2004-07-12-Journey Into Me

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Topic: Journey Into Me

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Michael

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



Prayer: Mother and Father, we welcome you into our presence, and we are so overjoyed to receive you this evening; the greater depth of your presence is greatly appreciated by us, your children as we crave this relationship we share with you. As we turn our attention inward to you, so shall we rejoice in the connection and know that we receive with glad hearts all the gifts you share with us of yourselves. Thank you.

Greetings, my children, this is your Michael, your Creator Father and Brother. Tonight is a journey into me. Are you ready to go into me – the depths of my presence, the fullness of my love? I know your hearts wish to receive this, and now it is time to breathe into your heart center, welcoming your Mother into the space of your heart where you have not yet felt my presence. Center yourselves in your desire to receive me even more fully than you already have. The journey into my truth is extremely spiritually stimulating. Few mortals of this world have dared to walk into this truth realm! openly, gladly, reverently, thankfully. You, who are becoming more attuned to receiving my presence, are being recalibrated in the drawing power my truth has within your total being. Stay focused within on your desire to come fully into me. I will draw you through your Mother into my embrace. Relax. Relax. Receive and open as we move you closer to us now, my children. (Pause)


In each of you a tether is being constructed that is unshakeable, unbreakable, and unstoppable in the energetic momentum of drawing you into me. This tether not only is a link to me in a direct and loving personal relationship, but it is also a source of comfort that will center you in your Mother’s energy as more changes come upon your world. As the truth opens and springs forth new experiential fruit on Urantia, so too will you see the product of gross unfairness and injustice be revealed while the old gives way to the new. And you, as my ambassadors and my administers of my love to my children, must be so secure in me through these tetherings and links that you can withstand the social pressures and changes that you ! will witness. Stay close to me through your desire, and let your desire overshadow any reservations, doubts, or fears you may have about the coming times of change and turmoil. I will steady you. I will protect you. I will uphold you. Have no fear. Feel this now, my power presence in you, my children. (Pause)

Now in your mind’s eye, pick an individual whom you know and whom you have ascertained as being quite needful of my love and peace. As you have done in similar exercises, see this person standing before you. Open your heart, and again, beam my love into this individual. Let your heart smile, laugh; be joyful as my love flows from it. The lightness in my love will alleviate this person’s burden. Anchor yourself in this quality of my joy as you beam it into this person who is so in need. (Pause)

Let us take this one step further. Ask your Mother to go into the place where this person’s pain began to take root and grow. Again, focus on your breathing and continue to beam my love into that person. Add this intention of Mother to come in. (Pause)

The nurturing arms of your Mother embrace the hurt, pain, shame, guilt. She sweetens you with her goodness and righteousness, and harbors within her a great creative hope-fullness which she is able to imbue within the individual. Ask for her to instill in this individual this quality of hopefulness where there was once pain. She will weave this into this individual. (Pause)

Now allow yourselves to be embraced in her hope-fullness. What energetic dimensional quality does this add into your capacity to beam my love into this child who is standing before you? As you open yourselves up to receiving this, allow yourselves to luxuriate in this feeling of hopefulness as you share it with your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

Every shadow nuance of despair and isolation is embraceable by hopefulness. As you begin to differentiate these qualities of my love, so will you increasingly become adept at giving my children aspects of me that they need for their burdens to be relieved and their spirits to rise and lift them into new heights of joy, wonder and spiritual curiosity. (Pause)

One of the key ingredients to add into your brothers and sisters now is this quality of hopefulness: the promise of a bright future, the dawning of a new age of kindness, fairness, justice for all of the children of this world. When there is confusion and despair people will resort to familiar states of fear. And that so many people have been so conditioned by this fear response, will there be a tendency to become pessimistic and even fatalistic. But you, my children, have the antidote; you have HOPE. Spread this and share this freely. Help my children feel this hope. They will need this! tremendously. Your words of encouragement will be well-received, but you can do far more good in service to them by tapping this hope-fullness and feeding it into them.

