2004-08-22-Birthday Celebration

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Topic: Birthday Celebration

Group: SE Idaho TeaM, Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Klarixiska, Daniel, Abraham

TR: Nancy, Nina, Virginia



KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska.

Oh God, how grateful we are that You are the impeccable Father of the universe, without sin, without distortion, without prejudice, without discrimination. We thank You that You love all of Your children of all the universes equally. We would ask that as the teachers speak today, we each might hear what we need to be a better voice of Your love.

DANIEL: (Nancy K.): Greetings my friends, I am Daniel, thrilled to be present here amongst you at your annual commemoration for the birth or our Lord, Savior, Father, Brother, Michael, in human flesh, those many years ago.

It delights us that despite the variances in your human lives, the losses and the additions, you continue these meaningful displays and unifying activities. This united group remains a foundational pillar in the work of the Teaching Mission and its roll within this incredible time of correction in Michael’s universe.

We are a joyous throng, those unseen hosts that pack this very room. We see our words taking root, taking hold. We see the flowering of truth within your individual lives. We see the spread of the Light-of-Dawn illuminating the high points of Urantia. The shadows in the deep chasms remain, indeed, but the light has hit the mountaintops. The intensity of this light makes our mirrored joy seem shadow-like, and yet our joy is overflowing.

As teacher to this host group this year, it is my pleasure to welcome you all here together again. I depart to make way for other speakers. But before I do so, I wish to offer each of you my personal love and welcome.

ABRAHAM (Nina): I am Abraham, greetings. The sights and sounds of family are indeed deeply moving, from the beautiful children to the family pets. Even the smell of coffee is making me long for a time that was seemingly more difficult but realistically more tangible.

Individually you have each spent the last year with your own personal triumphs and defeats. You have lived with deep sorrow and overwhelming joy. You have lived with impeccable faith at times, and of course as to be expected, [you have] faltered. I want each of you to know your steadfastness is an inspiration to me. Indeed the pain of any loss shows up in you as strength. It is an honor to know you and stand by your side as your fellow Kingdom sojourner.

You can for the most part pinpoint a follower of the Master. We see these individuals as water among the dry lands; light within the darkness with a tenacity to hold fast to that which they understand to be true, beautiful, and good. The Master was known for His ability to embrace reality, to separate the drama from that which actually mattered or made a difference. When I look at you each, I am touched by your deep love for the Master and inspired by your efforts to follow the Father’s will. If it is acceptable, I will leave you to the Master Himself.

MICHAEL: Greetings children. Today I feel as if I walk among my own, not those who would offer me a sacrifice for spiritual favor, not those who would put on an insincere spiritual show, not those who have not faith in the overall plan and purpose, but you who carry on. You have your study books, your spiritual rituals, but what makes you stay the course? Children, you are so constant. I am overflowing in joy and hope that we are seeing the fruits of our efforts.

When we first began in this task, you were indeed wide-eyed children, enthusiastic for the unknown. I am overwhelmed by your levels of maturity. I am touched by your constant effort to reach for reality. You all hold fast to potentials, individually and as a family, but your effort to do the footwork day after day is certainly the true definition of spiritual ambassador.

I do understand this road has been long, and, indeed, spiritual life is not one of ease. This life is however about being able to be with one another and feel like you are home. You need not feel shameful over any personal aspect. You need not live in hiding. You are with confidence and comfort that your family loves you and upholds you in a way that you cannot find out in the world of materialism or in service to the ego.

Today you gather in celebration of my Urantian birth, but today I hold my cup high in cheers to you, my children. Your strength to be forerunners in this plan has indeed proven successful. Lose not hope in the long fight for faith. Know that apart or together I am with you. I am a part of you. I am your BROTHER/FATHER. You are my children whom I well love. Carry on.


KLARIXISKA (Virginia): This is Klarixiska, I wish to share some insight that can come from the mundane task of pulling weeds.

First of all I would say that weeds can be likened unto the sin, the mistakes that might be in our life. Remember please that weeds are misplaced plants. They are not something that God made a mistake about, but rather man. Mortals have limited their appreciation of these plants.

Often when you are trying to clean a flower bed, you are not sure whether an existing plant is a seed you planted, or whether indeed it will become the weed you want to get rid off. That often is the way sin is in our lives, in that we must let it grow, hopefully not to the fruition of seeds that will spread, but rather the recognition that it is a plant you do not want in that spot, and you pull it out.

That’s the simplest way to look at a misplaced plant, something you want to get rid of in your life. However, some of those plants break off without bringing the root, the cause, of that plant or sin. And so often the plant grows again, and you see the very thing you were trying to get rid of.

This is often the way mistakes work in our lives. We cut off the visual that people might see, that others might evaluate and realize that it is ego, or it is destructive to our bodies, or some other affect of that behavior in our lives. The root indeed must come, the cause must be dealt with.

What we need is a new tool, a tool that will help get out the deep root that has continued to gnaw away at our spiritual existence. Perhaps the tool is prayer; perhaps that tool is friends; perhaps that tool is something you have never even thought [about]. What we as ascending mortals, both those seen and those unseen, must seek is that which will reveal to us the nature of our mistakes, our sin. Fortunately from our point of view as celestial beings, we do not see evil or iniquity among you. What we see often times is ego, bad habits. By bad I mean those that are inappropriate that keep you from growing spiritually.


So I would close by saying:

Recognize those things in your lives that you want to get rid of. If they break off at the root, work to find the cause that we might continue service to you as mortals and service to us as celestial beings and that Michael’s love might truly spread on this planet.

That is all.


August 22, 2004 The gathering of Salt Lake City group and South East Idaho group in respect, love and celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday.