2004-10-03-A Lesson on Fairness

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Topic: A Lesson on Fairness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Today you shall receive a message on fairness. Listen very closely, and allow My words to come forth. Without fairness to each and all living creatures on earth, there can be no true freedom, or peace. You might think that peace would be impossible to attain, and yet this is the ultimate goal and destiny for this planet. Do remember that eternity is a long time for mortals, whose physical temples leave less then the size of a pinhead of matter, and no holes in the fabric of time and space, but whose spirits shall attest to the lives they have lived. In the mind of the Creator, this sublime peace and freedom is already an established fact. However, in order to gain that experience of accomplishment on this journey, the Creator planned by the method of evolution that this fact shall be completed in time and space, and through His various agencies of beings.

In the creations of a near-eternity past, this era of Light and Life has already been accomplished in different universes. Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe. This is the truth, as your Master Jesus lived and taught, as he walked as a man upon this planet and said: ‘The truth shall set you free.’ There are some minds of the humans on this planet, which have fallen into utter darkness and refuse to wake up and see the Light of Truth that all are brothers and sisters, siblings, children of the One Creator, to Whom they all are beholden to grow up and start finally to act as mature beings the Creator had in mind for all.

Almost a million years had passed when the first decision of will appeared in the minds of two savages, and a plan was made to flee from the continuous fighting among the group they belonged to, and to start out on the journey of their lives, becoming the founders of the human race. Your world went through some very unfortunate upheavals, and has since then experienced a checkered course, and pursued a stormy career. It has been most unfortunate that the males of the human species began to think themselves as superior over the females -- the males being the most savage and war-like of the sexes. When looking over your most recent history, nothing much has changed over the millennia, and this stage of action also includes the monetary system, as in ‘dog eats dog’.

Where is the fairness in all this, you wonder? By fairness I am thinking first and foremost equality of the sexes. This planet is burdened with unfair laws, traditions, customs, and a fundamentalist approach to creeds and dogmas, due to the so-called holy books purported to be written by a God filled with whims of human emotions. Get real here, and wake up to the reality that God is a God of Unconditional Love. There truly is no truth to the fact that women are to be subservient to men. It is a great abomination, and grief to the loving heart of God. It is time for mankind to wake up and start practicing fairness to womankind in all areas of life, to accept her as an equal partner, and not see her as a convenient chattel or doormat. Many atrocities have been perpetuated upon the females and their young. All these matters need to be rectified in order for the planet to move forward towards Light and Life in greater harmony and balance for all.