2004-06-13-I Am A Son Of I AM

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Topic: I Am A Son of I AM

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia, Chicoli

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



MUSIC: Elena on Piano: "Blessed Assurance"

Thoroah: I have thought about that "Assurance" a lot this week. I was trying to imagine myself as part of Father, and I only got so far before I realized how scary it would be without the Father. Without knowing him, it would be scary. So there is … That assurance is what is the relationship, that presence.

Esmeralda: It sure is an assurance.

PRAYER: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ.

Master Teacher, We come to you today with hope in our hearts and assurance in our souls that you are with us and the Father is in us, as you are, as well, and that there is no better company, for we cannot leave your protection and your presence, even to the point of desiring so, because of the relationship that is with us.

Not to get into the argument of whether or not one can annihilate themselves, I am certainly not electing that nor any of us today that I am aware would want to do such a thing, so ours is a blessed assurance of your divine presence. And for our role in eternity, we are forever grateful.

The teachers that we will hear today, we are grateful for their message and for the opportunity to share and be together. For all of the needs that you are aware of in our hearts and minds, we place before you now and remain true forever. Amen.

Group: Amen. (Tiffany the cat, audibly meowing her greetings to everyone.)

TOMAS: Welcome to this morontia menagerie.


All hands on deck are prepared to row this boat ashore. Getting used to the feel of the oars in your hands builds up the muscle it takes to row, sensitivity to your fellow rowers establishes teamwork and augments the acceleration of the thrust you engage in together, but the real growth remains with the tiller, which seeks the destiny that you aspire to attain. Thus, in order for you to become effective in your presentation of divinity, it behooves you to have an understanding of what divinity is.

I, Tomas, am going to talk briefly today about what God is, for there still remains great confusion in the minds of humanity, including these students of intimate truth.

There is the recognition that you are of God, that you are God, that you are becoming God, but what does this mean? What does it mean when you say "god"? God is more than power; power is possible in a mechanistic universe. God is more than a personality, for he created all personality. But even before God was, He was in the I AM, the all-powerful, original, First Source and Center.

And before and after we add any definitions to that state of being, be cognizant, each of you, that that original I AM is within you, as you are a microcosm of the macrocosm of the universe. Thus, you do have sovereignty over the universe, which you create through your own I AM consciousness.

As you grow in this consciousness, through your sincerity and your decision-making, you become more adept; you actually become more like that which you are meant to be in the end, as compared to what you were in the beginning – which was, at this juncture in your consciousness, a suckling child and/or a reborn soul, and in either case, each perspective requires that you grow up, that you grow in awareness in order to make progress in the ascension scheme.

Learning how to transmit is, in some ways, a process of activating your I AM consciousness to recognize all of the many personalities throughout the universe that aspire to assist you and lift you up into greater consciousness. It may make it easier for you if we adapt a theatrical perspective, giving the I AM consciousness the role of the Director, understanding that the play begins in Paradise and comes into play through you by and through your connection with the Playwright. I urge you to introduce yourself to that which you would write into your script if you were the Creator. I would like to go around the room, before we involve Anatolia, in order to demonstrate this process. I am going to ask you, Esmeralda, to make a statement as if you were playing the role of one of your celestial friends. And I will let you decide which celestial friend you would like to quote.

Do you see what I am engaging you in, my dear?


Esmeralda: I’m not exactly sure. Just a little further explanation … because I am not a very good actor.

TOMAS: I am not looking for dramatizations as much as I am the lines. They do not need to be emoted, as if this were the grand opening. You need not play to the balcony.

Esmeralda: I was thinking more in terms of the scriptwriter providing the lines.

TOMAS: Yes. Let us find some entity who is close to you, meaningful to you, that you can identify with.

Esmeralda: Well, I’m trying to get acquainted with Celene, and I’m sure that she says, quite frequently, … she wishes that I would spend more time with stillness.

TOMAS: I will ask you, for this exercise, to be Celene. Speak Celene’s lines now, to the room.

Esmeralda: I am a loving teacher, and I have a lot of patience with my student. She does not spend as much time as she should in stillness, but she does think about me through the day, she speaks to me, and she wishes that she could hear.

TOMAS: Fine. Good. Thank you. The next participant? Volunteer? [silence]

Esmeralda: Not everybody at once!

TOMAS: Thoroah, give us your rendition of one of your celestial associates.

Thoroah: I’m at a loss to do that.

TOMAS: Let me challenge Elena.

Elena: A new friend that I have is encouraging me to relax.

TOMAS: You are speaking as you. Speak as your friend.

