2004-05-17-Receive Me

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Topic: Receive Me

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo

Session 1


Prayer: Mother and Father, we welcome your presence this evening with open hearts. We ask to be led into a deeper experience with you to receive more of you in our minds and our bodies, andto feel your imprint of love echo through our beings. We offer ourselves to you for greater healing and to become more brilliant lights to your children in need and to serve them with greater love and compassion through your grace. Amen.

My peace is upon you. Good evening, I am your Father. This is Michael. Tonight because of the intimacy of the group I will draw you into my being and will imprint myself upon you a boundless affection that will swell your hearts to new heights. Simply invite me into your heart center, and your Mother and I will stir in you. (Pause)


What greater need have you than this, my children, than to feel me so deeply within your being that you feel the hunger pangs when you do not receive this? And so, I am here. Let me vibrate and reverberate within you into the depths of your very core. Call me into the core of your being. Receive me in your deepest cellular and energetic places. (Pause)

When you give yourselves to me in this way you are giving me access into your mind, and your Mother has room to create those impressions of my truth upon it that will feed you with what you need – the living word of me. I am your truth. I am your source. (Pause)

In acknowledging this deep within your core, you are setting up a chain reaction for the error to eventually echo out of your being. You were not meant to maintain this darkness within your being. You are all becoming familiar now with that which must be encoded in you to free you from all of this darkness from the years of rebellion and evolutionary misalignment with the Father’s will. The years have been hard on your bodies; thoughts have waged a great war within your minds.

I am your peace. I am your salvation. So you must never hesitate to come to me, my children, and to receive that which your body craves so beyond your mental capacity to understand at this time. I am what you need every moment. Your Mother fills you with me each time you remember to breathe in my presence. And I know that each of you wants this, and you recognize this, and yet you struggle with your doubts and with the way your minds streams in thought and feeling, seemingly chaotic at times, but nevertheless your desire is strong. Find now your desire for your mind to be more stabilized! in me and for the circuitry in your mind to become less erratic, less anxious, less disjointed in the way your thoughts progress. Call me into those mindal streams that still cause you much anxiety, and your Mother will inlay my peace and weave deeper impressions upon it. (Pause)

My children, you only have to ask. You will always receive me. Even though it still may be at times imperceptible to you, never hesitate to ask. For my presence in you will grow, and in time you will know I am there in you every moment. There is no separation. There can never be. I am your Father. I will be with you for a very long time to come. Get used to asking to receive me. Get used to asking your Mother to fill you with me. Get used to asking for everything you need. She will fill you with me. I am everything you need. (Pause)

The years have not been kind to your bodies in perceiving me. You have been, for the most part, cut off from my love. The absence of your Mother’s presence on this planet has left perceiving me to a dedicated few who were able to spend time in the stilled state of mind receiving me. And yet now is the time when my presence is being reconnected in all humanity through the restoration of multiple spiritual circuits where people are able to connect to the higher pulsations of my truth, even though they may not yet recognize me who it is they are receiving. So I ask you, as you receive me, to become so familiar with my presence in you that you will easily be able to share me with! others. Not with words, but with your intention and with your dedicated practice of feeding me to my children through your focus in listening to them and beaming my love into their hearts.

We have taken you on this road of compassionate understanding and forgiveness. We deem it now important that you begin to learn how to feed me to your needy brothers and sisters. Find a person in your mind’s eye who you feel is in spiritual pain. When you see this person or sense this person as best as you can, simply ask me to install my love in the place where that person is hurting the most, and allow what happens next to come to pass. (Pause)

The healing of my children, each and every one, is of vital importance now. How much of me do you wish to instill in your brothers and sisters silently, without recognition or acclaim, just in the simple service and joy of knowing how much good you can do no matter who it is that comes before you? We will teach you how to minister to your brethren. Are you all willing to do this now, my sons? (Yes)

Stay within and ask for my Spirit to wrap around all of the pain in the individual before you and wait. (Pause) I know the secrets of men’s souls. What you do in inviting me in is to place my love deep within those places of darkness. The world’s judgments and resentments, condemnation and misunderstanding only add fuel to the fire in these hurting individuals. My love is the balms that softens and soothes and makes it safe for an individual to allow the light of truth to shine upon it. Never hesitate to build my love in your brethren – never! Never. How much good can you do in one day when you do this? It will be immeasurable.

