2004-08-08-A Lesson on Trust

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Topic: A Lesson on Trust

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown

Session 1

August 8, 2004


Yes, wait in the Silence before Me, until you feel that holy hush enveloping you, and you are ready to receive further instructions about ‘you know not what.’ It is in the fullest trust on your part that you come before Me, not knowing what to expect, and this, child, is exactly to subject I will further instruct you about. It is such trust that can only grow when you cannot see Me, and yet you hope that I will be there.

Human hope in the unseen God leads to faith, and eventually to trust. This trust is not something that you acquire overnight. It is built, stone by tiny stone, so to speak. A lot of doubt needs to be overcome, and often you still doubt and ask yourself: ‘Is this for real?’ I Am telling you now, child, that the more you trust Me and listen to My Still Small Voice within you, the easier trusting becomes.

Trust is not innate in the humans on this little planet, Urantia. This planet has suffered the greatest of betrayals and upheavals eons ago, even long before the so-called fall of your Adam and Eve, the Material Son and Daughter sent here to help uplift the creatures of this planet. The time-distant chaos I Am speaking about happened long before the days of Adam and Eve, at the time when the System sovereign, Lucifer, went astray, and denounced the existence of the Eternal God. Your planetary Prince at that time, Caligastia, was easily swayed by the smooth talking right-hand man of Lucifer, Satan, who was sent here for that purpose.

Your olden records are not accurate, since the most important events are not recorded, or simply left out during the translations.

To return to the matter of trust, the people of that far distant time had barely developed their minds to think independently, and great confusion resulted. This is still the case today on this planet, which has a great variety of belief systems. Had everything gone as planned, your planet would be in a far better state than is now the case. War would be a thing of the past, and most of the diseases, which now run rampant over the planet, would have been eradicated.

This then is the aftermath of Lucifer’s straying, due to lack of trust in the One Eternal God and His various agencies sent to help uplift the mortal races on the planets of time and space. We will touch on the subject of trust another time, but you need to know, why suspicion has become such a spirit poison. It is lack of trust.

Session 2

August 9, 2008


Still your mind and open your heart and soul to Me. It is in the Stillness of your heart where I reside. Actually, I Am everywhere but it is easier for you to imagine Me in My holy of holies. We shall continue our discussion on trust, for trust is what keeps you coming back to Me, yet it is not only trust, but also the longing to learn more from Me, and the intrigue of My residing in you.

Do not waver when you come across humans who think that it is impossible to hear My voice. They have not yet learned to trust that inner process of opening up to hear Me. It is indeed very difficult to distinguish My voice from other voices, but when I speak, you will always know. You will know when you are in total focused awareness, and you feel that holy hush surrounding and pervading you, and an incredible peace descending into your heart. Oh yes, you have also been told not to imagine Me speaking to you, as such would be the machinations of your own mind, or the cleverness of the evil one leading you astray.

Dear child, only you know for sure how it is that I Am leading you. Each mortal travels their own path of inner development and trust. There is simply no comparison, and I don’t want you to feel insecure when the supposedly more knowledgeable mortals tell you that it is impossible for you to hear your Beloved within, as they entertain the belief that My voice is seldom heard, and therefore this can not be done during mortal life.

I tell you right now, that each individual will know for certain when and where this happens, and when they ‘hear,’ they will recognize My voice. This is a trusting of the process of growth. Judgments in this area are not needed, as God is the only Judge who decides which is true and which is not true. And since I Am part of God, I know your purity of heart and the sincerity of your intent, especially when you are of loving service towards your brothers and sisters.

Be always ready to forgive and forget, for these go hand in hand. Continue to trust this process of inner development, as this leads you more, and deeper, into My presence. Be of good cheer, for life with Me is simple, and only humans make their lives difficult due to their lack of trust in the process of coming to Me.