Elena: It is time to let yourself flow with what is going on, more than trying to orchestrate things yourself. There is a time to blend in with the actions that are already in place; they are set in a good way, and you can release yourself to be cushioned in the scenario, and you can sit back and take a less aggressive role and be just as effective.

TOMAS: Excellent. I am able to recognize that personality by your portrayal of her words.

Elena: Really! Wow! What’s her name?

TOMAS: She has not told me.

Elena: She has not told me, either.

TOMAS: Matthew, I know you are already experienced in this process. Would you like to contribute, however?

Matthew: Okay. I have Chicoli, who is my personal teacher.

Chicoli: Welcome friends and associates. It is a pleasure to be with you this afternoon and whenever the occasion arises for opportunities to share what our spirits or souls desire -- which is truly peace, tranquility and happiness. One could do an excerpt of the meaning of each of these and how they interrelate, but generally are considered to be the same thing. However, that is not totally the case, but is also not the charge at the moment, but for us to find peace, tranquillity and happiness in our lives, not only in rest but in our awake states as well, so that Dorenda’s teacher is correct and I wish to reinforce this method. I will be able to return any time the spirit moves, so thank you for listening and for being a receptive audience. Peace be with you.

Group: Thank you, Chicoli.

TOMAS: I return to you, Thoroah. Have you overcome your stage fright?

Thoroah: It’s not really stage fright, I don’t think. Because I have had, for as long as I can remember, an on-going conversation and I can only conclude that the conversation that I’m having is with my Thought Adjuster. When I first heard about the fact that we had a Thought Adjuster, it made sense to me since I have had a conversation going on with myself for a long time. I don’t necessarily empathize with … like yourself, in the sense that I could assume to quote you. I can recognize your style, but as far as quoting, I would be able to quote more from what I am thinking is my Thought Adjuster’s conversation with me. That’s on-going.

TOMAS: I would like to respond to your comment, to accentuate the fact that indeed the highest and most serene communication you may have is with your Adjuster, who is that God within you that makes you a Son of I AM. That is your first source and center, as you know it. That is who you speak to first! And from there, it would be much like the Akashic record, which contains, as does the universe, all knowledge, all personality, all information. And from your capacity, then, it is possible for you to access, even as if you were your own Adjuster, that which is in your creation. And that which is in your creation is that which you have perceived to be true or have value, such as the spirit associates of the Teacher Mission you have enjoyed.

I have no problem whatsoever, therefore, in encouraging you to transmit your Adjuster, for this is indeed the Alpha and Omega of all that is. Therefore, if and as you are your Adjuster, or as you listen to your Adjuster, the God within you, how does he sound that we might enjoy his voice?

Thoroah: I am always a comforting presence for Thoroah. I am also a sounding board for Thoroah. He understands that it is of no use to either of us for him to try to ‘fool me’ and he has known that for as long as he can remember.

TOMAS: That is all?

Thoroah: For now.

TOMAS: You do well. Thank you. Then, Gerdean, what have you to offer?

Gerdean: You, Tomas.

Group: (Laughter)

Matthew: That was economical!

TOMAS: You surely know, too, how much I appreciate it.

I am intrigued with the expression of Thoroah’s Adjuster that states the human consciousness cannot fool the Adjuster, cannot play games, pull the wool over their eyes. The Adjuster sees all, knows all. This point of clarity is that of sincerity. Sincerity is the key. If God can, in fact, can and does express Him/Her/ItSelf throughout the known universes, then as the birds sing, as the wind whispers, as the sun sizzles, so do intelligent lives express their essence.

I am happy to have had my essence expressed as well as it has been, in and through these transmissions, for they have given me an opportunity to be of service to Urantia. They have given me an opportunity to serve our Michael Son and his Divine Minister. And ultimately, they have given me an opportunity to sing songs of living praise to our First Source and Center, the original I AM. Before Father was, It was.

This experience has given me value, and allowed me to express value, therefore, adding value to creation. This expression of value will live well past my time with you. It will have become a part of the fiber of the Evolving Supreme. It will have augmented the growth of deity. And I will have served, through (in this case) the efforts of this T/R, as you are serving in your attempts to express the divine in and through your lives.

It may be more comfortable for you to express yourselves at this point through music, as Elena does, or gardening, as Esmeralda does, or counseling, as Thoroah does, and/or overseeing as Matthew does. But there is plenty of room in your individual capacities (in my opinion, in my estimation) to take on many more talents, not the least of which is to become intimately familiar with those you understand to be (in the cosmic scheme of things) assisting you, elevating you, upholding you, and enhancing you in your trudge towards happy destiny.

Be of good cheer.

I subside now and remove myself from the podium. I am going to ask Anatolia if she will carry on in this classroom today.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.

