2004-05-09-Foundations, Mother's Attributes

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Topic: Foundations, Mother's Attributes

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Nebadonia, Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon: Welcome once again my dear ones to our regularly appointed exchange, This is Elyon. I would accept your offer of commitment to be here and attend these meetings and I would see this offer of commitment by extending my own, and I would as well offer to raise the stakes slightly and to elevate your awareness level as that is how we exchange back and forth, offering and counteroffering to each other our extensions of faith, building the one upon the other until we etablish a sturdy platform on which we may function.



Indeed the first and most important foundational blocks are laid when you each as individuals offer to extend yourselves and take the first steps, and then by this offer of your commitment to this process, we may then begin to build this framework wherein we may both be raised up. In your experience thus far you have seen that the elevation of your being is dependent upon your willingness to be about the building of this framework, of this platform, and that without your effort having been put to the test and tried and found to be the cure, we could not be balancing these larger frameworks of truth onto the basis which you provide for us.

Indeed your faith is the mortar which binds the layers of your foundation securely so that we may rest a great structure upon this with the certainty it will withstand the load, it will endure the test of framework we need to establish and we use to climb higher in our spiritual progression. Once we establish the perimeters and parameters of your scaffolding, we then are confident to begin our building process having established the structure wherewith to work.

Much like the stones used to raise the walls of construction, it is important to have your lower levels secured as you build so that you may not experience the uncertainty and insecurity when you build your structures to a great height. We have these past years, been involved in the instruction of technique of the finer points of building your foundations and solid structures, choosing the right materials and techniques to shore up your faith and provide you with the proper footings. As your spiritual accomplishments mount, your walls become strong and sturdy and a marvel to behold as the they represent the sincere efforts of your hearts to rise to that level.

You have also come to understand through this spiritual process, that the techniques and avenues available to you, are in a state of flux, and therefore you find yourself reaching a certain level, and being forced to adopt new techniques and procedures to utilize the new materials you have at hand, the new skills you have mastered. Therefore does your building style change, and more accurately reflect your increased skill level and available materials.

Sometimes you observe yourselves in great periods of construction, at other times you observe you have been on holiday from such tasks and are standing back to observe your accomplishments and formulate your new direction and at other times you find yourselves going back to the drawing board and determining how your designs may change as your appreciation of your task increases. All these cycles that you encounter during this process are the steps to eventual fulfillment of your ultimate designs and expressions of your ultimate desires.

This is your long-term task, even though you may find yourself diverted in this direction or that direction to shore up a corner or a wall that demands your attention, you nevertheless remain focused on your long term goal of completion and the distractions along the way only act as minor obstructions in your overall plan. You have shown great ability to be adaptive at your process and this is very important because you may not know from your perspective, where your plans may twist and turn, but your persistence will guide you through the twists and turns of direction you will encounter when you proceed forward.

It is with joy that we witness your acceptance of your position in this project before you, how you roll up your sleeves and get to work, how you are ever willing to adjust your methods and modes to try something new and refine your process of soul construction to accomodate your immediate realities, all the while maintaining persistence in your overall project.

Mother Spirit

That lesson having been delivered , I would now shift gears to a new topic and would take this opportunity on this day to expand your awareness slightly on the attributes of the Mother Spirit. I would do this as a tribute to the Mother Spirit on Mothers day and to the spirit of motherhood resident in all those out there and would recall to you the extreme closeness your Universal Mother has for you and with you. The warmth and nurturing of her presence is so pervasive in your lives that you are not clearly able to distinguish yourself from her presence, much as a developing child in the womb is unaware where their body ends and the mothers body begins, so you are unaware, as developed human beings, where your existence ends and your Mother's begins.

It is all around you, embracing you, warming you, nuturing you, loving you, with such saturation that you are unaware of its presence. The only way you may contrast the distinction of her presence is through the internal feelings of isolation that individuals experience when they are separated from all other life force and are alone in the universe. They experience great voids of presence and this experience is the closest a human being can come to being separated from Divine Mother Spirit. They are not, of course separated, but they experience feelings of great separation when in quarantine or isolation and these feelings of separation are the closest human emotions to the experience of the absence of motherhood.

It is with great difficulty that we attempt to make analogies to human emotions, about which something the human emotion has never experienced, so therefore any description will be incomplete and insufficient, but by way of trying to amplify the appreciation for your relationship with your Divine Mother, I am attempting to illustrate the inseparability of you and your Mother. The closeness with which she envelops you is so profound that it is above description to a mortal creature such as yourself, but we attempt to elevate appreciation to an increased level as another technique in your spiritual growth. Therefore when you pray and align yourself with your divine parent, perhaps there will be and increased sense of aligning yourself with your divine parents, of sharing your reverence, your love, your appreciation for the one who so completely nurtures you that you may even be unaware of all that is done on your behalf.

These are the images that I would provide for you today and I would thank you for keeping this regularly scheduled meeting that we may keep the continuity of flow consistent. Your ability to adapt to this format has been well noted and as we expected, you would provide the necessary commitment to follow through with whatever means and form these meetings take and you have not showed us otherwise. You have my respect and my love. I appreciate working with you and look forward to all that we have in our future together and would withdraw at this time. There are others present. There may be questions as well. Thank you.

Nebadonia: I would greet you my children, this is your mother, Nebadonia.

Because you have extended yourselves thus far, and completed your end of this circuit, I reach to you to complete my end and there we may meet. I am around you, I am under you, I support you, I give you all that is required that you may be a child of mine and children of God. I am always there for you. Watching over my children is my nature. I hear their calls. The sounds of your voices, I know. I am concerned with your wellbeing. I feel your feelings. I share your emotions. I am your mind circuit.

You are all my little ones and I know of you. Just as your earthly mothers are concerned with the wellbeing of their children, so am I concerned with your wellbeing. Just as your earthly mothers are concerned with your longterm wellfare, so am I concerned with your general wellbeing and your longterm welfare. You may always come to me to share your burdens of life, to express your joys of life, to simply sit with me and allow me to embrace you in spirit, allow me to encourage you in life, allow me to pour my love upon you, allow me to wash you with my love. I will always be there for you my little ones. I will hear your voices. I will hear your desires. I will help you to understand. I am there for you always. Come to me as you will, when you will, and I will be there to meet you as I am now. Bring me your troubles, bring me your peace, bring me your experience, bring me the love that you have grown.

We will share this together, you and I, and I will comfort you and I will love you forever. On me you may count. On me you may lean. With me me you may cry your tears of sorrow, you may laugh your laugh of joy. I care so deeply for you that I feel these things with you, I share with you. Come to me, and together we will encourage each other to face life's challenges boldly and to become all that our hearts desire. On this day I send you my peace and my love in this manner, that you may hear my words so as to help you feel my presence, as to help you embrace the love I have for you.


Thank you for this meeting, this exchange, this offer of your faith, that we may have this moment together. Wherever you will reach for me, you will find me, I will be reaching for you. I leave you with my peace this day.