2004-07-25-The Only Thing Worth Pursuing

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Topic: The Only Thing Worth Pursuing

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Anatolia

TR: Gerdean, Matthew



Music: Elena on Piano: "His Eye is on the Sparrow"

Prayer: Matthew: Let us place ourselves in the presence of Jesus, the Christ. Master Teacher, We come to you today with beloved and dedicated hearts to your purpose and your being, and as soldiers of Christ, we may be called upon to witness to your purposes and your singularity of focus upon the Father and the oneness of all that is, which makes us all more than related, but actual kin, true family, and extensions of the one true Source and Center of all that is.

And for your courage and strength and all of the marvelous things that it took and continues to take for you to visit this world as a messenger of that and much more, we continue with the rest of our lives to show gratitude and commitment to that message and the broader message of the singularity of creation.

For the teachers that visit us today, we are already grateful and are especially appreciative of this teaching mission and the opportunity to learn directly from the spirit world and to reinforce our connection as part of that unity

For all the intentions that you know, within our hearts and minds, we place before you now and ask for healing, unity and resurrection or restoration of faith for those who are weary and teetering in despair.

For all else we are grateful for our role in eternity. Amen

Group: Amen.

TOMAS: The true son of God feasts upon the presence of God, craves divine companionship, is bereft when deprived of that sustenance. The spirit life is not a theory, but millions theorize upon what it would be if it were. Spirit life is an actuality as it applies to each of you individually. It is what you are becoming, day by day, by your craving to know God and to be more like Him.

This is Tomas, your stalwart companion in the task at hand, of bringing light of truth to your world. You are the mouthpieces of the good news, the prophets of the day to come in which our God reigns supreme on earth as he does in heaven.


How is it that so many people can believe that the natural estate of man is violent, aggressive, ugly, selfish and horrible? [Because] without God, they revert to the animal kingdom in its many ways of manifesting its needs being met. So, too is the spirit a matter of needs being met, but they are a higher standard of needs than is seen by those who see Him not, need Him not, because they are convinced they have found Him already. And that applies to you, as well, my children -- you who have experienced God, who follow Him, for there is so much more to this magnificent God than your minds have yet perceived. Why limit your perception of God to what it is today, when tomorrow can reveal to you an infinity of new meanings and values, which you then are called to share, pass on, in your service to others.

Beliefs (that which you have been taught by others) may be what you have been taught by others, but you confirm those beliefs by your own will. You find within your belief system the satisfaction that it should provide. If your belief does not provide you soul satisfaction, then it is a mere theory. And people who theorize religion have a tendency to place God outside themselves, look for value in realities outside themselves, follow voices outside their own circumference, when in fact this is a process of further searching, winnowing through the chaff to find the wheat, of what real spiritual experience is.

By believing fiercely in your beliefs, you follow up to prove or disprove the reality of your beliefs. You test them, those of you who are not content to save yourself at the expense of knowing yourself. For only by needing will your soul call out for more. If you are replete and content with your attainment, so you shall remain.

Through needing, you admit poverty of spirit such that you need yet more of divine understanding, or that peace which passes all understanding. Following that need leads you then to lay hold of meaning, including beliefs, that ultimately leads to value, which transcends belief. And yet again, like the Phoenix, you rise from the ashes of the old flame to yearn for yet more from the divine source and center of your being.

There is nothing else on earth worth pursuing. There is nothing else anywhere that rises to the need of knowing God -- the indwelling God fragment that patiently and expertly maneuvers your minds to appreciate the God which surrounds you, embraces you, indwells you.

It is that marriage of your yearning and its providing that garners you at-one-ment. Atonement. And absolves you of all sense of separation from the divine. Worship such as this is the pinnacle of your creation. For now, it is a goal; and yet in time, it will be a practice so favorable to you, you will need to be sent forth from your desire to remain in a state of worship, in order to be about the Father ’ s business in the arena, inviting you to serve.

