2004-06-07-Exercise To Bring Others To Us

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Topic: Exercise To Bring Others To Us

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother, wrap your mind around ours and draw us closer in to our Father, as we seek his truth to illuminate us and free us from the limitations of our own thinking. Move us into union with the source of truth and love and peace. Help us to feel an ever-expanding gratitude in our hearts, for your divine presences are in us abiding faithfully bringing us closer to you.

Greetings, my children, my peace is upon you. This is your Father. I am Michael. Tonight I would ask you to again participate along with me and with your Mother as we move you into those working service partnerships with your brothers and sisters to build my presence within them. As you may recall, your Mother and I are taking you now into the thrilling adventure of helping my children gain access to me, who is their salvation, who is their liberty, who is their joy. And the enjoyment that you will have in doing this will be limitless and eternally springing new fruits of the spirit in your mind and through your living experience.

Before we embark on this adventurous exercise this evening, I would welcome if you would share with one another some of the experiences you had while you were practicing this over the last several weeks. And without going into a lengthy discussion of what happened, all I wish you to share with one another is how you felt in doing this. This is what will bind you closer together as a unit, as a family. So briefly share amongst yourselves and then we will begin again.

Student: Several weeks ago, he mentioned that every time you see someone to beam love at them and practice Mother’s thing if seeing you could pick up their unique personality. That has been a lot of fun. I just started noticing people, and I just love it. It makes me feel very wealthy. I’ve got all these people now in my consciousness. It was wonderful.

Student: I had an experience today meeting a young jogger who just happened to mention she was a gospel singer. So I was able to help her find a bird sound and commented how it was like the calling out of the prayers in the Moslem religion. One thing led to another and I felt that it was very easy and calming to try to share. I think of it in terms of Thought Adjuster exchange, but I felt a little easier at it. And I’m grateful for that.

Student: Michael, I found it was easier to beam your love into my family members and friends. I also tried it with people who were passing by, sometimes only a few seconds, sometimes a minute or so. I found that I felt better. I don’t know quite why, but I felt something real was going on. I thank you for that.

Student: Michael, it was interesting to watch myself doing this exercise, and to notice all the little different ego games my mind plays, and how I was able to at times to adjust those thoughts and allow more spiritualized thoughts and ideas of your love override those illusions. Quite a challenge at times, but the benefits are so much more uplifting for everyone.


Michael: Thank you, my sons, for sharing that with one another. As you go about your day and continue to practice this, sense me as your human brother Jesus who is along side of you. Sense me as the one who knows the depth to which this person is receptive, to receiving. I will show you how to feel into another person’s heart. But this will take much practice and this will grow in time. I am planting this thought in you to help you appreciate that it is not just love that you are beaming into another person. But you are actually bringing sometthing into your mind as well, and that is a greater affinity to know your fellow human beings and to love them more affectionately. This is something that I would ask you to consider now, if this is something you would all wish to embark upon with me in conjunction with your Mother, who will weave these ideas and patterns into your mind.

As you participate with me in this undertaking, your minds will be prepared. You will, in conjunction with your Mother, be building a new thought stream of service for your fellow brothers and sisters as this idea takes root and grows strong. For as I have said to you, my children must be fed with the truth. It is not so important that you minister to them with words, as you beam my love into them, as you feel your own love grow, as you sense that I am with you, so will your Mother begin to open those places in your mind that draw you into greater service attunement. As your desire to serve one another grows, so too will your capacity and your affinity to sense my children’s need. And you will be able to deliver my love into them, and to seed that deeply within them. What greater gift could you bring to one another, my children? You are bringing them the bread of life. Allow your Mother now to instill these ideas into your mind as we take you deeper into the realm of service and planetary healing. (Pause)

My beloved children, you have all shown great faith in coming to me and learning my ways. This faith upsteps you into a new way of living; a way that is still quite unknown on this planet. But you reveal the new way with each step you take of trusting me to guide you, especially in the realm of service where you can be the most effective because you are helping others and they can sense something tangible within them is occurring, even though they may not totally understand it. It resonates in their soul, which frees their burden.

