2004-04-25-Quiet Time and Journaling

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Topic: Quiet Time and Journaling

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Klarixiska, Daniel, Abraham

TR: Virginia, Bob S., Simeon



Klarixiska (Virginia): This is Klarixiska, thank you Father for those who were courageous and brave and brought the Teaching Mission to Southeastern Idaho. Thank You for those who have extended their walls, the edges of their box, to include those things that they can believe but cannot know. We thank You that You work in lives in many ways, so that each one can respond to Your voice and hear Your words. May each one hear, open to their Thought Adjuster, and remember that the Source of All indwells them. Be with the unseen, that as the l! essons come, as the questions are answered, that it might inspire each one to look toward You this week. Amen.

Daniel (Bob S.): This is Daniel, my friends, my colleagues, my brothers and sisters, I shall begin tonight’s meeting with a few words of introduction. Your discussions during the reading of last week’s transcript were efficacious and meaningful for those of us who closely track the growth of this group. We appreciate your openness and willingness to share your concerns, your ideas, your comments. For they greatly help us to ascertain the levels of spiritual growth each of you demonstrates on your path to the Trinity.

Tonight we have a special guest. One whom you are all familiar with and he will take the microphone now. One moment please!

Abraham (Bob D.): Greetings to you. This contact personality struggles to identify my name at this point in the conversation, therefore I will remain nameless for the present time.


Your commitment as a group is admirable, and your desire to grow and become more like the Source of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, that permeates this universe and universes, is advancing and your progress is enlightening to us.


For some time now it has been our desire to move you toward new avenues of growth, which can expand your individual senses, as well as developing and adapting your group experiences. One element of your continued seeking is the stillness practice, followed by a period of listening. We think it might be beneficial for you to try an old exercise in new ways; that being the experience of writing down your thoughts or journaling. The twist to this experience would be that we would like to engage you as a group in doing this activity. We would like to suggest that at your next meeting you might consider coming with pad and pencil and beginning your stillness time with a period of journaling where each of you can ask those questions on your mind. Quiet down and then listen for thoughts or ideas that come back as a response. Then as it is within your comfortability, you may share these ideas as a group and we would follow up with this session by communicating in our normal style. Does this sound like something you would be willing to do?

LaReen: I personally look forward to it because I journal. Abraham taught me to do that.

I am Abraham. (I knew it.) Yes, I am here visiting this evening with your teachers present and ready to share further with you. I did want to come and extend my greetings to you each and to let you know that your sincere attempts at progress have begun to bear fruit. The mission is advancing in ways, seen and unseen, toward an expansion and heighten potential for both personal growth and ministry. Continue to apply yourselves to the work at hand and your uncovering of the issues, which are inhibitors to your growth. Your conversations with each other and contemplating the lessons have brought about a level of comprehension that could not be happening otherwise. Th! erefore we applaud your efforts and will look for your continued application of these principles in your daily lives.

At this time I would withdraw and allow your teachers to communicate further with you. I will remain present and observant for the remainder of this time tonight.


Bob S.: Abraham, I have a question, it’s regarding the assignment. Are you suggesting we bring pad and pencil to this group on Sunday night and do the journaling here or are we bringing our journaling we are doing during the week during our quiet time?

Abraham: The suggestion is to utilize the transmission period as a group involvement such that each of you are beginning the session by seeking personal insight and reception. Then we follow as your teachers with our normal communication style. So yes, journaling as a group is the suggestion for it can be more potent having the circuits of multiple individuals with common intention, thus, allowing the possibility for a deeper transfer than might occur in your private time, with your private teacher. Does this clarify for you, my friend?

Bob S.: So, each of us this next Sunday will be writing down what we are hearing during that time and trying to open a channel to some Supernal what we hear?

Abraham: Yes, but realize the pressure can be relaxed for … (we are all in the soup together). We also recognize that sometimes just the practice of sharing your thoughts with God by writing them down, and then opening up in the stillness and listening is valuable. Therefore, if no thoughts are perceived in return, it is not a sign of failure and sometimes individuals are more apt to dialogue when it is a shared experience rather than an attempt to perceive a perfect message.

Bob S.: Thank you.

Abraham: You are welcome. Thank you for bringing this clarification (lost)…

Daniel (Bob S.): This is Daniel; we are open to other questions regarding the proposed format for next Sunday’s meeting.

We have one more speaker who wishes to address the group tonight. One moment please.

Unknown: This is one who shall remain nameless for the time being my brothers and sisters. Greetings, I am a teacher in training, an ascending mortal, such as yourselves, who has volunteered to return to this locale, to offer my assistance in the Correcting Time.

I cannot adequately convey to you my delight in being selected to assist you and other mortals of this planet to whom I may be in contact with in the future, and in whatever ways I can help you bring about the beginnings of Light and Life. As one whose planet was far more advanced than yours, I find the conditions here difficult to comprehend and even more difficult to see initially where my experience may be of some value. I do have faith that these areas of questioning in my mind will be cleared up as my training continues. I have seized this opportunity to practice my communications skills, and find this way of communicating most challenging and educating for me. Hopefully, my experience will prove beneficial to those of you whom I come in contact w! ith subsequent to my assignment.

Thank you for listening to my ramblings and I trust your acceptance of me will be similar to the situation I find myself in when I am assigned. For tonight, good night and thank you.

Daniel: This is Daniel, there is another who wishes to speak, standby.

Unknown: As you have been told there are usually a number of teachers in training who attend our meetings. I am one of them. My name does not matter, as the chances of us meeting again are quite remote. But, I did wish to take advantage of this opportunity to practice my communication skills with a mortal who was open to my endeavors.

As the previous speaker, I cannot adequately convey my feelings at this time. My inadequacies with your language plus my inexperience are conspiring against me. However, I trust with practice I will be more capable of describing my feelings as I understand your language better and become a more learned student of the societies of this world. Thank you for this moment in time and your allowing me to speak to you this evening. Good evening.

Daniel: This is Daniel, thank you all for being patient listeners as two of our guests here this evening seized the opportunity which was presented them to speak to you.

If there are no other questions we shall close tonight’s meeting. One last chance for comments or questions!

Ken: Our thanks to the strangers, the unknowns, this evening, thank you, thank them.

Daniel: They have heard your words of thanks and graciously accept them as introductions to their soon to be announced assignments.


Well ladies and gentlemen, let us stand and close with prayer.

LaReen: I would like to say greetings and Shalom to Abraham.

Abraham: This is Abraham, my thanks to you, my sister and my brother. Let us now be at prayer.

Open our eyes Father of Fathers to the world around us. Let us see Your hand moving in all that we see, in all that we feel, in all that we believe, in all that we do, and raise us up in Your benevolent way. Strengthen our character, enlighten our intellect, ennoble our emotions, guide our lives, in ways that will be pleasant to You. Through the Master’s name, Michael of Nebadon, we pray. Amen.