There comes a time in my chats with you that I can almost feel that point where your attention slips from the superconscious past the conscious and into the subconscious where you burrow, waiting comfortably and contentedly until the atmospheric closure overcomes us all. And I have met that point today. Therefore, I will leave it to my associate Anatolia to awaken you from your slumber and revive in you a sense of enspiritedness that will return you to your conscious state of functionality and care, that we might thus be about the Father ’ s business in the world. Thank you.


Matthew: Thank you, Tomas. That was kind of him. He could have been really bent out of shape!

Gerdean: He gave you the job of waking us all up.

Elena: I got what I needed that worked. You need to need something before you ask for assistance. How ’ s that? Ask and you shall receive. How was that?

Gerdean: It was definitely a place to go.

ANATOLIA: Welcome, friends and family members of our group here in Albuquerque area. All are welcome, but you participate! And for this we give you credit and points for being dedicated to this mission. And as Tomas may have indicated, the level at which you participate is the level at which your receptors are alert and able to comprehend. The unfortunate part of this process is that it does tend to put one into a deep, virtual slumber that is difficult to snap out of. It is not of the caliber that will threaten our continual return to be of good cheer and constructive in our sharing with you; it is nevertheless a challenge for both you and us to find a receptive audience.

This is something that, while not a major issue as you might imagine, if we repeatedly spoke to a group that is not awake, it would be almost a work of futility, even though you are perceiving at the highest (or lowest, depending on how you look at it) levels of consciousness, it is our regard that your attentiveness would be as great as if Jesus himself were speaking to you. That may be a bold and radical statement. Nevertheless, for representatives of our Master do request your time and attention for the times that we take to share our thoughts, cares and concerns for your growth and development. After all, we as teachers do not need to sit in the chairs as pupils, but have our turn as well when we are instructed, so we know what it is like. And as our Master speaks, we do pay attention. Enough for any time of a scolding lesson, but one in which you are reminded that your attention is encouraged, your participation is suggested, and your willingness to be in union with the others is of the utmost importance.

So continue to be loyal and avid students, for there is much to learn and much to share in your pursuits, both individually and as a group. One of the strong points that I wish to share with you is that you, as a group, are both well intentioned and learning significantly about yourselves as spiritual beings. It never was the intent nor our desire to wow you with the amazement of speaking to disembodied beings of outer world relevance, but rather our extraordinary ability to communicate with you to enable you to realize that this is, after all, what life is – a continual learning experience and evidence that, in fact, you are spirit being and have the capability to be as insightful as we are and certainly as full of potential as you can imagine. So we encourage you to continue your inner work within yourselves, with you Thought Adjuster, and with the example and teachings of your Master Teacher and Sovereign as an example of the type of life that is possible and expected.

After all, among the many roles that one can lay claim to or designate, Jesus as having fulfilled both prophetic and cosmic in intent, the simplest of these if nothing else is communicated, is to realize that he is and was a living example of what each of us is called to as a child of God, that it is not simply to follow the routine of any one denomination or belief pattern, but rather to know that we are individuals identified in the spirit of creation that have conscience, consciousness, and love ability that is as our Father is and that unites all that is as part of the whole.

This, as an example of the relationship that was non-severable by Jesus established presence in this world. We each have the responsibility to continue our role in expanding our consciousness and that of others, to be aware that life is interconnected. It has no one part that is severable and can be extracted as weeds could be extracted from a yard, but that each and every blade, regardless of shape, size or color, is part of the macrocosm of life and your role in it is especially meaningful and purposeful, for it … all there was was such a lawn with all of the various plants that existed, surely one type or species of plant would become a focal piece, a source of expressing that which is internal and true to itself and all of its related parts.

For creation cannot remain silent. It needs a voice and an expression, for which you lend to your heart of reality in this, as you know as your world. For that we continue to encourage and strengthen you in your efforts to become your true selves, and it is in that respect that we continue to teach, encourage, and to share our love for your role in this, "the world of the cross." So be strong and true to know your true purpose as voices for the Godhead that is part of all of us, that has voice and being through your presence.