So I ask you to consider the significance of what it is that you are asking for this evening. But it is not a burden, it is a joy. But it is nevertheless a responsibility. Feel the lightheartedness in this, and sense that it will make you immeasurably happy and purposeful. Allow again your Mother and me to add these ideas more deeply into you. Feel your desire for them to become a living part of your daily expression as you go about your life. Know that this will happen in time as we will continue to water these seeds that we so lovingly plant within you. (Pause)!

Feel your desire to bring my love into someone you know who is in great need of spiritual comfort. Ask your Mother to present this person before you in your mind’s eye. When you sense this individual in whatever way you perceive, simply ask for my love to flow from your heart into that individual’s. (Pause)

Now I would ask you to go deeper into your desire to serve this person, to actually help this individual come into a greater awareness of me, though gently and in a way that does not deny their free will and desire to choose. But to choose they must know and have some capacity to understand what is being presented. So simply ask me to stand before you, or beside you, or behind you, or whatever way you perceive me as your elder brother Jesus. Feel my capacity of human experience. In doing this, it would be helpful for you to identify that which is so difficult in that person’s mind, and I can show you those places where the human will resists. I can help you become accustomed to sensing what a person needs. (Pause)

Allow my presence next to you as Jesus to simply show you how to build that affinity for me in this individual. (Pause) Now ask your Mother to weave this energy into this individual, sending my presence in, filling those places of deficiency with love, my infinite love, my ever-flowing love, my eternal love. (Pause)

My children, you are all learning new ways. It is quite normal that you would have questions and concerns and need much practice to become very skilled at doing this kind of exercise. And yet you have so much spiritual power to draw upon. Your minds are being reconditioned in this power. One day you will use it. You will understand how to use it, and you will be trained, as you are now being trained, how to come accustomed to it, and how to use it, and then how to master it. You will be given tremendous spiritual resources to take you into the field to minister to my children who are lost and starving. This will be one of the most thrilling adventures of your lives. I know you all want this, and I know you are being prepared in getting accustomed to what this will mean for your lives, how it will change them, how it will improve them. Bring to me your questions or your concerns, or share with your brothers and sisters what you experienced in this exercise. We will enjoy this exchange together now.


Student: I pictured you as Jesus standing beside me. You had your arms me and I had my arms around you and it felt very comfortable and very reassuring. I had trouble visualizing for any length of time the individual in front of me. My mind kept throwing up clutter and it was difficult to stay focused on it. But I recognize all that it is, is practice. It’s easier to do than it did at the first. So I have thanks now that it is just a matter of time before I can do it very efficiently.

Michael: This is indeed what will happen the more you practice this. It would be very extraordinary if you were to be able to perceive this person clearly at this stage of your development, my son. This idea is being planted in you this evening, not for you to master now, but to grow as you practice, as you feed your desire through your practice of this. One day as you and I are in the field, you will know and sense that all your practice has paid off, for you will do tremendous healing of the broken heart of the person who lies before you in great need.

Student: Thank you, Michael. Thank you and Mother for this opportunity to heal both myself and other people.

Michael: Be in my peace, my son.

Student: There is that strong part of me that desires in my life to raise the consciousness of those in my proximity so that they can finally see what I see and feel what I feel when I�m in communion with Spirit, in love, in truth. I have been focusing on that more and praying and meditating upon that, especially for those in my home now as we talked about last week about patience, and having the patience to see this through, and the endurance and tolerance. I would love to see the people around me breathe effortlessly with no fear or darkness, no trepidation to do so.

Michael: And you know I am with you when you are in that place of desire. So as you do this, my son, be mindful of the fact that when you beam my love into another individual, that seed is going deep into their need, deep into their need.

Student: But how does one know that? I guess that where the patience comes in.

Michael: You must trust in me. Do I not know my children? Does your Mother not know where to plant my love into that individual? Does it matter to you how that person responds? Will people consciously recognize what it is you have done? No, most will not because the need is so deep, and they will be barely perceiving that anything has happened. But if you would just smile at them and to sense a more superficial layer of their mind that yearns for love, there will be some kind of tangible recognition at a less entrenched place within them. So you must not assess where it is that the seed has been planted, but do your best to engage the warmth of your heart to settle upon them. Does not that individual respond to the warmth? And even though they may not perceive it and show it to you outwardly, in them that warmth glows. In them they will feel, perhaps not right away, but in time. So the more warmth you can engender as you do this, especially when a person is before you, the more you they will feel it, and even though they will not sense that it is source is me, does that matter? You are planting something so great within them, and that is all your role is, my son. Have you the patience now to let the seed! do its job? And you know well this metaphor, for are you not the loving hands that tend the plants with devotion and patience? And would you not give the human heart even more tender devotion and patience for you know the germination period is much longer?

