2004-04-25-Life's Conundrums

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Topic: Life's Conundrums

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ. Master Teacher, We come to you today, happy to be here, and reinforced with "It’s a Wonderful World" because it is and it’s supposed to be that way, not burdened and inundated with negativity, but with what we can bring to it to make it a wonderful world, as it is already, and to be aware., We implore you to enable us where it is possible, where it is nevertheless our choice and our ability to perceive and act accordingly, but nevertheless, implore your assistance that we may not lose faith, that if we waiver, falter, stumble by carrying the cross of faith that has been presented to us (giftedly) that we are able to rise again and carry it to completion, to see our role in creation carried forth to completion in and through you, before our Heavenly Parents. This is the least we can ask yet the most we have to look forward to, in terms of faith being lived and fulfilled.

We ask for the Teachers today who are with us to be kind in our failings to perhaps stay awake at times or otherwise ask their indulgence to know that humanity is willing but we are often weak. We place ourselves before you, before our God, in love and union now and always. Amen.

Group: Amen.

TOMAS: Lovely ones, I am Tomas, your teacher, embracing you in joy of our gathering together once more to reassure each other of the fellowship of

God’s offspring, this family of faith that we enjoy, and the inspiration that is brought to the gathering by each of us in anticipation of sharing that which is of value to us all.

“The control group,” then, this shall be. There is great value to maintaining an anchor of reality, of establishing a tether to that which has been, in order for you to rise like a helium filled balloon and see from those lofty heights what might be seen from that vantage point, knowing you have your roots firmly planted in the soil of that which is enduring and everlasting. Like the mountains, then, in your view here, let us stand firm in our resolve and steadfast in the original format.


The words I have for you today have to do with the fact of the wonderful life that you live and that we live. Recently I spoke to you about the apparent dichotomy of those who live entirely within the spirit world and those who live entirely within the material world, rarely experience such conflicts as those who have one foot in one world and the other foot in the adjacent world, as if you were straddled between two realities. Well, in the sense of today’s lesson, this is precisely what you all do. I will elaborate.

I will use the analogy of the personality of the human, so as to see, by using yourself as an example, how the conflict of living in two worlds can confuse your approach.

In your spirit reality, the prevailing reality that is for those who are born of the spirit, is to be had through the association with those spirit entities and values which are eternal, which allow you to regard yourself as a part of the divine, as part of the infinite pattern of all that is, and which anticipates your arrival on the shores of Paradise long before you have left your plane of origin. From the vantage point of the spiritualist you can put all things in perspective and transcend all of life’s difficulties by standing outside the mortal conundrum in full faith of your future being assured and your mind being at peace in all things. This is the bounty and the blessing of those of you who are born of the spirit. It is a viable reality, the preferred, no doubt.

There is, concurrently, the physical reality which is enjoyed by you as well, even more so perhaps by those of you who have been able to see it as the birthplace of your being and the provider of all the elements and essentials necessary to oversee your coming into full-fledged being as a material mortal of the realm. You have the atmosphere that enables you to breathe, the water that cleanses and purges your system -- as it does the entire planet life. You have the sun, which keeps you warm, generating the necessary temperature to sustain life. You have the vegetation and, additionally, the fowl and fish -- food of the realm. You have “the wonderful life” that you see before you in the unfolding of spring blossoms, in life abundantly springing forth evermore in joy of being. The music of the birds, the companionship of the animal kingdom, and the comfort of one another.

These two realities in and of themselves present no difficulty whatsoever. The difficulty resides in the realm, in between. In the mental arena, in the social arena that attempts to advance from one level of existence to the other … in the throat chakra, as compared to the heart chakra and the perception chakra. Here is the realm of choice, the arena wherein matter is presented for our consideration. It is where experience is exposed in order for you to learn life’s lessons, in order for you to rise from the essential levels of existence to the more advanced understandings of the evolving creature you are. Here you not only come in conflict with your own perceptions, as a result of your experiences, but you also conflict with the minds and ideals of others. It is in this mid-range that humanity lives. This is the area where men and women use each other and push their weight around trying to get their needs met. It is in that middle realm where so often the reality of the clarity of spirit or the simplicity of the material life are cast aside as immaterial, insignificant. It is the drama and the clash of values in the mid-range that holds such challenge and has such fascination for the evolving mortal being - not only for the mortal being but for heavenly beings, as well, for as you know by now, there have been insurrections even in higher forms of creator consciousness, giving rise to rebellion in the universes, such as Lucifer versus Gabriel, and the effects of that conflict upon the realm in which you live.

