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Topic: Resonance

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh/Zeen: "You ask how you can best work together in groups. I tell you it is through concerted mind effort, focus, intent, clarity, gathering of energy of vital force and releasing to the world.

"Every part of the magic work you do, whether healing, whether spells, whether prayer, relies on these aspects. Without one of these, the final result does not manifest.

"To manifest you require clarity, you require focus, you require intent and more than all you require allowance for the universe to fit together, the aspects, the objects of intent, to create that which you require.

"Do not assume the method or way these things occur. Assume only the beauty of Now and the feeling of Now which you will have in the future when anything you request is manifest.

"Then not only do you manifest in actuality, so that that idea, that intent is made concrete in the future, but you also know the feeling Now so you shall never feel its lack.

"When the physicality becomes unimportant, because the actuality is held in the heart, that is when it is possible to create. Then all the energies required will resonate with you and amongst the dimensions surrounding you to create, and turn that energy from matter into matter, from sound into sound, from light into light, from sound into light and light into matter, and matter into sounds.

"All is the same and all can resonate. Our thoughts, our beings, our very selves are held together as parts of resonance.

"A collection from what our subconscious creates as us, from what the world projects as us, and inside it all, a glimmer of the true light that Can Be Us.

"Our job is to assist in making that central light become you, so that your subconscious no longer creates your resonance, so that the projections of expectation from those exterior to you no longer create your resonance, but so that the true light self of Who You Are and your God aspect can manifest and resonate.