2004-08-22-Empathy, A Third Possibility

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Topic: Empathy, A Third Possibility

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Samuel

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: "This is your teacher, Samuel. It gladdens my heart to have the opportunity to once again transmit with you, and have these lessons go to many more. Here with me are rather (quite) a few interested parties to observe, how this lesson will come across and be accepted, the accuracy with which we transfer our teachings to your ready mind, the end result of,


"It is in your human lives, these very important starting points of the eternal marathons you will run, that the most important of your character qualities, your personality endowments, those freely given to you all by the Father Creator, will be strengthened, be refined, mature. It is here, also, during your terrestrial lives that you will learn to undo, learn to overcome, and ideally become the victors over your inborn and acquired weaknesses to make your marathon runs resounding successes.

"Although we do not expect each of you to become the outright gold medal winner of this race, we do desire for you all to pass the finishing post of Father Fragment fusion, at some time. One of the greatest and most important gifts you may be endowed with within the over-arching ability to Love is that of Empathy, as we will now view it quite on its own. Empathy can in part be a natural gift, and it can also be, and often is, acquired, learned, grown or enhanced.

"Your imagination, when witnessing suffering of any kind, will allow you to place yourself in the position of the sufferer. Even when you are still young, you can momentarily see a person of greatly advanced age as you, yourself, being that sufferer. This is empathy, not pity per sé. When you are older, likewise, the obvious joy of an infant can register in your minds as your personally experienced happiness. This is empathy, sympathy, and it is also a measure, or reflection of, your ability to love and of soul growth.

"It is your ‘heart and soul’ that responds, instantly and intuitively, even before a conscious realization of your exact feelings is registered. In fact, you may never become fully aware of the precise feelings you are experiencing at the deepest of soul levels.

"It is healthy to have, and to use, this gift of empathy, unhealthy to dwell upon the pain of another for prolonged periods, but rather must you seek out solutions. And even if no immediate material remedy can be found, there is the Father to pray to, and request for suffering to be eased, yet always for His will to be done in His way.

"Do not, my friends, expect many miracles out of the blue, but know the Father has innumerable skilled helpers among His Angelic and Midwayer offspring, His Cherubim and even His Life Carriers, that may be ordered into action. Therefore action on your part, or sincere prayer for His help, is the preferable solution, rather than suffering with a sufferer as some extreme "empaths" do.

"Like most character traits, empathy often requires balancing or refinement, be it an innate or a developed gift. Where it is absent, or almost absent, there is yet a third possibility. You may pray for the receipt of this additional character trait as a brand new gift, for remember always that you are here on this earth to ready yourself with much assistance for the long run to eternal life, and whilst you may ask and shall receive.


"This is Samuel, ever in Michael’s service at your service. I leave you now."


This transmission was indeed a stop-start effort, and I needed Midwayer help to "get it right" in a few places. Fatigue.