2004-10-28-A Lesson on Groundedness

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Topic: A Lesson on Groundedness

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Unknown



Allow your mind to be wrapped around the word ‘grounded-ness’ and what this entails. It’s like standing your ground like a little ferocious terrier with a bone. You do not let go of your new-found insights. You keep mulling over them, and examine that precious, perhaps nebulous concept that somehow you sense you are more than just a body with blood circulating through it, of which you have visible proof when you cut yourself. Over time many concepts have proven themselves to be visible. The one concept humans on this planet struggle with is the existence of God, although they certainly see the creative endeavors of this indefinable God left right and center.

The signs of His being the Architect of this grandiose creation are simply everywhere. There is no escaping the proof. However, now I am coming to the real grounded-ness about your faith and belief in this invisible Deity, Whose presence can only be experienced. This might be random at first, but according to your efforts and willingness to experience this, these moments can increase, until you can feelingly experience God in your heart-center, and the outward signs will more and more become the fruits of the spirit. There will begin to exist a grounded-ness, which was not there before, and truly, every mortal is endowed with this God-seeking gene, although it might take science much time to discover.

Your electrical instruments to measure brain-waves have already begun to decipher this mystery, as more attention is being given as to what thoughts a dying person entertains in these last moments in the material temple so soon to be shed. A great deal depends how the spiritual life has been during the lifetime spent in the flesh. Were there any inspiring thoughts at all and a seeking of personal spiritual grounded-ness without you depending on outward influences? It is most important to have become an independent, heart-involved thinker, and not just merely a lip-service talker, listening to the so-called educated ones. Spirituality cannot be given to someone else, borrowed, loaned or lost, yet all paths still lead to the Creator, as more truth dawns within the individual soul.

It has been designed as such. No one can tell another, that he or she has it wrong. Each and everyone have their own truth-bell in them when they start listening carefully, and put their pre-conceived opinions to one side. Often these opinions are someone else’s regurgitations. It is extremely important to become an independent thinker, as the eternal God lives in your heart, because there is simply nowhere where He is not, as He has given each of you a Fragment of Himself to indwell you. It is up to each of you to discover this Indweller. With that discovery, this indefinable sense of peace, you at times experience, is the real grounded-ness I am alluding to.

As I have said many times before, these moments can increase according to your willingness to daily take time out for this most important exercise of seeking the Stillness in your heart. I cannot stress often enough that this is the most important time in your life, as you show your willingness to get to know your Creator, Who knows you so well. In doing this you develop a grounded-ness, which no argument from anyone can take away. It is a solid rooting in the spirit. The storms in your life are meant for you to develop a strong independent root-system, so come what may, you may have a calm, grounded center no circumstance can change.