2004-05-02-Journaling Discussion

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Topic: Journaliing Discussion

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Abraham, Aaron, Klarixiska, Heclechora, Daniel

TR: Bob S., LaReen, Nancy



(The Journaling Session: Abraham suggested that the group journal at our previous meeting so each member sat in stillness and wrote their thoughts for a period of ten to twenty minutes.)

Simeon: The questions on my mind today were, "How can I be more open and comfortable with people; how can I control anger and frustration; and how can I let go of outcomes to be better focused on service?


Aaron: Stillness, stillness, and stillness -- for it is in drawing close to the purposes of your Father that allows you to gain perspective, to open up and let go of poisons such as fear, anger, and impatience. We understand your struggles perhaps better than you do, for we have a better grasp of all the facts that have brought you to this place. First understand your unmet desires and understand those things you place between as barriers. To focus on those things may eventually achieve the Father’s will, but the best achievement comes from making use of available time to focus on the most important items. If you become too spread out you lose the ability to be personal; you lack time. Scaling back to the items which have the most functional serviceable outcomes will ease your mind, bring peace, reduce frustration, and allow you the time to be still and know God.

Pat: I didn’t have anything happen.

Bob D: Did you have a good quiet time?

Pat: No. (Laughter)

Bob D: Was your Popsicle good? (More laughter)

Pat: Yes it was.

Virginia: Last Sunday night I was not willing to speak the words even though I thought it was Ham wanting to talk. The picture in my mind from him was a blue basket again, and how so often we try to use the hot air balloon to move, but we use helium balloons instead of that which really works and the real gas needed for this gas filled balloon is stillness.

Another thing I read today was about the person who saw a butterfly trying to come out of the cocoon and how it was struggling and so the person snipped the cocoon and let the butterfly out, but it wasn’t ready and so the body was filled with liquid and the wings were unable to unfold. When I read that, it hit me that God doesn’t clip the cocoon because he knows we need that in order to become. So those two things were what I was thinking of as Klarixiska started to speak.

Klarixiska: When one tries to fly without full fitted wings, only disaster can happen. Just as the butterfly must wait, so must we. This does not mean the wings must be perfect for we have all seen a butterfly with a missing section or a bird with a clipped wing, but it’s when we do not wait for the shell to open or the cocoon to release on its own that we will have trouble. The insect must wait for the fullness of time just as we must wait for the Father’s time. Preparing one’s self daily is the only way one can have the reserves to be about our Father’s business. Do not underestimate what that means the Father does. The problem is, we want an answer now and it often comes much later than we think it should. Patience, stopping, waiting, then doing is difficult for us. Love Klarixiska.

Carol: Pass.

Heclechora (Bob S): Glad am I to have this brief opportunity to address the group through you. I greatly enjoy working with you Bob, but I like to address others too when provided the opportunity. You members of this group cannot imagine but in only very minimal ways the excitement we teachers take in being a part of this Correcting Time. Suppose the UN Secretary General chose you, having volunteered previously, for a project to bring the lives of the most backward tribe of natives in deepest Africa into the modern world, and you will have at your disposal any and all resources you can use. What a challenge, but also what an opportunity to be a part of this great work.

Well that’s my speech. I hope I have conveyed to you all here tonight something of the feeling we teachers have and the inevitability of this Correcting Time.

Abraham (LaReen): Greetings dear Ineria, this is Abraham, your teacher and friend. Ineria, you have been a faithful, hardworking student these last eight years. I truly enjoy watching you progress through the many trials and tribulations as I do watching you filled with love and joy. I love you dearly and I know you know that. I do appreciate the patience and love you and the other people have shown me regarding T/Ring in general. Thank you for the love you have for us and our Divine Parents and the service you all do and the example you guys set for us. Love Ineria.

Ken: I asked a couple questions about communication and I usually get an answer immediately. I asked the question, "I do believe I am on the path to the Father, am I not?" The immediate response was:

Only you can answer that. You have to be in the stillness everyday, every moment, and to look for truth, beauty, and goodness in all relationships.

And after that I have what I call scrambled eggs. Nothing seems clear after that.