As your desire for service grows, so will new venues to allow my love to fill another individual open and present itself for you to use. You will find this new level of service to be very stabilizing in your own emotional equilibrium, and very softening of the mental agitation that you experience. Serving others has a compound effect of serving you as the one who gives as well as serving the one who receives. Let this idea settle now into your minds: when I serve I also receive. Thus completes the circle of love. But let your desire to serve be first and foremost, my children. Look not to what you will receive for yourself; you will always receive when you give. It is this simple. Let the joy you wish to experience be in the free sharing of everything that I give to you and through you through the movement of your Mother through you. Let this be your joy, let this be your passion, let this be your commitment. Let this settle into you more deeply now. (Pause)

What does it take to be a steadfast server to all? A strong and purified desire. Where does your desire lie now, my children? In wanting more of me, is it for yourself, or is it also for your brethren? Look at this now in your mind. Ask that your desire to serve begin to swell more within you, building new places of interest in you. (Pause) Feel the desire you have for your brothers and sisters to come to know me, to feel my love for them. Let your Mother and me stir in you now, deepening your desir! e to serve. (Pause)

The days are coming when the cries of woe in humanity’s hearts will pierce even louder amidst the clamor of modern turmoil. How can they hear the words of love when their hearts are so full of pain? This is precisely why you will need to minister to them without words, but with the simple application of my love through your intention to beam my love into their hearts. Will you do this for me, my children? Will you bring me to my children, leading them to the great comfort that they need? (Pause)

It has been said: he who is among who would be great, let him be the server of all. And this time in the life of this planet is such that it calls for greatness and nobility in the human heart, and you all have it within you to be great workers in the field of spiritual harvest. Each of you has every capacity deep within you. Will you let this come forth? Will you let your light shine? Will you let my love be beamed to that person who is before you? Simply loving them, that is all. I will leave you ! to ponder these words for a time, and allow this experience of this evening to settle in. I will address your comments and questions when you are ready to speak to me. Take your time and allow what has been shared with you to move in you. (Pause)


Student: Michael, when you say come to you, does that mean in prayer, in stillness, when I’m driving the car, walking down the street, just doing normal everyday things? I’m not clear on that aspect of it.

Michael: Yes, my son, it is all of the above. It is simply turning your attention to me, no matter what you are engaged in; whether you are in a prayerful state or very actively engaged in an activity. Simply turn your attention to me and ask for me to fill you. It is this simple.

Student: But would I visualize you as the pictures I’ve seen as Jesus. Do I need to do that?

Michael: You simply ask for me as your Father to grow myself in you, and open yourself up for your Mother by simply telling her you are ready to build me inside of you. It is this simple, my son.

Student: Thank you, Michael. I will do that. Thank you also for the gift of yourself you give to all of us and to this world, and that we are able to participate in the healing of this world.

Michael: There are many souls that need me. Prepare yourself now, my son. Make yourself strong. Make yourself whole through regular requests to me to come into you. You can never ask too many times. If you have to say it sixty times an hour that is not too much. Your mind needs to be trained in a new way of thinking. I am your food. Your Mother will open your mind and stabilize your processes in me. How could y! ou possibly ask too many times for this during the day? It is not possible at your particular state of development. All you have to do is simply – what is the word, my son?

Student: Just ask.

Michael: Yes, but the word I am asking you to use is: remember!

Student: Remember, yes! I will remember.