ANATOLIA: Welcome, one and all, to our next installment of living with the light within, for in a way, it is living with a candle within a candle, with two flames burning, the larger including the smaller, yet there is no consumption of the smaller, for it has its own light and expression, but not without the larger’s projection.

This is an analogy that may be useful to your visions when it is time for you to practice Stillness when the opportunity arises. Frequently, there are those who choose an image to focus on when the time comes for Stillness practice. This can be anything from the cross to … anything that brings stillness inspiration and a sense of oneness and holiness. I simply leave you with an image of a candle within a candle; however, you may envision that with the larger including the smaller, and evidently you understand the analogy that this is what each of us are.

I speak to you with experience, yet I have not gone on to being ascended myself, not that I am unworthy to assume the higher realms of consciousness and ultimate unity with my GodSelf, it is, nevertheless, an opportunity yet that I have to serve with you and others in the realm of creation. For it has been and continues to be a life-giving gift, where I am more fully aware of the various forms of life that never cease to amaze me nor leave me in a satisfied state and seek no more. For the breadth of creation is such that there is no limit to the variety and the liveliness and preciousness of life as we find it, down to the smallest of plants and animals - an image of which would include a topic which has been discussed in the past, and that is to witness life in such variant form as that of a quail chick, and how something that miniscule can scamper and run, following its parent and knowing its own mind to the extent of its consciousness. Nevertheless, is a marvel to behold, as would be some of the largest creatures (that have been, especially on this planet) when the monsters were giants, roamed aplenty. These are only limited examples of the variety and extent to which life varies and expresses itself.

I wish for you to recognize the endless variety which you, too, as an expression of creation express individually and collectively, for if everyone were the same shade of blue, there would be a brilliant display of that shade of blue -- which would in and of itself be a marvel to behold -- yet life and creation does not limit itself to even one marvelous vision, but countless and perfect presentations of marvels to be witnessed. I leave this with you and impart it to your hearts and minds as the flame flickers, knowing that it is inextinguishable.

I am pleased to be a teacher of the Teacher Corps and its associated brilliance of leadership and students that it is embarking upon. This is my pleasure as it will certainly bring me to completion along my path. I am with you in all ways and for all ways, as we equally serve our Master and our God.

Have a beneficial and productive week and know that until we meet again I am always your friend and teacher, Anatolia.

Group: Thank you, Teacher.

TOMAS: As your host, I invite you now to counsel with me as to how to proceed. Would you like to engage in further filial attempts at transmitting that level of consciousness which provokes your interests? And/or would you like to present questions you have had about your life this past week? Or would you like to close and be about the day? I am inclined to keep you further, for the interchange is valuable and the bonding effects are sustaining.

Elena: Well, I think it’s helpful to have reinforcements of having trust. For me, that’s enough for trying, right this afternoon, but I’m encouraged to have some response that it actually was good! Somehow it’s just nice to have done something and then had a positive response to that. That’s very helpful. Thank you for that.

TOMAS: Thank you for your contributions, as well, Elena. It could not have been undertaken without your effort and your willingness to express your counselor and expose your heart to others.

Elena: It was my pleasure.

TOMAS: The sports fans, Esmeralda and Thoroah, I will work with you further, of course, but perhaps, in order to foster your appetite for truth in this context, we could give you an assignment to practice, if you are willing. I would like to offer Nebadonia to you, to come to know. Each of you have an affinity for the Divine Minister that is personal to you. Esmeralda, you are a mother; you have many of her qualities innately. And Thoroah, you have adored Our Mother and appreciated

Her love for Her children. Therefore, both of you will be able to sidle up to Her value.

In the interests of our group efforts, then, perhaps she will speak through each of you next time we gather in this context. In fact, I would like to invite you Elena, Matthew and Gerdean to also undertake to assimilate the essence of Nebadonia so as to speak for Her when we meet a month from now. It need not be much, but it will be an interesting exercise.

In the meantime, do not cease to know yourself, and however it is that you secure your understanding of who you are in the light of truth, assimilate that bounty – whether it be from the Divine Indweller, from the descending sons, the creator sons, the ascending sons, the angelic corps, ministering spirits or loyal midwayers -- let yourself be at home in the universe. Come to recognize that the energies that you feel throughout the day are often the result of application of their service to your world. Recall the many kinds of angels, the many goals of eternity, and see yourself as a part of that active pattern … advancing into perfection, from today’s relative perfection.


In light of the relative perfection I enjoy in your company, I release you then with well-wishes for the upcoming week in health concerns and employment concerns, as well as those concerns which might be regarded as spiritual concerns. Be of good cheer. Farewell.

Group: Thank you, Tomas.