Bob P: I was writing thoughts, but I don’t know if I was really hearing teachers. I continue to struggle with accepting "faith". I was listening to a talk show the other day at work. It was a Mormon author who said, doubting was easy, but accepting the church and taking direction nwas difficult.

The comment that I thought of was that some people like to be told what to do and find it much easier than making their own way. A spiritual path requires one to make their own way, but it also requires the faith and stillness as the catalyst for determining a course and then continually checking the coordinates along the course. That’s pretty much it. Stillness isn’t necessarily being told what to do. It’s just the catalyst for taking responsibility for doing things on your own and finding your own reaction.

Nancy: Abby helped me with this today. (Laughter, as Nancy was working with daughter while trying to journal). So I didn’t get too far, but this is what I received.

Daniel: Thank you for your willingness to take pen in hand and write. We recognize that this is not your medium. Today I want to discuss with you the recipe for inner peace. This is an item lacking in your life these days. Inner peace is the result of trust. Trusting that all is as it should be despite the vagaries of material living that allows for material accidents and the imposition of one mortal will on another. Inner peace comes from recognizing that each individual has the spiritual resources to … (muffled on tape) and then that’s where we stopped.

  • (At this point we took a break and came back to let the teachers have a few words in normal vocal T/R style.)

Daniel (T/R - Bob S): I am Daniel, my children. Thank you for your willingness to comply with our suggestions. Abraham is here and wishes to comment. One moment please.

Abraham (T/R – Nancy): I am Abraham, pleased to be among you. There has been a debate among the T/Rs regarding willingness.

My dear students, how pleased I am with the success of this lesson. Your journaling is like a mosaic each of you brought to the scene, a piece lovely on its own, yet when put together created a broader picture, a greater understanding, a more complete lesson. And so are your individual lives like tiles in the mosaic of God’s creation, each lovely unto itself, magnificent beyond expression in the entirety of the compilation.

My friend, Pat, I wish to address you directly, my dear, for I sense frustration and disappointment. Is this a correct assessment?

Pat: Yes.

Abraham: My dear, our suggesting this group expression was in no way to have individuals feel less than the others. I am personally sorry for this emotional experience. I would like to work with you one-on-one with your Journaling capability. Would you be willing to meet me for a two week time period to see what happens? I realize this next time frame might not be the best time, but if you are willing and can set the dates I will be there.

Pat: Okay. I’d like to try that. Starting in two weeks, I guess. (After vacation.)

Abraham: Shall we say two weeks from tomorrow?

Pat: That should be okay.

Abraham: What time of day is best for you.

Pat: Morning. 9:00 am.

Abraham: Very well. I will be there. I would like you to sit at your table with paper and pen. I would like you to let your eyes drift through your yard into the sky beyond. I would like you to notice whatever is happening in the external world that is beautiful, that brings you peace, that causes reflection, and I would like you to begin writing thoughts on this subject that will be yours initially, and I would like you to write for twenty minutes before you stop. Do you have questions about the assignment?

Pat: No, not at this time. Thank you.

Abraham: Thank you my dear student. I have conferred with this T/R and she is willing to take calls from you if necessary. Please check with her regarding contact numbers after this session. Are there questions or comments regarding the format or the results of this lesson or any other thoughts or comments? (Pause) Carol, would you be willing to start up a similar date with me?

Carol: Yes.

Abraham: When shall we meet?

Ken: Start in two weeks at 9:00 am… (Laughter)

Carol: That will work.

Abraham: Two weeks is good. 9:00 is actually not a problem. The circuits are amazingly flexible. I will be there. The assignment is the same. Have you questions?

Carol: Not right now.


Abraham: Please stand. I am Abraham. I will pray.

Father of Light, Father of Truth, Great I AM, Center of All, we thank you for the opportunity to share our experience with these our students, your precious children. Guide us as we guide them. Lead us all to you through the power of your perfect wisdom. Stay with these children as they take those steps to discover how companionable you are, what a loving friend you are, what a faithful guide you are. Help them to discover the joy in sharing their lives with you. We pray this with great gratitude to Michael our Father Brother. Amen.