Student: Especially if they were surrounded by doubt and skepticism and mistrust.

Michael: Yes, those are some weeds that need time to be removed. Is it your love that will remove these weeds? Yes, it is and you know the truth of this.

Student: I heard a beautiful saying today from a woman named Julia Butterfly. When she was sitting in a tree for over 700 days and when she felt anger and doubt and negative energy within herself, she realized that only by breathing in love and breathing out love would that change anything for her. It’s so beautiful.

Michael: Because it is the truth. And be in my peace, my son.

Student: Michael, you know all of the times I’ve felt a real big need these last couple of weeks to say thank you. All the times I was just astonished with these people I thought I knew all these years, and all of a sudden something opened and someone who used to be a passing acquaintance, I was spending hours with them in the most joyful blossoming spiritual realization of the wealth I had in them and the wealth they were beginning to realize in themselves, hopefully with my help, the morontia mota in the text book that mentions that everybody is so wealthy the enormous souls people have yet they are not aware of them. This enormous wealth they have but they refuse to believe it. My own teacher’s lessons now and how to sense that, especially in people who are so unaware of this, and reflect it back to them and to see them light up with this recognition of all they have and all they have done in their lives. It’s transforming all my relationships with people. And I’m very, very thankful.

Michael: I receive your thanks, my son, with a glad father’s heart. As your life becomes more immeasurably wealthy, will you want to share this wealth freely, joyfully, and in the true spirit with which it was given to you originally. You are already sensing some of the joys in this, and yet I say to you, there is more to come. Get used to the joy, my son. It is always around you. As you feel this joy, know that this will increase your sense of peace and happiness as you grow in my love for you, my son.

Student: Dear Jesus, what I seemed to learn tonight is instead of trying to share all of the wonderful history of the Urantia Book, I should be sharing your present time living Spirit of Truth. It seems to have awakened a better channel or method of sharing your teachings. Thank you for the insight.

Michael: V, my son, what my children need is me. It is not so much the words as it is my presence. My presence is the living truth, the word that feeds them, that adds new vibrancy into their lives. So while in human communications words used are very tentative and limiting, when you add me into my children, are you not adding the very essence of eternal life into them? (Yes) How much more effective is this?

So the more you learn to minister from your spirit with my Spirit into that individual, the more opportunities you will have for service. And as you know, your desire to serve is very strong. It will be even more gratified as you continue to practice and eventually master what I long to teach you now. Stay in your heart. Feel my heart beating in unison with yours. When you feel that completeness and cohesion, simply ask for your Mother to take that love energy coursing through us and put into the person who is standing before you. That is all you need to do at this time, my son. Be in my! peace.

The time is coming when the world will want more of me. Though they may not yet know me by name, they will seek the truth. You, who know a higher reality have complete and total access to me at all times, will also feel this deeper yearning for truth. You will also be hearing the cries of my children for this living truth. Give this to them. Feed me into them. Feed my children, my beloved ones. You have so much to share, and I ask you to never withhold one morsel of my love, no matter who it is presented before you. This is what my children need.

This world will be healed, and it will not become a living temple of the Father by combined political ideologies or streamlined social changes that honor harmony and tolerance. It will only come about when I am living in the hearts and minds of my children of the truth, peace, and joy that is mine to give. What greater service and what greater use of your time can you make than to feed me to my children? I call you into the fields. I invite you to become my ministers. What you do with this is up to you. The invitation is always open. I ask you if you wish to go with me, then you will fin! d more love and more peace and more joy than you can possibly imagine for yourself to use in healing my children.

These are the times when you choices of service are adding great spiritual resonance in your soul. You are becoming more beautiful and more Father-like with each conscious choice you make to love my children and bring me to them.


I leave you in my peace. I encircle you in my love. I uplift you in my light. Feel your Mother weave me more into you now, and know all things in you are truly becoming beautiful. Good evening, my beloved ones. Rest in my peace tonight.