2004-05-24-Share Our Love With Others

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Topic: Share Our Love With Others

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, we are grateful for this opportunity to gather in your presence to learn your ways. Prepare our minds to receive you in the fullness of what you offer to us as you share yourselves so immensely beyond our comprehension, expanding our limit into new horizons of love and understanding. Amen.

My peace is upon you. Good evening, dear children, this is your Father. I am Michael. In coming into my presence, what is it of me that you wish to receive the most? Ask me for that quality of myself and I will add more of myself into you. Receive me and know me, beloved children. (Pause)


That which you receive from me is what you will share with others. My presence in you is such that you will wish to offer this to another person for you know the value of it, and will want to offer this as a gift to another person who is also in need of receiving me. But as your Mother and I have instructed you, this quality of me is not so much as a conceptual intellectual understanding as it is a spirit meal for their soul, where you are giving them what they need to become nourished upon because they are starving.

The human mind radiates primarily from the intellect of known ideas. Where you can do the most good is in their spirit, to score directly into the depth of their soul that is so impoverished; and to fill the gap with me will surely resonate something of great value within them, and stir them in a way they will feel something has happened and resonate that it is good. It is now time to move beyond the intellect in your mere understanding of these ideas that are presented to you. Stay within. Focus only now on your desire to share my love with as many people as you can, as your Mother and I move in you now, my children. (! Pause)

The words of loving truth that emanate from your heart are the unspoken sounds of me emanating into another human personality. These words of love are the silent songs that I convey to each individual that is harmonized for their spirit to hear. It is not necessary for you to know the words to speak. As you practice what you will be taught, you will open that channel of communication that will allow the words to become available in your mind to share with another person. But first it is important to convey my love into this individual to prepare their minds for the impartation of verbal truth.

This is the foundation that must be laid in an individual, and should you try to do it the other way you might meet with resistance, confusion, or doubt, or even rejection. That will cause you to feel as if you had not done this correctly and make you more tentative in your service attempts. But in approaching my children silently with love, you are stealthily applying something real into them they need, and they will not reject this and their soul will know. How could they? It resonates there! It is what they need.

How then do you apply this into another individual? Stay within. Again, allow your desire to serve your brothers and sisters a generous portion of my being to swell up in your mind and in your heart. (Pause)

Focus on a person who is close to you but whom you know to be someone who has a lot of inner turmoil and conflict. As you sense or perceive this person in your mind’s eye before you or in a way that you know that person is there, simply ask my love to go from your heart into that person’s heart. (Pause)

Now share with me what you notice about how you feel as you do this. You may address me now with your comments as your brothers and sister here tonight listen to your words as part of their edification and instruction.


Student: Michael, as I picture my daughter in my mind’s eye and asking your love to beam through to her, I started noticing that what I mainly wanted was her freedom from the pain that she had in her childhood. I don’t know any other way to do it. And it was that she would leave me alone and it wouldn’t be so bothersome, but that was not really the point. The point for me is that she can get some of the love that I feel from you, and she can have it in her heart and beam it out to other people even though she might not know what it is. So I thank you very much.

Michael: C, my son, would you say that you feel more love for her as you participate in this exercise? (Yes, very definitely.) And would you also share with your other group members what level or perceived status of love you receive from me; would you say that it is the same as when you ask for it for yourself, or higher, or lower?

Student: Very definitely higher. I feel it in my heart center very much more than when I ask for it for myself. I feel a little bit selfish when I ask for myself, and I don’t have that feeling of selfishness or self-centeredness when I ask for other people. But I definitely get more when I ask for other people.

Michael: What would you conclude from this observation?

Student: That, as you have said many times, it is better to give than to receive or better yet to be of service. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it is being of service that increases the love and understanding and benefits of being with you.

Michael: And do you feel that you incorporate more love into your being as you serve and share this with others?

Student: Yes, definitely more so.

Michael: Thank you for your comments, my son.

Student: Thank you, Michael, for your love and understanding.

Michael: And it is always yours, and you only have to ask. (I remember.) And be in my peace.