As we have promised you over these past few weeks to train you how to serve effectively, so too will you learn the secrets of differentiating my personality so that these qualities of me are fed into my children. You are the ones who will administer this through your loving intentions and through your increased focalizations steadying your internal gaze of my presence into the person who is presented to you. Stay focused within, let the words of this lesson go deep as your Mother weaves my words into you. Ask to be a beacon of hope, ask to be filled with hope. Feel it in your cells, drink deeply of what she is bringing into you. (P! ause)

The creative processes of evolutionary growth are predicated upon vigorous change and movement from that which is of gross physical primalcy into the refined spiritual affinity of all that is God-like. The tension between the two diametrically opposed natures create the rugged, vigorous struggle for dominance of one over the other. I well know your desire for that which you wish to have predominate your being. Fear not the evolutionary unfolding that is occurring within you. Embrace this now, my sons, with more hopefulness, and you will have many more resources to share with your brothers and sisters. Fear not that you must still cope and deal with your primal natures. See the beauty in them. See the richness of potential that can arise from them when this quality of hopefulness is fully engaged. Go into one of your more base tendencies or habit patterns that you find particularly offensive to yourself, and ask for hope to be instilled within it – the promise that something new and beautiful can arise out of it. All you need is this quality to activate your way into overcoming, transforming, and fully loving what it is in you that is of this raw material. (Pause)

Take your time. Allow yourselves to open your mind for questions or concerns or comments on tonight’s experience. I will address you when you are ready to speak.


Student: Michael, I’m wondering what you mean by the word "hope?"

Michael: My son, what does the word mean to you?

Student: Like wanting something better and I hope it happens, but it has the quality of maybe it’s not going to happen, maybe it is. As opposed to going out and getting it done, as opposed to positive action. Now, I’m thinking there’s a deeper quality to it than I had known before.

Michael: What is it that your heart yearns for, my son?

Student: Being closer to you, to the Heavenly Father, to Mother.

Michael: Do you feel that the desire for this is getting stronger? (Yes, I do.) Would you say that there is something is deep within you that is moving in this direction?

Student: Yes, it always has been.

Michael: What has fostered your desire to grow?

Student: I hope that one day I would stand before you and Mother after death, stand before the Heavenly Father in some far distant future.

Michael: In your use of the word "hope," what do you sense or feel in that word? Spend a few moments in reliving what you just said to me about being hopeful of standing before me and your Mother. Feel what that means inside of you. When you are ready you may share your comments with me and your brothers. (Pause)

Student: I have what I would call a yearning in my heart center to be close to you and Mother, to be of service to this world somehow.

Michael: From where you began in posing your question to me, how would you define hope?

Student: The yearning, the quest for something better and the faith that it’s really going to happen all rolled into one.

Michael: Do you feel this is satisfying to you?

Student: Yes, I do. Thank you, Michael, I had not seen that aspect before.

Michael: Do you feel you have satisfactorily answered your own question, my son?

Student: Yes, I do. Thank you; thank you.

Michael: And be in the hope that your Mother instills in you that is my peace, which I share with you always, my son.

Student: Dear Jesus, I find that when I focus on somebody in front of me, it turns into myself. I’m familiar with that idea but I’m surprised that I can focus on a person, for instance, like my son, the more I feel the same yearning for the same hope, possibly the same pain. I know that must like the empathy that Moses had for his various leaders and people in general. But I have a little trouble focusing on one at a time. It moves from one person to another. But I am grateful for that insight that we receive great pleasure when we hear from somebody else.!

Michael: See one individual before you, my son. Pick someone who is in need. Begin to feel my love envelop this individual. When you begin to sense your attention divert itself from this individual, simply focus again on your desire to be of service to this one person. (Pause) Allow your mind to deepen your connection with this one individual. Feel your desire to understand this individual from the depths of your soul – the deeper perspective that is mine to share with you. (Pause)

Find your desire to bring my love into this individual without words, in silence. The spiritual embrace that you employ is beyond words. It is a heart to heart embrace. Feel your hearts beating as one with me in the center, unifying, harmonizing each of you in me and blending you together. Stay focused on your desire to bring me into this person. (Pause) When you are ready, you may share your comments on this experience with me and your brothers.

Student: Thank you, Jesus. I feel I’m being trained to focus on the individual over and over and trying to go deeper, I was feeling more worthy to play with my Thought Adjuster’s help to know more about your actual character on earth and the Spirit of Truth. And then be able to care more deeply and thoroughly for that person and knowing that it will last for a longer period of time, maybe in a timeless fashion. But it seems to take a lot of energy to stay focused, but I appreciate the lesson. I try to do that in my writings. I feel that it’s coming together. I’m grateful. Thanks.