Session 3

August 10, 2004


I need you to trust Me completely. I know that you still entertain doubts about Me, and then when you are ‘sure’ about Me, you start doubting yourself. You doubt whether it is really true that you can hear Me, because you listen to people who remind you that your Urantia Book states that ‘the the voice of the Thought Adjuster is seldom heard during the mortal life-time.’ I tell you right now that it is entirely possible for you to hear My voice. At first it is quite natural for you to be in doubt about Me, but the time is approaching when all your doubts shall vanish as you begin to recognize with greater certainty who it is that is speaking in your mind.

It is the beginning of the Time of Correction on this planet, and humankind is awakening out of the slumber of darkness and fear, and beginning to see the light of a new day, a new age, approaching on the planet. It is a new era of awakening when men and women shall have developed enough trust in the loving overcare of almighty God, and when the fundamentalist approach to deity will slowly be replaced by the concept of a loving God, and when the teachings of Jesus will finally replace the religion about Him. What you now see happening on the planet is the culmination of the Lucifer Rebellion in its death throws, but trying very hard to make a ‘last stand.’

It is up to the awakening souls of humanity to learn and trust enough to help bring the planet forward into Light and Life under the Leadership of Michael, the Ruler of this universe, and Machiventa Melchizedek, who came before during a dark period in the evolution of this planet to visit the father, Abraham, of old. The reason why I Am telling you this, is that even father Abraham went through times of serious doubt.

This is why you need to learn to trust Me now, so you can tell others that God lives in all of you and is not a Being ‘far off in the sky,’ and that He is intimately familiar with each, and gave each a Fragment of Himself, so each one can learn to trust His voice. I lovingly encourage you to listen to My prompts and to seek for things of lasting value in life, also, but I leave it up to you to listen and learn to trust My voice.

I will always point and guide you towards life eternal. When others ask you how you know, you can answer that it is because you know. Each will learn to trust, and learn, so they, too, will know. As listening to My voice provokes a sense of deep peace and joy, and, as at the same time a longing grows in you to hear My voice again and again, I shall become irresistible to you, and you will want to companion Me all the time. Then, the separation between you and Me, which in reality never existed, will have ended. You were simply raised to think that way.

Session 4

August 11, 2004


Once more we will tackle the subject of trust. It will be discussed and interwoven many times throughout the learning of your lessons, because trust will be tested through practice, practice, practice, until you trust Me completely and perfectly, and allow Me to have My way with you, rather than you exercising your own will in your faith-walk with Me. Your trust will one day reach a sublime height, which will signal to Me, that you are ready to become totally one with Me. For this is the moment we both are working towards -- this culmination of oneness.

Faith is faith in name only when your trust in Me is yet imperfect, and your faith is imperfect when you impose your will, wants, needs and desires upon Mine. I need you to realize that I know all your wants, needs and desires, so there is no reason for you to impose your will, as I know your intent, too.

The realization that I Am part of God needs to dawn in you; be totally clear in you, so you automatically hand Me everything, and trust that I give you the proper and right prompts of how to deal with things. Just remember when a situation provoked you, and you lost your cool, and afterwards you ended up ashamed of yourself and full of remorse. Well, My child, consider those tests in self-discipline on the way to self-mastery.

You need to learn that nothing can vex you, because in you lives One who has the situation well in hand, never mind how dark and perplexing the outer world appears to you, or whatever situation you land yourself in. It is in the sublime height of trust in Me where true peace and freedom reign. It is the becoming unflappable in any situation. Please, at all times remember that I Am with you, so you do not become ‘unglued’ by things that irk you. Become the master of your emotions. Yes, I know that this is not easy, and yes, do master those emotions without chemical addictions if at all possible.

There are different ways and means, if temporarily needed, like certain herbs and homeopathy, if at times the going is a little tough. Remember to place your trust in Me. Try to rise above situations and see matters from My perspective. Most things which annoy you are related to material things, which are of temporary duration. Concern yourself more with matters of eternal duration, so there is a balance in all things, and you are more in harmony with yourself, and your soul is becoming free in Me.