Michael: This becomes a big challenge in the activities of the day, does it not? (Yes) And so I say this to you with lightheartedness and cheerfulness to encourage you to find innovative ways to remember to ask for me to come into you and build myself in you. Your circuitry that carries your Spirit of Truth, which is your connection to me, still needs strengthening, and yet by your simple act of remembrance does draw more of myself through that circuit to perceive me. Settle now in your heart center, and once again using what I have just shared with you this evening, draw me into you and ask that the frequency of your remember increases. ! Do this now as your Mother and I move in you. (Pause) And be in my peace.

Student: Thank you, Michael. Remembering will become a joy instead of a burden.

Student: Michael, I’d like to thank you so much for the Teaching Mission, and very especially for my teachers: dearly beloved Welmek and now my own dear spiritual brother. Once again I feel I’m being wonderfully transformed in really deep ways of understanding the kind of being I am and what I’m capable of doing in this realm of service. This fact that we can help seems so strange because in one way it’s so marvelous that it gives me a feeling of Paradise being a time or place where everyone is pulling for everyone else. And just this feeling of being needed and having good work to do – it’s just wonderful! Thank you so much for my teachers; what they have given me just goes beyond measure.

Michael: I receive your words of appreciation, my son. I know the depth of gratitude in your heart. Your teachers are moved with your words and feelings. As we witness one by one the awakening of long-slumbering souls on Urantia all of us rejoice at what is transpiring now. Even though there are still hard times to come, the celebration of these awakening souls creates the momentum for more truth to inhabit the planet and to free it from its woeful past.

And that we have asked you now to feed more of this truth into your hungry brothers and sisters will take you to a new level of universe status as you recognize with joyful wonderment how much good you can do and how your efforts are well cherished and prized, and that you are just still in those first phases of comprehension of this with all of the rush of feelings that you experience is a delight for us to witness and for you to enjoy for a long time to come. Yes, this time of implanting me into my children will be sometimes challenging when you hear the words a person speaks. But never let that deafen you to need in their heart. Ask to hear the cry within and that will give you greater compassion and yearning to bring me into them.

How much love and how many thrills can you have in a day, the thrill of service, the thrill of bringing me into one of my children? Well, that is up to you. Practice each day as much as you can and you will at some point go out and actually want to beam me into every individual you meet just by simply walking down the street. And it will be a memorable occasion and you will actually feel and sense me going into another individual, even though they may not know. You and I will know what good has been sown into them. And that is what you are embarking upon now, my son.

Student: Thank you for that promise. I was asking in my heart for that very thing so I feel in some ways I’ve been so blessed. I have known so little suffering in my own life. Thank you for the opportunity to help others.

Michael: The promise is sealed with your commitment, and surely it will come to pass. Be in my peace, my son.

Student: Michael, I feel your presence deeply at this moment. As I open myself to experience the will of our Father over the past few days I have been focusing on the idea of self-forgetfulness and releasing my hold of things in my life and in my environment. I went through a deep healing and release the other night. In this idea of self-forgetfulness and opening up to the Father’s will and to be joyful is our natural state of being on this planet, there seems to be lightness in myself and in my home, a deeper sense of harmony. I do know there will be challenges, but the more I release my hold on things and allow your truth, wisdom! , love, joy, and harmony the more I’m able to let things flow and resolve in their own place and time. I have been focusing on the idea that God is the only reality and I desire a greater understanding and impressioning of that idea because I feel I’m constantly experiencing the finite rubbing against the infinite. I wish to allow the infinite to take over so I can be there for others in the purest form of compassion, love, and service. It’s so much better this way, so much more real, full, alive and nurturing.

Michael: Surely the prayers of your heart have been answered, my son. Surely that which you wish to come to pass is unfolding as we speak. And as your desire and commitment is strong, and you have seen the fruits of the spirit multiply in your life, you know the path you are on is true and will lead you to everything that you desire. But as the finite yields to the infinite, be ever mindful of my presence within you that fills you with the quality of infinity that will overshadow the finite and render it translucently beautiful for more love to reverberate in every thought, every word, and every action.

