you have made some strides. And yet you will find that as you acquire the further promotions in mind endowments, you will look back at the original concept as tentative, even primitive, and a form of basic truth that must be enlarged upon and refined.

"For ages upon ages you will theorize and discover realities that will lead you ever closer to the eventual truth. Indeed, you can only be presented with those endowments that can be supported by your primitive electrochemical system and to the degree your positive actions and acquired worship/wisdom attainments will have progressed your soul growth.

"In fact, in citing the additional endowments as the first and second aspects of the Morontia Mind it again represents "a closing in" on a new reality that for now must do as an acceptable truth to be later modified, crystallized, purified. Verily, a sense of unqualified love and responsibility for another’s welfare, and towards all brothers and sisters, is an innate part of the one. The realization of immense satisfaction in unending service is innate to the other.

"It is herewith you will come to better understand as a goal of existence the motivations of those Midwayers and Angels you have adopted as part of your immediate family and clan. And yet, at your human level these qualities remain so much more faith driven, intellectually understood, or learned, rather than innate as they are with the Angelic and Morontia-like Beings. So much more in Universe Credits [see notes] to the human workers, dare I say?

"Suffice it at your human level to lend a helping hand where you can, to become a year one, term one tutor for those who have not yet achieved much contact with their Preferred Higher Sources. Suffice it for you to offer a kind word, a firm handshake, or to spare a genuine smile for another to lighten their load. In so doing, you will be seeking and conducting yourself according to the Will of the Father on Paradise as an ambassador to your own kind.

"I greet you and leave you now."


"The Scribe" is thought to be a personalized Fragment of the Creator. A number of suggestions have been made as to The Scribe’s identity, but we don’t actually know.

It appears the experience of spiritual illumination does deal with the "arrival" of aspects of the Morontia (Angelic) Mind, but only to the degree these endowments can impact on the human brain/mind and soul readiness.

The concept of "Universe Credits" goes back many decades when I suggested the Midwayers should be remunerated for their services in a newly struck, actual gold coinage-a new universal currency. It was only a dumb joke, although there was ever the feeling I could not do enough for them in return for the many favors they bestowed upon my family and me.

[To All, The transmission set out above, I feel, is no more than another personal message received, likely for me to be careful not to take my theories about the impact of the true Morontia Mind on the human system as cast in stone. However, I would guess a few of you might be interested in the concept of additional mind endowments being superimposed on the seven standard human progressive/interactive acquirements.]