Student: Michael, I’d like to ask you about something that has been troubling me for the past week or two. I feel like I’ve grown a little bit spiritually, but I find that other things have come to light. When I get busy, I start tuning people out and I don’t listen as well as I should. I get quietly impatient. I know I always have this but it seems more pronounced lately, and I’m not sure why. I think I’ve been making improvements in my spiritual life and other areas, but this lack of listening when I’m busy and impatient seems to be more pronounced. ! ; If you have some comments for me I would appreciate them.

Michael: In participating in the exercise, what did you experience?

Student: I felt that I was very busy and involved in myself and what I was doing. I didn’t have time to listen to the other person, nor did I feel that I….I felt that what I was doing was very important, and I know that it’s not so important that I can’t listen to another person express his or her needs to me.

Michael: My daughter, this exercise will take you into the realm of engaging yourself totally into the depths of another person. In your desire to do this, you are effectively changing your mind about what is important. And to put the needs of another person first as a conscious choice now will alter the way you perceive your own life’s situation in what you deem as priority or significant in what is happening.

I wish to take you back into this exercise again. Let me you guide you, if you are now ready. Choose a person whom you know to be needy, in need of me, in need of comfort. (I have.) What is more important to you now: to add me into this individual or be focused on your own priorities? (To be focused on the other individual.) As you say this, ask your Mother to feed your desire for me to enter into this individual. Notice what happens.

Student: I feel a softening of my heart and less of an attachment to my own needs and things I feel are not as important.

Michael: Stay with your Mother, continue with this for a few moments and when you feel you have added me into this individual, then I wish to hear your comments further. Do this for a few moments and let yourself experience the fullness of what we have been discussing. (Pause)

Student: I feel myself letting go of feelings of impatience and irritation. I find myself focusing your love and compassion onto this person because this person needs that as much as I do, perhaps even more so. I feel a lot less impatience, which is a major step for me.

Michael: And if you feel a lot less impatient, do you then feel more patient?

Student: Yes, I feel that my own needs don’t need to be so important; it’s just a matter of perception and a matter of adding your love to have me see the other side, which is equally as important.

Michael: But do you also feel that your needs are being met if you are perceiving more patience?

Student: Yes, I don’t feel my needs clamoring for as much attention as it used to. It just feels OK even though I’m not focusing myself on my needs as much. I feel somehow my needs are being met.

Michael: Are you willing to allow this experience to extend now into your daily activities as an experiment to see if you are able to attain this level of higher patience with another person? Would you be willing to try this for the coming week and see how this impacts your life?

Student: Yes, definitely. I think it will make me a lot more calm and balanced, focused. I will definitely try this for the week, hopefully longer.

Michael: Well, it is a habit that you will cultivate. But as a conscious experiment, I would ask for you to put this to the test for this time period, and notice how you grow out of this habit that you discussed with me when you first addressed me this evening.

Student: I will do this experiment.

Michael: And your Mother will be with you, as I will. You only have to ask her to come into you and she will soften you and you will feel more mindful to bring me into your brothers and sisters.

Student: I will do that. Thank you.

Michael: And be in my peace, my daughter.

Student: The first word I focused on as I experienced bringing in your love to this individual was the word ‘upliftment,’ and seeing that person being lifted out of their circumstance. As they are being uplifted then I am being uplifted. It’s been increasing because I have been following your advice about being quiet more and in listening with others. I notice that I react less and I can be quiet with the situation as it unfolds as I focus on uplifting the situation into your presence, your truth, love, and understanding. I allow you to smooth things over. My own expectations dissolve.

Michael: D, my son, when you give me your will for these situations you do well understand that what is best for everyone will be harmonized and integrated into the circumstance that may take time to have physical repercussions in plain sight of everyone. But the point of this exercise this evening is to habitualize you, my children, as my ministers to those in great need.

You well understand the significance of this. Now I ask you to focus your entire being on this when you are actively engaging with each individual before you, whether it is a dearly beloved family member or a stranger who passes you on the street. The more you practice this the greater will my love grow in you. And the greater the seed can be offered to that individual that will go into them into the very core of their need.

So as you feel this love grow, offer it up to your Mother and ask her to plant that, through the work of those angels attending this individual, directly into the place where that person needs it the most. And let it go. Seal it with a prayer of thanksgiving, asking for the Father’s will to be done. And in time we will add more into you regarding the technique of seeding this into an individual. For now I ask you to consider the impactful use of this exercise as you go about your day.