Most folks live in this mid range of conflict, and only occasionally think to find themselves enrapt in the wonders of nature as a reflection of the divine, or in the presence of the divine itself, humbly appreciating its being and its immense power over all that is. You who have enjoyed the full range of reality -- from the most minute to the most infinite -- have a wonderful life, indeed, and will not become permanently mired in the psychodramas and conflicts of this mid-range. But lest you lose your effectiveness in that mid-range arena, when and as you work with and play with those who have not yet gotten your transcendental perspective, bring what you can of those realities into the emotions of the arena where you work and play by your own creative authority. Introduce those elements of the divine and of nature that man can relate to.

Bring those things that do not generate more conflict but which can give you a focal point on which to settle your disharmony for that moment or two, that allows you to enjoy, for example, the taste of a chocolate drop, a photograph of a new grandchild, a sprig of spring blossoms, a “God Bless You!” when you hear a sneeze, or a pause to reflect on your response before you shoot from the hip in a social conflict. In this way you will expand the lives and the consciousness of those you encounter, as well as contributing to their sense of value … true value, as Children of God.

Recently the words of Scott Peck were brought forth: “Life is difficult.” And it caused a conflict of sorts, in that, from the vantage point of one degree or another, there is nothing difficult about life whatsoever. It is a gift, it is wonderful, it is not confusing, it is not complex. But for those who are in the throes of a dimension that does not provide the satisfactions that you know as a conscious being, there is nothing but difficulty. This is the challenge and the opportunity. This is the rub and the crux. This is the mission and this is the point.

Let us make life less difficult for everyone, including ourselves, by reminding ourselves incessantly of the interrelatedness of all that is and the harmony that continues to lure us onward, ever upward into evolved states of light and life.

This is Tomas, the philosopher, concluding the sermonette for the afternoon with thorough thanks for your attendance and appreciation for the sponge that absorbs the living water therein.

Anatolia, we look forward to your contribution this afternoon.

ANATOLIA: Welcome, all, to the home of Ann, our friend and associate. We welcome you to our confines today as we have many times in the past, welcoming you to a new day and a new hour, for as we had said not long ago, all is new -- that the earth has not spun in this space as the galaxy continues to spin in place, in union with others; that the dance continues and all is continuously new, despite the scenery and the speed at which we may be traveling. We are making fine time and are on course for eternity-bound transport.

It is my pleasure to be among you today as both student and teacher in your realm. I am continuously amazed and impressed with the ability for humanity to adjust and to adapt, for as it has been said, the insects are among the most adaptable anywhere. I dispute this to the extent that I would put humanity up against the insect any day, for both bravery, resilience, and the ability to never be satisfied with just survival but to reach beyond the limit to become part of the eternal equation. For survival is one accomplishment which can be ranked on the scale of evolution; nevertheless, to become part of the eternal equation is to become godlike, as is your charge and our responsibility to be able to accomplish, in this, the presumed only life that we have to live.

I say “ours” individually and collectively, for we as teachers are no more privy to assurance of our place in the sun, so to speak, or eternity, than the students, nevertheless. The test for passage in this course may seem to be deadly serious, yet it is forever light in its intent and certainly light in its destination, for one need only to choose life, and therefore, it is light that one chooses. It is essentially that simple. Yet to grow in the process is what is being asked of each and all. But in the final analysis, it is choosing life and light that is the responsibility of each and all.

There are those who seem predestined, or have a predeliction, for choosing the darkness. This is their responsibility as well, to choose that which is life-giving and on-going. Where it is possible for any of us to assist one who would be choosing darkness and death of spirit as their destination? Where is it possible for us to know that and to guide one differently? It is something that most of us would be willing to do if we were aware of the consequences. Again, it is a serious matter, nevertheless, is light in its intent and purpose. For it is up to each and all to choose that which is light-giving and eternal.

