2004-07-04-Universal Awareness of Community

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Topic: Universal Awareness of Community

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Aaron, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Simeon



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is Elyon. Once again I honor your commitment to this function and purpose and applaud your steadfastness in honoring these meeting times together. I provide my presence as a show of support once again for our efforts, as we continue in our spiritual growth which we all know never ceases.


I will use this occasion to offer up the topic of your independence, as this is recognized as your Independence Day nationally, and we observe that great pomp and circumstance goes into the observance of your national liberation and independence from the outside countries of the world. You honor this date as a celebration of gaining your own sense of dependence on yourselves rather than other countries and other political systems having any control over you.

This brings about a sense of pride and a sense of accomplishment. I would like to use this independence scenario to illustrate how on the personal spiritual level you each may celebrate your independence as an individual of the realm, that you find yourselves more with the perspective and ability to consider yourselves independent of outside thinking, of external jurisdiction, of the popular ways and trends that you may observe as you become more critical thinkers and more independent minded.

This perspective of yours also provides you individually with a sense of pride and accomplishment for having developed your own platform on which to exist, your own set of standards by which you will function independent of the political climate or the social climate around you. As with your nation, this sense of pride is augmented when you are able to share this accomplishment and this sense of independence with others around you who are also experiencing this. Likewise, you as individuals benefit greatly from the sharing of the sense of independence from external forces with those around you who likewise have developed this sense.

When you share with your fellows this joy at the realization of your cosmic independence, then your experience is augmented and your perspective is deepened. Finding yourselves independent of external thought patterns, you may feel indeed the sense of freedom and liberation which accompany the security that you gain by having the perspective and wisdom to realize that your cosmic independence transcends all manner of material, external forces and is indeed the platform on which you will build your eternal career regardless of the changing manifestations of your external surroundings. This is true independence, freedom. This is what each of us as a spiritual being desires and are accomplishing step by step as we assemble our spiritual wisdom and our spiritual perspective to build the platform on which we will operate. So, today while you observe the joy as your comrades celebrate a sense of freedom and liberation from external and sometimes oppressive forces, reflect, if you would, that each one of us must pause to celebrate this sense of freedom from any external limitations or forces at play on us at any given time. We are indeed free as spirits to be who we are, to have the accomplishments that we make, to enjoy the success of our efforts.

No one or no external force can effectively block or inhibit this spirit process we are engaged in. So, as we observe the material manifestations of celebration today, we may also reflect on the celebration of the liberation of our souls from the fetters of materialism, the freedom of our spirits from any external forces, and the joy our souls have over these special circumstances. Unlike the ceremonies you may witness in the next day of a fleeting material exhibition of joy, our accomplishments in the spiritual realm are enduring and will be with us throughout this journey of time and space, not as a rocket explodes in the night to be witnessed and then gone, but rather the explosion of our souls into eternity to go on forever. I offer these images on this day as a way for us once again to return to the realm of spirit from all the distracting manifestations of this world and yet encourage you to be about fellowship with all those who are in joy at this spectacle of celebration of liberation and freedom for your country as a whole, for your citizens as individuals, and indeed for each one's soul as individuals. This is the imagery of the day. I would pull back for others, for dialogue, or for whatever your hearts may desire. Thank you.

Aaron (Simeon): Greetings to you, my friends, I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to be with you once again on this day that signifies the celebration of freedom, yet it is a seeming paradox that, as beings are truly liberated such that they feel a sense of a basic freedom and gain that heightened individuality awareness, that the celebration of such a freedom is generally expressed with the desire to be in community, not alone or isolated; not just one being on their own, but back in the embrace of all beings, celebrating the fact together that you have this opportunity to explore your own creativity and manifest your own visions and dreams.

It is a universal awareness that true freedom brings true community, for unbridled self expression does not speak of real freedom but rather selfishness. It is the truly free mind that can recognize the responsibilities of having a greater degree of freedom in one's life, for you are in relationship to others, and this reality cannot be circumvented. So, looking at your role and function as part of a larger whole speaks of maturity and reflects one who has found flexibility in self expression and tamed that in honor of the freedom that all others should experience as well.

The acquirement of freedom is the first step, but the recognition that your freedoms can't infringe on the freedoms of others for true liberty to exist is important in gaining a measure of license. Your world is in the throes of working toward greater liberty for all, yet the stage of its expression is still somewhat infantile. But the trends are beginning to manifest a little more; reflection and consideration of others not only on a national basis but also for the effects of one faction on the international community, as well. So there is hope on the horizon that this trend will expand toward a more shared awareness of the responsibilities of all as individuals to each other as one trying to function together. Truly the realization of the Supreme is the reflection of balance of freedom and the matured vision of coexisting community, for all beings individually will have complete expression of their personalities while at the same time reflecting a synthesized manifestation of a functioning unit.

Therefore, as you contemplate the freedoms you have on this day, recognize as well the importance of community and the interconnectedness of both in manifesting the Supreme plan. I have concluded my commentary this morning and likewise would step back and allow you to comment or question either myself or Elyon or to allow other teachers to present.


Michael (Mark): It is with great pleasure that I come among you this morning. This is Michael, and I bring you special recognition of what is the true measure of your spiritual accomplishments to this hour. I say to you that few things please the parents more than witnessing their children, who have been granted freedom and liberty to choose any direction, choose to pursue the direction of their parents and choose to follow the leadings of the indwelling spirit who so faithfully will guide you on your journeys forward. It is indeed true that you may choose any direction to follow with complete freedom, as that is my gift to you. I witness your gift to me when you choose to pursue me to the Father. I bring you my assurance of the manifestations of the wishes of your hearts. Even now I see you all as completed beings of light. It is only time that stands between where you are observing your world and where I observe you in glory and grandeur. When you exercise this choice you are aware that you manifest many qualities of service and of desire that are inherent in your desire to follow me. These are as well my gifts to you. You in exercising your choice manifest my desire that my children be served by you. Therefore do I have great joy in witnessing your freewill choice and your subsequent manifestation of service. I am pleased beyond description. But even so, I will manifest to you my pleasure over the course of your evolution and in due time. I would if I still walked on your world, physically squeeze you and demonstrate to you my pleasure. I will, in fact, spiritually surround you and demonstrate to you my pleasure at your decision to follow me. The adjectives of thank you and appreciation simply fall very short of my feelings for each of you. But hear them with your spirit ears and feel my presence and know that I am with you and that I am overjoyed that you are with me. Together we have a glorious future before us. I welcome you, I thank you, I honor you in your decision. In all the freedom and all the choices you could make in this life on your world, you have made one to honor me, and I respect that. I love you. My peace I leave with you; my spirit longs to be with you, and so it shall be. I take my leave now, but I am never far from you, my children.