2004-07-24-Second Mile

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Topic: Second Mile

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Aaron

TR: Gerdean



Opening prayer (Bob S.): This Daniel my friends, let us pray.To our Father who exists in Paradise, we reach out to You knowing while You are there, yet, You are here; for we have met You among ourselves and that thought gives us faith. The faith to open our hearts, open our minds, open our very selves to the truth, wherever that may lead. In Michael ’ s holy name we ask.

DANIEL (Bob S.): Yes friends, this is Daniel. Your wish is our command. We shall endeavor to provide further information to you regarding the second mile, the second generation, the second step in this long path which you have all sought and been prepared for. It may not flow as well as other lessons because we are, as I speak, putting it together. But as you know we are well prepared for this task for which we have volunteered. And, having been former mortals we understand well and can anticipate well those areas of difficulty. So with those words of introduction let us begi! n. One moment please.

AARON (Bob D.): Greetings, I am Aaron, my friends, pleased to be with you again. Your efforts to comprehend the lessons reflect the very attitude of the second milers club, for the first level would be to hear the lesson and then to go on to the next thing in your life. Instead you truly want to understand the deeper meaning or perhaps you feel it may provide you with a level of understanding, which can lead to further growth.


Tonight I would have you look at Michael ’ s life, as Jesus, to understand certain aspects of this concept of originality and creative expression that reflects a second miler.

Jesus built boats and in doing so He had the opportunity to express creativity within the discipline He was exploring. Many boats had common features. In His day they built, based upon the standards of the past, that had worked for generations. Yet Jesus was not satisfied merely to create boats that reflected the past. Rather did He explore techniques of improving that which had come before. Therefore when people were witness to the result of His labor, they were astounded at the quality of the product, for it reflected a great deal of care and effort. The boats were not just standard they were exceptional.

When Jesus gathered the Apostles He recognized that He would like to develop a ministry that could reach out at various levels. The first step was to gather and train the Apostles so they could go out and speak to the populace about the ideas that Jesus felt were important to be expressed during that time.

The second level was to reel the Apostles back in for further discussion and training about the methods and efforts that they underwent, to fine tune those aspects of ministry which worked, to discard methods that did not. And to share the group mind for a season, so that a cross pollination could occur that would strengthen them all. Then He sent them back out to do so again, to share the message as it had been adjusted in method, going the second, the third, the fourth mile and so on.

I believe in these examples you can see what it means in some sense to go the extra mile. For in life you all have tasks before you. Will you punch the clock and do the tasks simply out of the sense of duty and burden, requirement. Or can you look at how you can manifest your personality to engage with those tasks in a way that expresses one who truly cares about what they are doing. [One] who is not burdened by self importance, to feel that tasks are beneath them. But rather that each thing before you is an opportunity to express your light. If you are cleaning floors in an office building would you just pass the time ! away and get the job adequately done or would you hope that you could manifest your abilities such that those who work in that office would know the office was well cared for?

This is the concept that we are trying to share at this time, about going the second mile. To recognize that every opportunity is an opportunity to do your very best. To apply yourself to make the quality product such that others can not help but notice, that this quality exists such that it may raise the standard above just getting by to a new level, breaking the bounds of mediocrity, and letting loose the free and creative thoughts of others who have been affected by your work.

At this time I would remain for questions and other teachers are here this evening as well


Nancy: If no one else is going to jump on it, I have several.

First of all thank you very much for that explanation of the second mile. I get it and I now realize I am a second miler. However, I have, I think, two issues that are weaknesses in me, with respect to the second mile. Maybe one is weakness and one is just a perspective that I need.

As someone who doesn’t just want to punch a clock, but does want to bring my creativity and originality and who I am, into my work product, and also one who really wants to do my job, I think I succeed. However, I can allow disdain for those who don’t operate in a similar manner, to create relationship difficulties, and painful situations, which I find difficult to forgive, because I so want other people to care as much about what I am pouring my heart and soul into as I do. And if they did it would sure make my job a lot easier. And so, that’s a personal weakness that I need some help with, because I want to have whole relationships. I want to be respectful of other people and respect their right to make th! e choices that they do, and you know, not let me become poisoned.

The other one is: how in a professional life, wanting to be a second miler in one aspect of a life, can distort other aspects. It can be at times difficult to find balance. I have thought of it as being more about seasons of life than having balance at any particular time. At least for me, often, its been one thing or another. I am hoping that at the end of my life, as I look back, I will have seasons of life where, over all, things were balanced, even if they may not have been perfectly balanced at any one point in time, because there is that tension between … well … actually wanting to be a second miler in all aspects of ones life can be exhausting. I don’t necessarily expect you to cover them all tonight. Maybe, the teachers who are putting together the lessons could address those aspects. That would be helpful to me.

AARON: Thank you for exploring your thoughts regarding the lessons. Indeed will tension be created at times when one is going the second mile. For obviously in a society that perpetuates standardization, it is an uncomfortable fact to recognize another who has raised the bar, who has wanted more and who seeks to express more.

Two thoughts I have here are: (One) recognizing the insecurity that is created when you would destabilize the norm. And to know that you will find criticism. It is often an inevitable fact in a diverse society that productive citizens will no doubt face critical analysis by those who do not share the same value system, who look at life from a different perspective.