I wish to assure you that by our purposes, and in joining in this organization that we call the Teaching Mission, we have chosen to assist you so that you may assist others as we continue along this path. For as you are well aware, it is a group project. No one is in this program purely based upon their own motivation, or if so, they will eventually discover that it is a group activity. Hence, the old statement of preaching to the choir. It is not preaching to the singer, but rather to the choir.

Let us, therefore, see the type of music we can make together by practicing individually and collectively the song that is sung throughout the universes and for all ages, the one that the angels have sung forever and is ours to learn in ages to come. It is, after all, the song of your hearts that do blend to become the song of the ages.

I rejoice with you in this day of days, as it is a reminder of new life everywhere, in this -- the last Sunday of April, this spring, in the year of our Lord 2004. Again, this place in time will never be realized again. Tomorrow is new and different like never before. Let each day be appreciated for what it is, a day to be new and unlike any day before. May this live and breathe in our hearts as we continue to be children of the spheres and our Father’s heart.

Peace be with you until we meet again. May the spring eternal within your beings.

Peace be with you.

Group: Thank you, Anatolia.

TOMAS: Amen, indeed.

We come now to our cherished chance to engage with you in learning and growing, from your own life experiences. This is the true test, the laboratory experiment, the living testimony of that which you are learning in and through your efforts with the Spirit. What constructs of your lives are presented for your growth, for your learning, that may give you pause, or question or inspiration that you would share with your fellows?


Gerdean: I have a question. I work with a lady at work, a woman, she sits right next to me, and I’m venturing this because of what Anatolia was talking about, so maybe Anatolia would like to take this, but at any rate, this woman seems to live in negativity. And she is not alone, I have known many people who are happy in that negative place and are not happy, in fact, until everyone else is negative with them, wherein they take great delight. I have no desire to go there, and it’s upsetting to me. I don’t seem to be able to get beyond or rise above the conflicts that woman presents for me.

Of course, I feel unsuccessful; but, nonetheless. I do rally. I have my own reality source, but I find her really disturbing, and I want to change jobs just to get away from her sometimes, but I also feel that I shouldn’t have to run from difficult personalities. I should be able to deal with that better. I’m looking for counsel from On High about this problem I have, Anatolia, can you take that?

ANATOLIA: It is my desire to share with you part of what I was speaking of in terms of if you were aware of there being someone who apparently is choosing darkness instead of light, to shed that light with them instead of letting them stay in the darkness. It is somewhat a twofold program. I’ll add three points to the ledger.

And that is to, first of all, not to allow yourself to be taken down to that level of hopelessness, for one who does not feel hope, must, from their vantage point, bring others to that point of hopelessness in order for there to be equilibrium within him or herself and to, therefore, not let light in where they are uncomfortable or uncertain. Therefore, it is of greater comfort to remain in ignorance than to allow the light to shine on such absence of love and knowledge.

I implore you, then, to aid the situation by not necessarily forcing yourself to be an object of ridicule and self-sacrifice, but rather to call upon the forces and sources that you know are true within yourself, to be activated within her that she may see the light from her own internal sources of brilliance; therefore not to have to subject yourself to group mistrust or ridicule by presenting opportunities that may be lessons in learning but would be resisted due to, again, ignorance.

What it is I am speaking of is to call upon the Force within you to be present within her heart and mind, as you are well aware, the god force need not be called upon to be strengthened, for it to be activated within her for it is truly as active within her as it is within you, but by being a free will choice individual, she must choose to become open to that which is a matter of truth and light within. Effectively you are then aiding and praying for her self- awareness to be brought to light, for her own acceptance of that which she wishes to keep the light from, that she may know she is part of an eternal plan which is only love.

Is this helpful to your purposes?

Gerdean: Well, yes. I am praying for her and I will persist. I’m not going to dazzle her with anything. I’m going to be as unobtrusive and out of her face as possible, but when I do have dealings with her, they will be … fresh and fraternal as I can be.

ANATOLIA: I am only suggesting a technique. The principle is certainly there. When it appears the conversation, mood and overall general attitude seems to be going south, as it were, use your own terminology, of course, but an example would be to within your won heart and mind call upon the holy spirit to enliven, refresh and redirect the attention and awareness for which purposes the spirit calls and watch to see how those conditions, circumstances may be effective. All you have to do is invite that which is to prevail and let light dispel the darkness.

