2004-11-18-I Will Be Your Teacher

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Topic: I Will Be Your Teacher

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Rebecca



Rebecca: "I’m seeing an impressive figure in colored robes."

Abraham: "I am Abraham, and I will be your Teacher. This was going to be a surprise announcement to you, but someone in your (human) group beat me to it."

Note: Someone sensed it a few days ago, and spoke up.

Rebecca: "Thank you. Please help me on my journey to become closer to God and the Divine."


Abraham: "Your passionate lovingness makes you open and helps you receive. The words form articulately in your mind and the words roll off your pen, or keyboard. You persevere loyally, and even when you are somewhat distracted you can still hear us celestials. All these qualities make you a good receiver and student. But the true reason for our connection is profound and cannot be expressed in words or concepts.

"Our conversations will be of a personal nature, but by recording them they will benefit the world. Now be still. It’s easy, and you can do this more often. That’s it, be still.

"In regard to a personal matter, see if you can refrain from falling into the usual human habit of emotional attachment, but try to be more lofty and disinterested than you are. It will be good practice."


Rebecca: "I hear the name Shalel."

Abraham: "With love and tenderness, and I regret this is only a brief visit. Soon we will spend more time together."

Rebecca: "Thank you so much. Please teach me."


Abraham: "I am cheered by your words. Today is a good day, and it’s not adieu, but so long, and I will see you soon. You see I’m not leaving, but you may go along to the next task in your usual fast way.

Rebecca: "Thank you again. I cannot adequately express my gratitude."