2004-05-13-Magisterial Son Helpers

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Topic: Magisterial Son Helpers

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



ELYON: This Elyon. I greet you all. I appreciate deeply your attention, your interest, my contact with you. We who are assigned in this mission program, are grateful for all your work, for your willingness to pursue our teaching, for your dedication, for your desire to foster on your world, deeper understanding of truth. You are expressing the intention of Michael, when he also dwelt upon your world. As much as he thought to personally understand his relationship to God as a human, he likewise grew in supreme desire to feed the hungry souls about him.


Correcting Time

This search for God, while fulfilling the longings of his human heart, and answering the questions of his human mind, became overshadowed in his awakening to his status as a Michael Son. His overriding desire became the education of his fellows, their orientation for Father God. He knew that while this planet was highly admixed with various religious and philosophic viewpoints, and that his short life could in no way could fully adjust every teaching to a more enlightened perspective, he knew that transforming the lives of the few around him would eventually bring the results of upliftment to this planet.

Therefore, rather than implanting too much new doctrine, he chose to approach those in his life with a teaching of new orientation. Given an adjustment, an attunement of heart, directly toward the light of heaven, toward the Father resident within, all teachings become clarified and purified over time for the overlay of truth upon all theological constructs enhances the real and smothers the false.

Each of you my friends, are enlisted in Michael’s ministry to this world. You in this century carry the torch, you hold the light high for others to see. You have been given a revelatory text which has clarified to your mind, many questions regarding our God and our universe home. While I recognize, that individually, you are ever curious, desirous to know, and to experience more of spirit impact upon human life, you contain with you at this time, many answers, revelations of the secrets that your fellows seek. Your growth has positioned you as a minister of truth. Forever will you unfold personally. Forever will you advance as a spirit being, as a child of God. Therefore never restrict your outreach to others, for every attempt to uplift another is significant to that soul. When the ears are open to hear, and the eyes to see, that which you have not attained is not a hindrance, for what another seeks of you is what you have attained. Much as your experience of climbing a mountain and reaching the peak, only to discover a higher range beyond and a higher peak to reach. You know your shortcomings, your frailties. These are only the valleys between your next attainment.

From the ridge that you stand upon in living experience, you have a view of [Tbg|[truth, of beauty, and goodness]] that you may present to those ascending behind you. This mission has been designated the Correcting Time because of the vast amount of confusion on this world, and this confusion has lead to conflict. It will take high minded souls who are tolerant and understanding to spread divine truth, to weed the erroneous from the real. In order for all the children of Michael on this world to draw in harmony into fellowship, it is required that his associates in this ministry, become better able at adapting your understanding and sympathy to the diversity of those you encounter, to become masterful in meeting their mind, and drawing your fellows closer to the perspective Michael is promoting upon this world.

This Correcting Time is not a war against right and wrong beliefs. This correction is in reality, an adjustment, the continual tweaking of perspective and belief, ever modifying and always drawing closer, the mission wherein all children will faith value their value to Father God, will accept the beautiful array of differing perspectives and yet truly, deeply, believe their own perspective. Truth is the relationship of a spiritually conscious mind to the divine mind. Your concepts are like words to truth. Truth is the message, your concepts are merely the words to construct the sentences wherein you can express the truth you recognize deep in your soul.

Each one of you would write an entirely different story on a given subject, every book would be different. The subject the same, the chapters and characters varied. Understanding this, you are better able to accommodate the difference of your fellows and you can delve into their story, understand the unfolding plot within their lives, and help them unfold in their relationship to our common Father. Teaching another is simply providing conditions wherein your fellows may open to adjustment, and in free-will choice, arrange their perspective in a new way.

Jesus left this world knowing full well that he had not radically transformed the religious structures resident on this planet, but he knew that if those who followed him, followed his Gospel, all teaching would be transformed over time. You my friends, are the extension of his work. I applaud your sincerity and dedication. Michael himself is proud of his children who are so dedicated to promoting the truth he revealed and fostering his continual ministry on this your planet Urantia.