Act as if you were the only voice that God had and you will encourage choirs of unity among you. So be true tot hat which is eternal within your being, which needs and has voice within your being, and you, too, will hear choirs within and without.

Are there are any questions that you may have today as we visit with you? Any, all or none?

Ann: A question for Tomas. And, um, perhaps insight into a way to prepare for His visit, to keep us in the consciousness instead of going into subconscious?

TOMAS: It is strictly a matter of developing your spiritual muscle, which is unused to the extension of your consciousness into that higher plane that allows you to remain so focused. The pull of the physical existence is constantly a part of your experience in living and many of you succumb completely to its lures and urges. As you learn to "gird up the loins of your mind" you begin to utilize that degree of spiritual muscle that will allow you to stride naturally in the presence of spirit, even as you live a mortal life and engage in those organic behaviors of creature existence.

Essentially, it is exercising your own capacity to stretch beyond the comfort zones of your common existence in order to elevate your reality into a new dimension of awareness that in time becomes not only second nature to you but essential to your survival, as you would feel if you were not getting enough food or water.

Is this helpful?

Ann: Yes, it is. Do you suppose it ’ s seasonal?

TOMAS: Seasonal?

Ann: Um-hum. Are we on vacation?

TOMAS: I certainly have noticed a cultural tendency for mortals to become almost entirely embroiled in the cultural events of Christmas, New Years, Easter, holidays of that sort. And, of course weather would factor in largely for, again, the creature has developed certain habits and behaviors that support and surround his physical existence, such as bracing against the cold or seeking relief in summer, and as that comprises the consciousness of most individuals, it is a largely physical way of life you live.

And so, of course, the material bears witness to your tendency to retreat from the rigors of the spirit, even as the energy required in winter to stay warm, can, intellectually speaking, consume your every interest. It is, even so, possible for you to extend far beyond your limitations of creature existence to find great scope of function within the spirit reality, even fully comprehending the lure of physical existence and those tricks or techniques of survival that you long-ago learned. In other words, you do not have to forfeit being human to be divine. It is merely progressive.

Strive to attain greater spirit consciousness. You grow soft, shallow and pretend to be interested but you really aren’t. You are following the status quo and paying lip service to your religious life. While millions of people do this, people who have tasted the spirit will be reminded by the spirit of those delights as well as meaningful responsibilities inherent in the spirit, which, when the soul has become sufficiently well-formulated as to develop a mind of its own, will see to it that, in fact, the spirit life is held in high regard even as Jesus did, exclusively, for this is the path to take to perfection.

You therefore are at the helm of your own spiritual growth, and while it is not wise to attempt to grow too quickly, if you can keep from dragging your feet too slowly as well, it will provide you a comfortable balance in which to approach God and your fellows and this healthy stride is part of your training in this classroom, to find that appropriate balance between the human and the divine that will enhance Urantia and give you growth in your evolving soul, as well. In this way you will have represented the greater reality when here, instead of waiting until some future time to devote yourself to the discovery of the only thing worth working toward.

Indeed, there is nothing more important to you as individuals than to develop your own spirit consciousness, for this is what we mean when we speak of your immortal soul. It is your duty to yourself to advance that awareness and to reap the rewards and assume the responsibilities inherent within that consciousness. I will let you discern your own degree of need for that reality, for that is the impetus and stimuli for your own ascension and your own growth.

It is why I mentioned recently that your decisions are the stimulus, which activates the universe. We recognize that not making decisions is another way of affecting life.

Are there other questions?

Matthew: Kiddingly, maybe it would help if we stood up or knelt during the presentation, to keep from falling asleep. Obviously that won ’ t, but …

TOMAS: I should take lessons from Abraham and learn how to be brief in my lessons. I am a philosopher, however, and have no skill in putting forth truisms without flourish.

Paula: They are interesting that way.

TOMAS: I am glad you think so, child. I know there are others as well who enjoy my method.