(Two) Another aspect to consider is while raising the bar for yourself, to be the best that you can be, in a particular situation, one must be careful not to overtly raise the bar for others and expect them to react similarly on any immediate scale. For in achieving, you have control of your actions and reactions. Others are influenced, lastingly, only by example, that is a continuous example of a different and higher method of activity.

The most healthy perspective for maintaining sanity for yourself, is to look at life as a field for growth. And that you, by achieving on a long-term scale, may by example, rally the troops along to raise their level slowly and grudgingly toward a higher method of activity. Therefore by having the expectation lessened you can recognize a sense of freedom in your activity. You may find that your own interactions will be taken in a more friendly manner, if those expectations do not seem prevalent in your communications with others; such that you truly love what you do and can joyously share that which you love with your fellows, so that they might be strengthened not only by your achievement but also by your joy and your good natured interaction.

This attitude of easing expectations helps in the second level of trying to find balance in going the second mile in your life. A true second miler does not throw all their eggs into one basket so to speak. But recognizes that no matter what is in front of them in a given moment, that that is the most important situation to be dealt with, even if they are considering other areas in the back of their mind. So, gaining this healthy perspective is obviously not simple. You must peel away the layers of expectations you ’ ve place upon yourself in life, and the influences that have caused you to have compulsions, and tendencies toward compulsion. This will be achieved by! our favorite practice, the stillness. And balancing your outward activity with the inward activity, of drawing close to your Creator, and recognizing the acceptance that you have there, regardless of your varied activity in life. It is when you recognize truly that you are completely accepted, simply in the fact that you have been created, that you will be able to more fully manifest this appreciation in all aspects of your environment. For it is the good cheer that Jesus spoke of, the living of life with enthusiasm not created outwardly, but manifested from an inward source, outward upon your environment.

I hope this gives you some ideas to consider for both areas of your questioning this evening my friend.

Nancy: I found it to be a very complete answer. I am just feeling a little ashamed of myself for saying I knew what a second miler was about.

AARON: But you do have a glimpse (yes) and you do show glimpses of being a second miler, just as each of you do at times in your lives.

The new rallying we would try to stir you toward is simply increasing your perspective and awareness, everything from brushing your teeth, to changing diapers, to creating affective tools in the work place, and to sharing the light of love and truth in your life. All these are opportunities to reflect going the second mile. All of them hold equal importance in the sense, that it is what you do with your circumstances at any moment that will define your growing soul and expand your eternal potential.

Virginia: Aaron, thank you for the second mile explanation. I think for years " be the best you can be " has been a personal motto, and I think Carol, you can help me, I think it is the book The Four Agreements, (yes) which says that be the best you can be. This book was rather a freeing experience for me because " being the best you can be " under any given moment is pretty heavy. This book says " Your best today may not be as good as it was yesterday, but it ’ s the best you can be today and it may not be as good as it will be tomorrow. " Is that right Carol, did it come from The Four Agreements? (Yes)

That was just a very freeing thought for me because there are days you fall on your face and you ’ ve done your best.

AARON: Yes it goes with the adage " to not let the hardships get you down. " For your mental state varies from day to day. Your physical strength varies from day to day. Therefore, your spiritual potential in output varies from day to day. Thus, you can only deal with what you have in front of you in the best manner you know. Obviously continued reflection in the stillness will build momentum toward spiritual growth. This does not mean that you will be the same exact person from one day to the next. Therefore it should ease your mind! to recognize that it is the overall trend of your growth and development that is of more concern than any particular instance which may rise or fall. I believe this is what you were alluding to?

Virginia: Yes, and I like your phrase spiritual potential is less because of the other variabilities. That is an adequate explanation of my behavior sometimes.

LaReen: Amen, the physical and mental.

AARON: Again, there are other teachers available this evening if any of you would like to avail yourselves of the opportunity.


DANIEL: I am Daniel, desiring to include a comment in this excellent topic. I am aware that the night is long and that your plates are full. Therefore, I will keep my thoughts brief before providing the opportunity to close.

Last week as you heard Aaron introduce the new club that you were being invited to join, the Second Milers Club, open enrollment was announced. You considered with a mixture of feelings what this new club would be about.

Tonight as we have delved further into the topic, you understand better this idea of creatively and enthusiastically applying yourself to the circumstances in your world. Thereby transforming your world, for this is the goal, personal transformation, planetary transformation, and so forth.

Aaron has stated that the springboard for this – the ability to go the second mile, to run the race with vigor and good cheer and the desire to go yet another mile – is based in your relationship with spirit, with the divine, with Father. So, tonight as in the past, I would again emphasize the practice of stillness, not just as a daily routine, but as an on going checking-in with your beloved, on a regular basis, throughout your waking moments. It is this practice of seeking to strengthen and develop this amazing relationship that the energy, the originality, and the spontaneity come from. So, as you seek to understand the second mile, as you allow the adventure of being the second miler to well up inside you, do not forget to nurture that ultimate and! sustaining relationship.


Are there additions that anyone would introduce at this time? Again, the floor is open.


Very well, please stand.

Father, we your children stand before You desiring Your love, which we have, Your acceptance, which we have, Your security, Your peace, and the hope that You provide. Lead us step by step into this grand adventure that ultimately leads to You. Be with all of us this week. Amen