Student: I will. I seek only this and have had experiences about that. I understand where you are inviting me fully to be immersed in thy presence. Letting go of my own subjectivity.

Michael: Love is the only objectivity in the universe. It is the only equalizer, stabilizer, harmonizer that understands all. To use this wisely, generously will open new pathways of understanding the Father’s ways in you and give you much greater access in your mind to grow and to achieve those things which you know are in your heart.

This level of service cannot be stated or underscored enough at this time. This is what our children need. Be in stillness as much as you need every day to attach yourselves to us. But always remember this service corollary and know that the more you serve others and bring our love into others, you are an open vessel for more love to pour through you. It is this simple. Go into your desire to serve now with as much of an open heart as you can perceive, and your Mother and I will add more of ourselves into you. (Pause)

Ask for our hearts to dominate your heart response, to overshadow that which is in your heart to make it whole, strong, and highly resilient to any level of human fear or doubt or scorn. You will need more of us to do what we ask of you, my children. And you only have to ask us for this. So ask now for our hearts to beat in yours and to build new love tissue in you. (Pause)

The time is at hand when you will require more heart than you can contain for yourself. It is vital that you come to us and ask for us to beat in you a new living feeling expanse of loving resilience to absorb the fear your brothers and sisters will show to you. This is the other quality of ourselves that we add into you. As they show their fear to you, the love in your heart will be able to absorb their pain and render it ineffective. You will perform a great act of healing when you allow this to occur, so your hearts must be prepared for this as we take you into this realm of adding us into our children. !

Prepare your hearts. Prepare yourselves. Receive us in your heart each day. Practice these exercises with your brethren as much as you can, and know you will always be given more when you than you need when you share with others. And ever will it be thus. You cannot never out or exhaust the supply that flows into you. Never! Receive now our love; let it blend and grow deep within you, and know that you will put this to good use in the coming day. (Pause) !

Our hearts are yours. Ask for this. Receive this. Share this. You will expand into a love that has no boundaries and you will grow into the very essence of living, purposeful, creative expressions of love as you walk on earth. Good evening, my beloved children.

My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. That which has been seeded within you tonight will grow beautifully when you tend it with your intention to share our love with others. Nurture these seeds with attention, commitment, desire, and perseverance to make each day a day of service. We know your challenges of maintaining focus as you go about your day. But would it not behoove you to make at least one attempt to be focused on others, to use these experiences as experiments to cultivate your own level of spiritual expertise? What would that be worth to you? So all we ask is! for you to try your best. For you know the value in what you do and you know that you will always receive more for yourself when you do this. It is now time for you to actively choose to do this. Center yourselves on this idea: how much time do I want to devote to service? This is a private matter that only you will speak in your mind to your Father Fragment and to us as your parents who watch over you. Ask this question now. See where your resistance or acceptance lies. As you do this, if you do wish to assist us more, then ask for me to step in to grow your desire for service. And I shall. (Pause)

Look for the small opportunities each day to serve. Look to those individuals who you might pass on the street or think otherwise about as individuals who need us. It matters not if you only give them a smile with the intention of it being a smile from your Father or me, or whether you spend five or ten minutes beaming our love into that person’s heart. Simply do what you can each day and know that any effort has many soulful repercussions in both yourself and the other individual.

It is time for you to be about your Father’s business, and to plant new truth into the hearts and minds of our children on this world who are so desperate to receive their salvation. Will you do this for them, my children? And I know the love in your heart as you respond. These conscious attempts you make will add more to your soul growth and spiritual attainment than you can possible imagine. These are the decisions that your indwelling Father Fragment requires for new spiritized thoughts to come into your mindal environment. Each service decision you make creates a mighty place in your mind for the will of the Father to manifest ! more truth, beauty, and goodness in you. And I know you all want this.

My breath will move you to the realm of service. Breathe in your desire as I move you in that direction. And everyday will be a joyful experience of adding your Father’s love into another needy person. This will give you immense satisfaction and joy, and the love you attract to share with others will magnify your own spirit beauty that you will see wonderful, noble, bountiful, creative aspects of your personality unfold.


My children, I leave this for you to consider this evening. Stay in these thoughts as I weave more of myself and your Father through you. Slumber in these potentials and awaken tomorrow to what we have shared to be put to good use. (Pause) Good evening, my beloved children.