Paula: Your homilies?

TOMAS: Homilies? Understood.

Maria: I think it is a good idea to practice trying to stay conscious in the higher energy field. It ’ s something that I had thought about before but hadn ’ t really considered in the circumstances, so that —

TOMAS: In other words, you enjoyed it but did not know if it was okay to do so.

Maria: I have some Menorah tapes that said that as you spend more time with them, you will be able to get into a deeper and deeper state of consciousness while staying conscious, and that ’ s the comparison I was making.


Maria: A better trance.

TOMAS: We have no need for you to go in a trance or become unconscious, no. We seek for your awareness, acute awareness, in fact. This is where the effort is required. And this is why so many fail to find results from meditation -- they succumb too readily to the subconscious pull and sink into the quagmire of their unconscious.

The effort is to maintain your consciousness, albeit a superconsciousness, a heightened awareness, such that you are able to be mindful of your environment and the personalities within it – human and divine – instead of closing yourself off from consciousness of all that is, in order to submerge yourself into a bath of infinity. That is simply a visceral or sensual state of being. This may serve to lower one ’ s blood pressure and invest a sense of well-being and relaxation, but it is not conducive to sustaining high levels of investments of energy in the higher realms of the mind where your intelligence abuts spirit intelligence. And this is true whether you are sitting in a state of meditation or if you are involved in socializing at a cocktail party.

There is no separation of you from the spirit if you are cognizant of the spirit such that your being cries out for its strength to carry you into the field where you are more than you could be without it, and without Him. I must find many more ways of saying the same thing, for some of you require a new interpretation each time you hear it, in order to trigger those connections with your own indwelling spirit that will foster your yearning to be so involved with the spirit, engaged with the spirit, that you feel at one with the spirit, even as you are able to fully enjoy being your own personality self.

This is a state of being that requires your full consciousness and which also provides you your deep contentment, for you have within your own framework the consciousness of your connection to the Source and Center of the universe. In this way, you are able to be at home in your own skin. You are able to ground yourself in the vortex of your own reality. You are able to sustain your strengths consciously and willfully for God and for the divine purpose of revealing Him to others.

Are you more clear on the concept?

Maria: Yes.


TOMAS: These sessions we enjoy engage your deep mind. The shallow aspects of your mind and the curious part of you that yearns to know more -- but that is more of an adjutant spirit of knowledge -- is different from this that we enjoy together. It is indeed an exercise and we have done a lot of work this afternoon.

We have plowed a lot of field. Fertilized each other ’ s spirit. The Son (sic) has shined on us and the Father has bestowed upon us His living waters. Thus, as we take these seeds to heart and nurture them within the mind, they will hopefully eventually sprout into shoots of growth for you, such that your soul will soar in new recognition of reality which sustains you and indeed all of life, and yet of which we get so few really pure glimpses.

Even so, those glimpses of divine reality and infinity perfection are worth remembering, even if the color fades, for they are certificates of commendation of your own growth in deity attainment, there on your mental wall to remember and remind yourself that your life has been a full and meaningful experience, as through it, you have learned to know yourself, you have learned to love God and you have seen how it is that He can utilize you to spread his good cheer within and throughout the realm.

While this can be done mindlessly, as simple folk, it can also be done with consciousness and intent. I appeal to your ambition. Any other questions? (None)

I and we are honored to be called to be your teachers. We are challenged daily in our attempts to work with and through the spirit to help you appreciate the beneficial effects of these, your efforts in attainment. I know our Master Teacher is proud of us all, and pleased with our commitments to our individual assignments, to our own state of growth, and our own humble reckoning of what it is to do his will in our lives.

Even so, it is my will that His will be done. And so, in that conscious awareness of my own humility, and yours, I leave you for the afternoon in anticipation of our next gathering. If, as you know, you choose to call upon us individually and independently and in your own time, it is our privilege to attend to you and to your spirit in any way possible that will help you understand better the connection you have with you and God. Amen and farewell.