Michael: You are learning to use your energies in a new way. Your mental faculties that you have cultivated in a certain over the course of your life are being streamlined in another energetic flow of spiritual reality. As this continues to redirect your thinking, do not be discouraged that you do not have the expertise that you might wish to have to be of service. Simply focus on your desires to be of service and to allow me, my mind, through the ministry of your Mother in your mind to re-focalize what it is I am trying to teach you to master. Will you need to focalize many times? Yes, ! my son, you will. Do not count, do not assess. Simply allow the re-focalization as much as you need to re-center your gaze upon this other individual. You will find depths of your own capacities that you have not yet explored. And you will be very happily appreciative of what you can accomplish. Let these words impart an inner peace within you. If you have further comments on this, I would welcome them as would your brothers.

Student: Yes, Jesus, I just feel as if you have described to me a fundamental nature of improving self-esteem by having the hope to tap into the maximum genetic leadership of maximum Thought Adjuster attunement that takes the monotony out of everyday life. I think that thought will stay with me for all eternity. Thanks.

Michael: V, my son, I am in you always. Receive the many blessings I have for you as your Mother encircuits in her womb of love. Be at rest in my peace, my son.

Student: Michael, when I try to understand and feel the kind of being that you are, Mother Spirit, and our Father, I feel you have the power to directly heal any individual, any situation, planetary, with no limit. I feel this is actually happening. It’s my trust, or it is as our textbook says an evolution happening and it is only paced in a sense by your own wisdom. The concept that Welmek expressed through me once was that God’s greatest gift to us is that we are earning day by day. It gives me great hope to believe that all the pain and suffering this world is going through somehow necessary. ! ; And it is getting better. You, who have the absolute power, choose with us that it is this way. I must admit this is a bit daunting. I truly believe that it is for the better, and this hope is not a kind of illusion, though I often appear to my dearest friends as being rather naïve.

Michael: Would I give any of my children something that wasn’t that real or true? No, my son, it is indeed something very solid and ingestible. But it is true that the difficulties that this world has faced can be unfathomable for the human mind to understand. And as to the magnitude of its relationship to the entire universe, your perception is still very limited to your own sheltered insulation from the rest of the cosmos. But it is changing. And therein lies some of the tension.

What you have expressed to me is something that I faced as your human brother Jesus when I walked on the earth prior to my completing my comprehension of my status as the universe creator. Do you recall from the reading of your text the times I pondered these questions? And so, in my understanding you only need to come to me in this very human way as your brother and ask for me to share to with you from my human perspective that which I gleaned in insight from my indwelling Father Fragment. And your Father Fragment will embrace with that of the Father Fragment that was personalized through my inner strivings. Your desire to pierce into some of these great cosmic mysteries is ! commendable. I encourage you to explore this. But always remember that you can come to me as your brother Jesus and ask for me to impart this to you from that very interesting and appreciative perspective that I gained from my human life experience.

You have the capacity to see reality with a dual lens. You have the potential to see it from both the finite and the infinite. Sometimes you want to see it from one standpoint over the other. But coming into me as both your Father and your brother will deepen your appreciation for this evolutionary growth process that you are now so firmly entrenched in as you move slowly toward your Paradise goal. We share our experiences with you. We share ourselves with you so you can come to your own understanding in your unique way of the grandeur, the creativity, the exploration into the unfolding mystery that you, yourself, are participating! in and bringing into reality a beautiful expression of how God moves through you. Does this not thrill you to the depths of your soul, my son, even though at times you find it uncomfortable and difficult?

Student: Yes, very much. The greatest help I’ve had recently is what you asked us to do, the beaming of love into people, and trusting, even perceiving that this love is before any manifestation of words. It’s been good for me when I cannot express my hope and my faith that things are getting better; sometimes it almost appears obscene to people who are so affected by the terrible suffering of war and things, that it’s good to know I can beam this hope and faith to them even if I cannot begin to express it. That’s a wonderful gift.

Michael: You are feeding my children what they need. What greater gift can you give to them, as you have well expressed?