The beauty that pours forth from this exchange of me over the finite you will yield more sweetness and light into everything that surrounds you. The magnetizing effect of this is highly attractive to your brothers and sisters. And you will not need to do very much to radiate this because you will be this radiance and people will respond. And you have already seen evidence of this many times over in your life. I ask you: are you ready to see this even many more times now? And I do know what your answer is.

The times to perform these acts of healing for my children, your brothers and sisters, is now. Each of you has been prepared, and each of you can do much good throughout your way. While I have addressed these comments to your brother D, and all of the comments I have spoken to each of you, apply to one and all for the application of my love is universal, and what you grow as you share this comes more beautifully recognizable in the universe and grows your soul so luminously large that all who see you will celebrate your beauty.

D, you are standing the brink of a glorious future of service in sharing my love with your brethren. Simply relax and enjoy this phase. Your commitment is moving you into this. Let your day become more effortless now by simply being. Yes, you will still feel the finite rubbing against the infinite as you qualify it. But is this not all a part of the joy in becoming and seeing how the hand of the Creator works within you? Enjoy these times of becoming. One day this finite struggle will be over and it will seem to be nostalgic in a way because you will know what it took to get there and you will enjoy the moments that you had in becoming. And you can enjoy them now because with each conscious recognition that you are becoming God-like, is that not cause for celebration in and of itself? So the joy can be perpetual and will lead you into heights of worship where you will only expand the capacity for more love.

As you chart this course in becoming, see the beauty in the finite as it has the potential to draw the infinite into it and explode into a new realization of the Father in Paradise. Let this idea now settle into your mind as I sew you into my peace, my son. (Pause)


Beloved children, I gather you around me to take you into the fields ripe with the fruits of the harvest. Your brothers and sisters are ready. They are ready to receive me. The words you speak are so much less important than the feelings you convey. All you need to do is to beam my love into them as much as you can. And we will bring my children home where they are safe and loved. Good evening.

Session 2

Message from Mother Spirit Nebadonia, received May 13, 2004 during a T/R training session


Beloved children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks.


The gift (personal teachers) that has been given to you will augment your spiritual perception in time and bring greater harmony into you with the resonance to settle in and become familiar. You are applauded for your steps of faith in allowing this to occur. There are still many on this world who would never even entertain the idea of higher help being so readily available, so that you have endeavored to open yourself up to this level of communication is a punctuation of your faith.

Your faith grows, and you enhance it by simply allowing that which occurs in you to continue without judgment and reservation or hesitation and questioning what does this mean. All things will be known in time.

Invite me into your being now so I may up step your harmonic resonance and give your teachers greater access to your mind to further guide you, comfort you, and move you close to us each day. Receive me now. (Pause)

That which you ask for, in faith and sincerity, will surely be given to you. Be patient as you allow this new level of communication to establish new mindal connections. Once these connections are firmly in place you will have less doubt about the validity of what you are receiving and experiencing. There is no limit as to how your minds can expand. I ask you to no longer limit yourself because you see yourself as imperfect beings. How much can your mind expand? It is infinite. As my mind is contained within the parameters of the local universe, so will one day outgrow me and venture out into the large field where the boundaries stagger your imagination as you grow and achieve eternally and infinitely.

You are tasting these first bursts of expansion here and now. You have only just begun! My beautiful children, how it pleases me to see you awake now and consciously striving for this. I will expand your mind each time you come to me and ask for more. You and I will have a very long, satisfying relationship – deeply satisfying – so that as the time approaches when you ready to venture out into the larger universe, you will have every need for me gratified and that of your Father. So let us grow you. Let yourself use the help available to you and you will enjoy this sojourn on Urantia so immensely, and the service times you engage i! n will be heart-felt universe memories which you take with you on the long Paradise ascent to keep close to your heart as a precious treasure.


Good evening, beloved ones. Sleep in my love this evening.