It is of great reward to me personally to be able to enter into dialog with you to address questions, to engage in your comments. Thank you.


Spacetime, Evolution

Manu: Teacher Elyon I have a question. Why does our Father desire or have the need for the time and space creations.

Elyon: The term Father, when referring to God, has no meaning without creatures, without sons and daughters. That is my first point. Secondly, in the fullness of divinity, there is no absoluteness without corresponding relativity. Time space creations exhibit the repleteness of divine creation. You know of the eternal Havona realms and the perfection exhibited upon those worlds. While this adequately portrays the creative grandeur of God, it does not exhaust the potentials of beauty, and therefore must time and space be, for imperfection and evolutionary attainment are also within the totality of the divine being.

Gods' projection of this potential upon time and space, has given each one of us, the created, the opportunity to reveal to the Father what is contained within his all encompassing absoluteness. Unfettered by this expression of supremacy, God surpasses even the highest concepts we could ever develop of such a pure divine being. It is a mystery to all creatures, the unfathomable dimensions of God. Nothing is, without it having already been resident within that which makes up God.

This unfoldment of the evolutionary realms, is in a way much like God taking himself to the streets. By that I mean, that prior to the beginning of time, Father God was at home in oneness. In peace, by projecting the time/space realms he began to move and to reveal and to unfold, that which he possessed from all eternity. While the divine mind fully comprehends all that which is within the divine being, giving earth to creatures, God steps out of himself in all the personalities and all the beings and entities manifested throughout the universe.

We reflect back in relationship, this expression of God. The implications our adventure in time and space will not be fully understood until we are at his home on Paradise. I hope I have provided some orientation for you.

Manu: Yes, thank you so much.


Question: We have heard that changes are going to take place on this earth. Is this part of the adjustment that we are to make? There have been prophesies about earth changes and many earthquakes and so forth. Is there any truth to this or any adjustment that we might look for that might help change anything that happens, if it does happen?

Elyon: That which you have spoken of as earth changes in the physical makeup of your world has often been confused with the spiritual adjustments also transpiring on this planet. These physical events are necessary in the settling of this planet in light and life. Your world is evolutionary. It came from a solar mother. Much matter in this universe remains only gigantic rock.

Your world is among the many that are alive and this life upon this world is destined to become another example of the beauty of God in creation. Each world is a work of divine art and when this unfoldment is complete, it is the divine will that this art remain for all time, on display to all other creatures of all ages to come, of what unfolds in time and space. And so this planet is being tuned to withstand the long stretches of time ahead. However, this adjustment is strictly for the sake of the duration of the planet as an orb which can inhabit life.

These changes do not directly effect the spiritual unfoldment of the beings upon the world. Spiritual adjustment comes through grasping truth, enacting it in ones life, transforming ones personality. These are the earth stage changes all of you go through in order to ascend into morontia awareness. Whether you lived on a world perilous with volcanoes and earthquakes, or lived upon a world stable in physical ways, you still would need to undertake the spiritual gymnastics required to grow.

In short, both planetary adjustments on a physical level and spiritual adjustments are transpiring, but the two have different goals. One, planetary light and life, the other your ascension into the morontia realms.

Master Seraphim, Reserve Corps, Magisterial Mission

Marshall: This experimental new order of morontia/mortal being, and as Sanya stated, I want to clarify, not elite mortals, just more capable runners, that will serve under the master seraphim, the same 12 corps I assume...that the Corps of Destiny serve within, while each of these blending morontia/mortals are in essence co-creating their morontia/mortal being, will there be different groups or a separate group of these ambassadors attending to the staff of the Magisterial Son in addition to the 12 corps within the master seraphim ranks that currently the Corps of Destiny is serving within?

Elyon: The master seraphim are dedicated to the advancement of human civilization, and just as these angels take their assignment and then are replaced in cycles, so are the human complements that are drafted into their categorical projects. The Magisterial Son upon this world is also dedicated to the advancement of the world. He like the seraphim, master seraphim, are fully aware of the transient time period of human life. It is with cooperation that the recruited human servants of the master seraphim are also engaged in the Magisterial Mission.

