2004-08-09-A Further Lesson in Trust

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Topic: A Further Lesson in Trust

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Once more we will tackle the subject of trust. It will be discussed and interwoven many times throughout your learning your lessons, because trust will be tested through practice, practice, practice, until you trust Me completely and perfectly and allow Me to have My way with you, rather than exercising your own puny little will in your faith-walk with Me. Your trust will one day reach a sublime height, which signals to Me, that you are ready to become totally one with Me. For this is the moment we both are working towards -- this culmination of one-ness.

“Faith is faith in word only, when your trust in Me is yet imperfect, and your faith is imperfect when you impose your own will, wants, needs and desires upon Mine. I desire for you to realize that I know all your wants, needs and desires, including all your intent.

“The realization that I am Fragment of God needs to dawn on you; to be totally clear in you, so you automatically hand Me everything, and trust that I give you the proper and right prompts on how to deal with things, otherwise you land yourself in situations where I have to extricate you from them. Just remember when in a situation which provoked you, and you lost your cool, afterwards you end up ashamed of yourself and full of remorse. Well, My child, consider those tests in self-discipline on the way to self-mastery.

“You need to learn that nothing can vex you, because in you lives One, who has the situation well in hand, never mind how dark and perplexing the outer world seems to you, or whatever situation you land yourself in. It is in the sublime height of trust in Me where true peace and freedom reign. It is ‘the becoming unflappable’ in any situation. Please, at all times remember that I am with you, so you do not become ‘unglued’ by things that irk you. Become master of your emotions. Yes, I know that this is not easy, and yes, master those without chemical addictions if at all possible.

“There are different ways and means if temporary needed like certain herbs and homeopathy, if the going is a little tough at times. Remember to place your trust in Me. Try to rise above situations and see matters from My perspective. Most things which annoy you are related to material things, which are of temporary duration. Concern yourself more with matters of eternal duration, so there is a balance in all things and you are more in harmony with yourself, and your soul is becoming free in Me.”