2004-08-08-The Diamond, Lesson on Second MIlers

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Topic: The Diamond, Lesson on Second Milers

Group: SE Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Klarixiska, Daniel

TR: Virginia, Nancy



KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Opening prayer.

Father we thank You for this small group of dedicated people striving to do Your Will. We pray tonight that You would give them Hope, You would give them Faith, You would take away erroneous beliefs that our faith might truly rely on Your reality. We thank You that You are greater than anything we can imagine, that we can worship, that we can pray to. We thank You that You are beyond any group, any individual, any thought that mortals on this planet may project. Open our hearts both seen and unseen, our minds both seen and unseen, and give us the energy to do Your will another hour, another day, throughout our lifetime.

DANIEL (Nancy K.) Greetings, my dear friends, I am Daniel your guide and teacher here with you this evening, as are of course, many others, fully enjoying this night’s discussion and repartee.


For tonight’s efforts we give you the grade of A+. You did well in discussing these concepts and linking them with other lessons. You are beginning to understand how the lessons form a whole, in the same manner as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle fit together to reveal a picture. We appreciate this aspect. We also appreciate the universal participation, and the balance in the participation that occurred. Each of you have valid and meaningful perspectives that reveal the lesson more fully.

Again the analogy of a diamond could be used. The lesson is the diamond and your many perspectives form the facets that reveal the brilliance. So, high marks are given for participation this evening as well, and finally of course high marks for humor. You rarely fail us there.

My friends, because of the completeness of tonight’s experience and the time of the evening, we will not pursue additional material tonight. We are, as indicated, very pleased with this evening’s meeting, and so, will send you forth.

Those of you attending the Teaching Mission Conference we will interact with soon and enthusiastically. For those of you who will be not attending, we, of course, will be checking in on you, as we always do. We will however not leave without giving an assignment.

Over this time frame, continue your exploration of the second-milers club by setting this diamond in a fine piece of jewelry and wearing it.


Virginia: Could you explain that a little more? What is the diamond?

DANIEL: The diamond is this evening’s lesson, the culminating discussion from the past three weeks of the discussion of the second-milers club. I had not quite finished my phrase; PamElla was struggling to take my meaning and finish my thought. And so, I use the analogy of the diamond being a lesson, and each of you, through your discussion, revealing new lights in the diamond, as cut planes, facets that bring out that brilliance. Collectively you have lit-up the lesson. And so, I was being cute in trying to stretch this analogy, perhaps beyond where it easily fit. But, the idea of the assignment is continue your exploration of what it means to be a second-miler, to use tonight’s discussion to stimulate your! action and thoughts over the next several weeks. Does this clarify?

Virginia: Thank you.

DANIEL: Are there other questions? and did that truly clarify, Virginia?

Virginia: I think that what you are saying is that the diamond is what is going to be shown off by our own side of the diamond. It will be everyone’s participation that will really bring the beauty out of that stone.

DANIEL: Thank you for that restatement. In tonight’s discussion, through the give and take, each of you were facets of the diamond, but collectively you created an understanding that you might not have had without the input from one another. And so with this new understanding, that includes the input from one another, continue your exploration of the second-milers club. Am I more clear now?

Virginia: I think I understand Daniel, yes.


DANIEL: Good! Let us stand. (Closing prayer)

Creator of Lights, of brilliance unknown to these mortal minds, we thank You for Your Light bringing, and Life Giving. We thank You for the qualities of Light that dance and move and reflect beauty in never ending rainbows of color. May Your children experience the adventure in the joy of the Dance of Light as they seek to become second-milers and serve You as members of the second-milers club. We ask this in the name of Michael, who showed His universe how to dance the Dance of Light and doing Your will in all circumstances seemingly joyful and exceedingly difficult.

Amen Amen