2004-07-20-Butterfly Emerges, Life Grid

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Topic: Butterfly Emerges

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Armesh

TR: Helen Whitworth



Armesh: "Dearest sister, we welcome you today with joy and happiness. It is our intent that you should be well in mind and body, spirit and soul, and so we offer you a blessing of energy, which will assist you in re-balancing as you integrate recent changes in your internal energy structure.


"For those of you who read this message, you should know that the times of change are upon you now. There is no more ‘when’, for it is here. And always has been. You are ready now to stand up and take responsibility for yourselves at an individual and collective level, to stand up and be counted.

"The game of chess has progressed well and the winning moves are laid in front of you, with a certainty now that you can and will be the victors. It is still difficult for many of you to accept this, as the fear has hung over you for so long as to the alternative, that you have difficulty seeing the situation as it already is.

"The opponent has always been of your own fear, created by the limitations of human thinking that allowed your species to abdicate its own responsibility.

"You have grown though, have felt the calling, the yearning within your hearts to be whole again, and all that remains now is for you to reclaim your sovereign right, your right to stand with the love of God and All Beings, to stand alongside Us, who are encouraging you now, as Galactic Citizens, with full responsibility for your own lives, your own destiny.

"The casing has cracked, the cracks get wider, and soon they become chasms. Then bit by bit the shell disintegrates, falling away to reveal the beautiful butterfly that you have become, all of you, whilst hiding behind your curtains of fear.

"Stand tall, proud, victorious, with love shining from your hearts and speak with the wisdom of truth. Claim all that you are, firstly within your own being, telling yourself how perfect, how wonderful you are, and how perfect this world is you have helped to create, then allow others to see your beauty as you see the beauty in them.

"Each has different gifts, each different challenges, but all are of infinite potential, part of the glorious dance that is the Light Web of Life.

"When you feel down, imagine yourself at the center of a sphere, with strands of light emerging from each fingertip, each hair strand, each corner of your body.

"Imagine these strands flowing outwards in all directions until they meet another human, or a tree, an animal, and see your light merge with theirs, and then on in all directions from them. See yourself and each spark of life as a hub, forming the most beautiful web across this Earth, and as you see each entity be touched, see them light up to continue their own piece of the web.

"Imagine now the strength, beauty, power and love on an Earth surrounded by such a web, and know that this web already exists, fueled by hearts such as yours that yearn for the light, and who can stand tall within themselves and proudly proclaim, "I AM THAT I AM".

"We wait with growing excitement for the day, so soon now, that the entirety of the life-grid of this planet lights up together, and becomes a hub itself within the web of the universe; the day when you will truly know again who we are, and we can find each other in totality within our souls.


"We await this day with joy and anticipation and cannot wait to share so much with you. My dear ones, you are coming home. I leave you with all the Love and a jubilant cry to the rooftops. I am yours. I AM Armesh."


Cheshire, England,