The Magisterial Son will coordinate the departments of celestial administration on Urantia. These, and by that I mean those of you that are being trained by the master seraphim, are of great value to this Magisterial Son. You have been told of the 12 departments of the master seraphim and of the human associates, the reserve corps of destiny, and the many of you who are actively engaged in the ministry at all times. Monjoronson will enlist these 12 corps and will establish his own working group, not unlike the apostles when Michael was here.

These individuals will be spread around the world, working in many regions, assisting the Magisterial Son in the transformation that is required for the new dispensation on Urantia. This corps will not simply be 12 individuals, but will be made up of....I am only at liberty to say numerous human beings. You refer to the mortal/morontia inter-fusion. It will be this condition that makes it feasible for Monjoronson to make sound progress to complete the transformation in efficient time. All agencies upon Urantia are now in coordination, unlike the ancient ages in your past.

Many of you who work with and under these celestial beings are shared among each of them, for you are all around the planet just as they are. And where you are of service to them, you will be assigned and you will be engaged. It is my hope that this contributes to your understanding.

Marshall: Yes it does Elyon , and it confirms my transmission from Monjoronson very well here. Further on this staff, with the morontia infusion, will these beings receive extended senses or the ability to enjoy an extension of life here more approaching the normal worlds of beginning light and life? Will their spiritual vision be more able to visualize these spiritual or morontia beings? Will they have greater abilities to communicate on the level as comparable to mortal to mortal communications as we know them now?

Elyon: This is the ultimate development. At this stage in the unfoldment of the Magisterial mission, there will be few and careful adjustments, for this infusion is directed by Michael to be done carefully, to harm no soul, to cause no disruption of personality stability. Individuals deemed capable of receiving such sensory expansion and communication will be carefully tested. And as it becomes more fully understood, their human response, more of you will be adjusted. This is an apostolic orientation. It is as you say, not an elite corps, for you know that the apostles of Jesus were common men, they were not elite.

But it is through such individuals, that light is spread, that enlightenment is lodged in the minds of others. This process will not unfold with great speed and will require your patience, and I encourage those of you who begin to sense strongly the presence of a celestial, the expansion of senses, to be disciplined in stillness, for it is in the recesses of the superconscious mind that you will establish stability and balance and comfortability with experiences unusual to the human mind. Seek not for these experiences on your own, for it is all too often that the human mind will invent to satisfy the longings of such a connection. Be receptive, and willing, and allowing, and your higher brothers and sisters will engage you at the appropriate time and when you are best suited and when your well-being is best safeguarded.

Marshall: I assume some of these mortals are now being rehearsed in the deep mind method, superconscious ministry during sleep?

Elyon: Indeed this is one of two processes, the second being your time in quiet stillness, silence in a conscious awake awareness of divine presence and celestial overcare. This method allows you conscious awareness of the developments, where your sleep condition will not. The training of deep mind while you slumber is a safe route for the supernal beings who are working with you in that they are less likely to disturb you emotionally and confuse you mentally, for you have already experienced many a dream that did not make sense. But such training is expedited when you are aware, and this is the reason for my emphasis, that you spend your time in meditative contemplation, for you assist in the training and you hasten the progress.

Marshall: So assuming all the adjuster approval, the inherent capacities, the faith factor, total dedication to serve all, its really growing the supreme desire, as you mentioned earlier... as Jesus did, and the longings of the human hearts to reach out and educate our fellows and serve them selflessly and orientate this planet more towards the recognition of the God that is within each and all of us. Is that correct?

Elyon: Well said my friend. I give you an A+ in today’s classroom.

Marshall: I'm going to take you up on your offer to tap me on my shoulder one night and I do have many other questions.

Elyon: Wonderful, I will be looking forward to our fellowship.

Marshall: Thank you Elyon.

Ego, Wisdom

Q: Elyon, do you have time for another question?

Elyon: I do, I have all of eternity.

Brendan: My struggle is the relationship between ego and wisdom, how the ego comes into play when someone has attained a certain level of skill, or mastered a certain technique, or has achieved a certain degree of knowledge, it is obvious that there is a certain level of self-confidence that grows alongside achievement. When people get together to share and communicate knowledge, and techniques and experiences, I recognize that people...including myself...would like to speak with confidence about our knowledge. However there seem to be ego traps that are very easy to fall into. Everyone does fall into these traps, even just a little bit, it seems to almost isolate the person, almost like being exclusive rather than inclusive. I'm a bit confused with this, where to draw the line between ego and wisdom, especially if one has a status or title or those of us who are carrying the "torch" if you will. Can you comment...is that clear?

Elyon: Yes, if you have eternity. Wisdom is a personality attainment that is derived through experience in life with truth, it is the compilation that yields insight. Such an attainment, in an individual, is a treasure to be possessed. To those who grow in wisdom, there is the subsequent urge to share what has been learned many times the hard way, to afford your fellows an opportunity to attain that understanding without as many trials and errors as you may have had to undergo to reach that awareness.

Ego is a much maligned word when describing the components of the human being. Ego is your expressive power. Each one of you is given this element within your personality makeup such that you will be driven to be about the Fathers' business. What is also attributed to the ego commonly, and mistakenly, is all the reactions and actions that are considered lesser than ones higher ideal of oneself. You speak of the expression of wisdom, and the higher experiences of spirituality. When another has not attained spiritual maturity of mutual appreciation of one another’s attainments, jealousy and conceit rise in the mind.

Conceit of the other who has attained wisdom, is the perspective of the one who is jealous of such attainment. This reaction is attributed to ego. One who has overcome such reactions is not ego-less, but is reoriented, thus allowing ones driving nature, which is the ego, to move forward, to recognize honestly, the wisdom expressed, to accommodate and adapt this wisdom into ones own mental understanding and then to go forward into life to bring about such experiences in oneself that they may attain what has been revealed by another. When you encounter a collision of egos, allow yourself to halt your expression, understanding that it is merciful to another to let time transpire for the ripening of receptivity. When giving wisdom, give it when it is wanted and needed, not simply when it is needed, for there you will encounter such conflicts. I hope this assists you in the development of your understanding.

Brendan: It has Elyon, thank you...I appreciate it.


Marshall: For those that have seraphic sisters working with them to coordinate a new incoming morontia gifts with the mortal senses, how can one more fully cooperate to more actively allow this process to be enhanced and bring on greater mota insight, awareness and understanding of these new gifts?

Elyon: One is to be ever active each day at all times in coordinating your spiritual perspective with your terrestrial life. Integration of your higher spiritual state of being with your daily activities , will promote your connection, otherwise as I have said, it is up to the celestial administrators and beings to choose the time when your services are appropriate and useful. Continue your personal development, as Michael said so often on your world when his hour had not yet come. Be not passive, as he likewise did not merely wait. He went about the Fathers' work and awaited the hour when the Father said...let us go together and teach the world. And once again I do stress quiet time and stillness for this strengthens the inner man. This makes you capable of adjusting to morontia input, and also and lastly develop conditions in your human life which are conducive to a peaceful mind, to tranquil and stable emotions, and to a healthy vehicle to one that can accommodate higher energies. I hope this contributes.

Marshall: All things considered, it’s the process of awareness integration or balance.

Elyon: Yes

Marshall: Thank you


Elyon: Thank you. To all of you I give you my affection. I embrace you in love. I bow before you as those dedicated to planetary advancement. This is your world. I come here as an assistant, my goal is upliftment, your job is transformation. You are the actual literal workers upon this world, for I am in a realm and dimension that disallows my direct influence within the mandates of Michael. You are the ones who work for Michael directly upon this world. I salute you and I love. I will take my leave.