I believe you certainly understand what I am thinking of. It doesn’t have to be anything ultimately profound but simply to speak the truth that you know within yourself that can allow the rays of light to shine where they are attempted to be kept at bay. Is there anything else?

Gerdean: No, thank you. It’s just a continuing saga.

ANATOLIA: Pray and watch change before your eyes. This may reinforce your faith, as well, that change can occur despite such surroundings. May peace be with you.

Gerdean: Thank you.

Maria: I have a question. I had another cat disappear. About a month ago, and I wonder if anybody can give me some idea of what happened. I have some suspicions but I would like to know if either of you know what’s become of her and….

TOMAS: This is Tomas. It is not within my purview to know these things immediate. I need to go investigate such activities in order to get a better handle on it. These fall within the purview of Our Mother. As you know, no sparrow falls without her knowledge, and while Mother knows, she may opt not to tell us. Even so, I will inquire. One moment.

Alas, the picture I receive is none too pleasant. It even similarly reflects the previous concern, having to do with the mindset that chooses darkness over light. There are those whose sheer joy is in destruction. There are those who torment the vulnerable. This, of course, is what makes life difficult. Especially when you are the victim of such terrorism. The illness is unnatural. It is a disease. And so you are personally being affected by the disease of the darkness.

The only comfort you could find in such a case is to know that the end is swift and sure. The unmerciful aspect of such cruelty is that it is drawn out. If it were done, let it be done quickly, and mercifully (all things being relative).

I would not get any more pets for awhile until this cycle has completed. When it is completed, it will have nothing to feed upon but itself. This also relates to the first scenario discussed. Evil will die of natural causes when it has nothing to feed on. If it will not find its power and energy from the ultimate source, it will not be able to sustain itself for long. Thus, let evil be its own end. And when the way is clear, renew your resolve with good cheer and in good faith of the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

I have not necessarily brought cheerful news but it is valuable, nonetheless.

Maria: My last cat vomited meat, so I suspect the other cat had been poisoned. I imagine now at this point I may keep my last cat inside until this stops. I also saved the vomit and am considering calling the police and taking the vomit to the vet and having it analyzed.

TOMAS: A laboratory should be able to discern the elements and prosecution is not outside the bounds of reason, but if you take on such a task, you are engaging in battle with evil, which is a battle you may not want to indulge.

Maria: Would a better course of action be to speak with my neighbors who are cat owners?

TOMAS: Consultation with those who also may have been affected by this scourge is good, for it comrades you and as a group you have more affect. However, it may not be a problem for your neighbor. It never hurts to open doors of communication, however. And in the course of unveiling the darkness, in bringing light on the issue, in setting aright the wrongs of the material realm, it is always good to confer openly, for this creates the group consciousness, the “choir,” the multitude that can oversee the truth and the light as the darkness fades away – consumed by itself.

Yes, speak to your neighbors. Not to rise up against they whom you suspect, but to align yourself with those who empathize with the stance of those who reject this recreation as inappropriate for civilized man. It is the same blood-thirsty, yet culturally condoned activity such as cock-fighting or pitting dogs, one against the other. It is simply barbarism in another form, unworthy of human beings with the ability to reason and assign sensitivity to that over which they have dominion.

There are those that feel that this disease is the same one connected to spousal abuse and domestic violence, thus it is a real concern to those who delve into these issues in hope of ridding the world of those who are predators or who gain their sense of empowerment by abusing weaker and lesser creatures. This is the state of evolution your world is in and it is good that you are able to acknowledge/look at the facts of the mortal existence, even these which are less than sublime, for whether you deal with them in fact or not, at least you are able to devote prayerful attention to them, and that is contributory to the solution in itself.


Yes, I see we have filled our quota for the day, and I will thus sign off for the Teacher Corp, but glad I am to have been here, and happy we are to have met with you once again, to feel your love and yearning to embrace the greater reality with even more intensity, now having a greater appreciation for the range of reality that realizes itself in you when you open yourself to the reality that is.

We look forward to our adventure throughout the week in the army that we are, and look forward to our gathering next week, to hear from a visitor, a promise and a surprise. Farewell.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.