Student: Thank you for my dear friend and teacher. He has given me so much hope.

Michael: As you explore this creative partnership, your hope will blossom into a very well tested certainty. The peace you gain from this will be gift you will enjoy all the days as you sojourn here sharing my love with your brothers and sisters. Feel this peace now; it is always accessible to you, my son.

Student: Michael, there are numerous thoughts and ideas swimming around in my being and mind, percolating. What I experienced before I came here tonight; I had a very meditative day working. Something I don’t normally do, I put on the news and in time I started feeling agitated. My body felt uncomfortable and I had to turn it off. Someone was playing a computer game that had machine gun firing, and I couldn’t be there. In my agitation, I noticed as I left and walked to the swimming pool I had the opportunity to be of service to two individuals. </SPA! NBut because I was so agitated I did not do so. And that bothered me. And so that’s what I came here with: how in my agitation I kind of disconnected myself from you, the Spirit of Truth and love. I do not wish to be in that place. It’s not my desire. And you know what my intention is.

Michael: D, my son, give yourself a break! (I know!) Have we not discussed in past weeks about judging yourself? Why do you persist, my son? You are gaining more sensitivity in noticing where you become disconnected, and your whole world around you is set up for you to be disconnected. And that you are striving to stay connected: is that not a laudable and commendable achievement? Why do you see the fact that you disconnect as a failure?

Student: I guess because it felt so uncomfortable.

Michael: But it is only a reminder that you have become disconnected. But when will you cease to judge yourself about this? How many times more must you punish yourself with this judgment? Look to your strivings; see the successes you have gained over the years of your spiritual journey. Are you not well pleased with how you have been growing, how you have been attuning yourself to your inner pilot and to me and your Mother? What say you to this now?

Student: The first thought that came to my mind was that I want more. I want to be like the birds that are able to be so free and unencumbered.

Michael: Where do you find it difficult within you to stay in a dual focus of appreciating the moment of NOW and yet knowing that you are growing? When you feel this divergence within yourself, call upon me to bring you back into the present. I would encourage you to focus more on the moment at hand in your life. Recall how you felt in the experience of agitation. Did you embrace it? Did you reject it? Did you judge it? Notice what your thoughts and feelings did to this quality of disconnection. When you notice this, fully notice this, step outside of the judgment and be in the midst of this. Breathe into it, invite us in as your Parents, and wait as you observe what we do to this, and how we change this in you. Do this now, my son. Feel the agitation of this experience. Let yourself feel the fullness of it around you and how you became imbued with this. When you feel you have experienced it to its depth, invite us in and ask us to give you what we wish you to have from this experience. (Pause) Would you be willing to share with your brothers what you have experienced?

Student: In my observation of being in this place of agitation, it feels like you’re in a dark tunnel and you can’t see outside the blinders of the walls. All I could focus on was the agitation and how it makes you feel. Not a very loving place. Not a place of creative expression. And then as I allowed Mother and Michael to come into this place, I saw how unlovely it was, and how folly it really is, and how I do myself a disservice and those around me. And it softened and the tunnel opened up and disappeared. I forgave myself for judging mysel! f and being so hard on myself.

Michael: Is this not easier than you think, my son? (Yes) So will I hear more of these experiences from you now? (No!) And I say this with all lightheartedness just as you well understand, but be at peace in your heart now. There is no need for you to carry this judgment burden around with you. Live in the moment more. Your day will be so much happier and fulfilling.

D, the desires in your heart are strong. You know, you know you are being well cared for and guided in your desires to grow in me and your Mother. You know this! Release the judgments. Be free in the assurance that your progress is acceptable to yourself. Accept your progress, and you will find a deeper peace. My peace can only be as great as your capacity to accept yourself as who you are as my child. Let this thought settle in now and ask to understand it well so that any remaining judgments you have against yourself or others can dissipate ! in my love as you grow more peaceful each day.


Well, my children, it has been a full and rich evening of experience and exchange. I would wish it that you take this experience to rest with you this evening, to slumber in the hopefulness that we bring into you and to awaken refreshed for another day of bringing into our children what they need. Sleep well in us; your angels will be ministering to you tonight. Good evening, my children, my strong sons. Sleep in our love.