2004-07-31-Personality & Identity

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Topic: Personality & Identity

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Scribe

TR: George Barnard



The Scribe: "I say, let us now begin, before you become so very comfortable that you might well fall asleep. It is perhaps an aspect of age that you occasionally turn your meditation into a well-deserved rest. I have no personal reference to that human requirement, despite having been on this earth many times, long before you were, for much longer than you have been here, and, indeed, I have no need of rest.


"It is by observing you that we have learned to select the right time to engage with you in dialogue of interest. So now let us handle the matter of your specific requests. I refer to your text, to many other writings including your bible, that states that Jesus, rather, Michael, was the only-begotten Son of the Father.

"The real meaning of that statement escapes many, for it does not clarify that there are myriad local universes that have their Michael Sons at the helm. And still, each and every one of the Michaels is the Father’s only-begotten Son, for each and every one of them is endowed with the loving personality characteristics that are typical to their own selves. They are perfecting Sons, who are perfect in their endeavors, and yet from individual to individual they are varied, they are different, they are unique.

"In their perfection they display individual traits that are typical of their personality, and this is the case all the way down to where we discern you mortals with your very own personality, yes, even down to the animal kingdom, your fauna. The Father’s Gifts, the Pilot Lights, the Fragments of the Creator, that supply you with your identities, may, in their virgin form, well be seen as rather identical to the next and the next. And yet, in their learning, their interests, their experiences in past present and future, and whilst in their total perfection of being, they will vary greatly.

"Likewise, the Father’s gift of personality to each and every one of you will vary. The basic personality as it impacts on your physiology—merges with your physiology—and changes with your education, environment and experiences, will project certain character traits. And so, therefore, since you do not, have either a perfect organism, your perfect nurture or your environment in total order, the true personality will always remain somewhat hidden.

"However, personality does not equate with ego. Necessary ego in earthly survival can in fact be good, or bad, because it also provides motivation, indeed hopefully good, or sometimes dismally unwelcome.

"It is throughout the ages of your future lives in the Morontia Spheres where ego will diminish, slowly, surely. Yet the personality and your character traits will never die, but come to the fore and shine, and thereby will you be recognized even before your looks are considered. It is in this fashion that you will establish greater and greater co-worker groups that will become more proficient at attaining successes because of the greatly increased (can’t hear this–maybe "common" or "combined") mind power. And as ego will diminish, your pure character traits will come to the fore.

"The personality will become more and more recognizable, more easily understood by those with whom it associates, more easily loved for precisely who it is. It is the personality that is the real human you, and together with the Identity when fused, it becomes the real eternal you, and can never die.

"So there in the distant times of the future, as you go forward and bring your lights to the universes that are establishing themselves in faraway deep space, you, one-time Paradise Citizens, will easily be recognized as the perfected personalities—specifically motivated, specifically geared, specifically educated—to function with precision in that exact arena of need for which you will have been called into service.


"I thank you for your well-focussed attention my dear subject and friend. You may scribe my words at your convenience, and call on us as often as you please, for not ever will I desert you."